The Business of Hockey

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  1. Will the Maurice Clarett case have an impact on the NHL?
  2. WHA : Quebec Nordiks
  3. The first thread in this forum
  4. The WHA Draft
  5. Hamilton?
  6. WHA Site
  7. Detroit Gladiators Site
  8. WHA Team Names
  9. 32 years ago...
  10. 76 games with 8 teams?!
  11. file this with the WHA
  12. Halifax signs Gorton's fisherman
  13. The Official WHA Roster Thread
  14. Will the WHA be televised?
  15. WHA Entry Level Draft
  16. First WHA Player
  17. Why doesnt Hartford have a WHA franchise?...Could they still get one?
  18. Anyone got a full draft list?
  19. WHA in Vancouver?
  20. Official "How long will the WHA last if it starts up?" with Poll
  21. Wha Cba
  22. Now that the inaugral WHA drafts are done with
  23. Can Crosby Save the WHA?
  24. QMJHL players going to the WHA?
  25. Rules & Rinks
  26. Is anyone else excited about the WHA?
  27. Toronto Toros logo
  28. NHLPA vs. WHA
  29. Ted Nolan Close to Deal With Toros
  30. Which WHA team(s) will you cheer for?
  31. What kind of 'fan' wants this to fail?
  32. WHA logos
  33. Why Won't The WHA Succeed???
  34. Can they sign women?
  35. Differences in Rules: WHA vs NHL?
  36. Toros in Ricoh?
  37. What is the WHA 2?
  38. Toros could have a home? AHL Roadrunners moving to Edm
  39. Players Union
  40. Global Hockey Federation
  41. All WHA franchises to name coaches, GMs by end of week
  42. WHA in danger
  43. The WHA draft
  44. Québec's owner confirm The WHA will start in October with 5 teams.
  45. Is Vancouver official yet?
  46. Nordiks offer a contract to Gamache
  47. Vancouver confirmed!
  48. Belfour new Part Owner of Dallas franchise
  49. wha vs. nhl
  50. Roenick to play for Vancouver Blazers?
  51. Any news????????????????
  52. the IHA
  53. Lidström considers playing for WHA in case of lockout (link)
  54. WHA offers Crosby 7.5 million (Merged)
  55. Crosby rejects $7.5M WHA offer
  56. They don;t even update their website!?
  57. The Quebec Nordiks announce their withdrawal
  58. Owners considering a new league...
  59. Dallas Americans Website Is Up
  60. There was a rumor that the WHA was going to be purchesed by the WHA?
  61. CBA statement is in...
  62. CBA Encouragement
  63. My thoughts on the NHL's situation
  64. It says here Players talking of $60 million luxury tax threshold
  65. CBA Talks getting serious, board of players to join meetings
  66. NHLPA holding meeting on Tuesday
  67. VOTE for the CBA you would like next season ?
  68. Something I've considered..
  69. Very Interesting Article
  70. TSN: NHLPA to make offer on Thursday
  71. FANS SHOULD SUE - Take the NHL and NHLPA to binding arbitration
  72. The Line Has Been Drawn. Choose Your Side!
  73. Any Chance The NHL Would Use Minor League Players?
  74. The NHL should disband, start anew smaller
  75. NHLPA's Offer...
  76. Free Agency has killed all major sports!
  77. The NHLPA's problem as I see it....
  78. Shocking! NHL formally rejects NHLPA offer
  79. Frustration with NHLPA...
  80. Sometimes I have the feeling that people are just innocent....
  81. Unlikely but Possible Solution for CBA
  82. Funny article from 1993
  83. The New CBA - What's The Middle Ground? (Somewhat Lengthy)
  84. Orr speaks out on CBA
  85. What happens if ...
  86. CBA Rally...Make a Difference!
  87. Did the NHLPA drop the ball?
  88. Ducks to be sold?
  89. The NHL needs non-guaranteed contracts!
  90. Time to let the PLAYERS VOTE on Salary Cap Issue
  91. Very great editorial today in La Presse
  92. How does a hard cap increase team revenue?
  93. why are teams letting their players play in AHL ?
  94. NHLPA President Trevor Linden's Column on the CBA
  95. Violation of "good faith" in contracts????
  96. Larry Brooks Column
  97. Could the NHL close?
  98. New League, New Rules, Better Game
  99. CBA - What the owners want
  100. Here is what I don`t get ...
  101. Six Clubs dragging down the rest of the league???
  102. No Season = No Olympics
  103. Break up the union?
  104. Question
  105. Your view on the current situation with NHL vs NHLPA
  106. TREVOR LINDEN is a ******
  107. Is this not their job?
  108. Back in 1994...
  109. If I was Bettman
  110. Will There Be A Miracle Within The Next 48hrs?
  111. Brian Burke's proposal
  112. Good Article about the health of the game
  113. 15 point plan?
  114. This Lockout is going to last forever: NHL fired HALF its Employees Today!
  115. Bettman's Presser
  116. question about a cap
  117. Goodenow Statement
  118. It's Official. The Owners Locked Out The Players
  119. Where can I show support to the owners?
  120. For those that complain about ESPN neglecting hockey
  121. Impact On Canadian Networks
  122. Al Morganti's thoughts on this being all about Bettman's fault
  123. It's pretty much Goodenow's fault.
  124. What about Center Ice subscriptions?
  125. Best Outcome would be fewer teams
  126. NHLers in the AHL?
  127. I'll give the players what they want
  128. Could this work?
  129. Matthew Barnaby discusses labor dispute
  130. Oshl
  131. Players should overthrow Goodenow now before its too late.
  132. Boycott The OSHL For The Sake Of The NHL!!
  133. Theoretical Lockout Question...
  134. Avg. Salary around 1.8Million...NHL wants Avg.Salary around 1.3Million
  135. Where does Mario Lemieux stand? (Pretaining the CBA)
  136. Here's a solution
  137. Why the impasse needs to be solved soon.
  138. A thought
  139. The NBA CBA: NHL owners and players should look at it
  140. Why Unions must be broken
  141. It sounds like John Madden would accept a cap
  142. Burkes CBA proposal
  143. Us fans deserve a say in this! We need to be heard!
  144. How to contact player agents?
  145. My Solution
  146. How long/how settled?
  147. How about this to start up NHL again? Intersting thought.
  148. How long will the lockout last?
  149. transcript of Harry Sinden's press conference
  150. John Madden on the fence on CBA
  151. Simple CBA proposal
  152. Would You Watch Scabs Play?
  153. Mark Kreidler article: Someone is going to lose their job when this is said and done
  154. Don Cherry, your thoughts...
  155. Excellent article about Flyers, Lockout, Revenue Bid vs Samll Markets
  156. Please help!
  157. So When's The Next Meeting?
  158. Union Leadership
  159. Bill Watters on Leafs Lunch, NHLPA may put stop to NHL players playing in the AHL
  160. Nike lockout commerical.
  161. Eagleson's thoughts
  162. Bill Watters' proposal for a new CBA
  163. honest ... if VAN can do it, why cant others ?
  164. Are the owners hiding something??
  165. Which teams would compromise?
  166. My CBA proposal
  167. Simplest solution
  168. One Voice--Great Article about the CBA from ex-MLB player John Kruk
  169. No Detroit team
  170. Surprise, surprise...Madden quotes "out of context".
  171. What about this? Don't know if it has been suggested
  172. Lockout affects more than owners, players and fans...
  173. Franchise player
  174. What are the odds of the NHL folding and starting new??
  175. TV Deal and Competitiveness
  176. How to stop a lockout...
  177. Larry Brooks lockout column 9/19
  178. Interesting comparisons from Non-Hockey writer
  179. Please help a simple guy oversimplify
  180. My evil plan to end all other plans...
  181. Goodenow not Taking his Salary during Lockout
  182. I just played hockey (on topic).
  183. NHL's case
  184. Bill Daly in this week's Hockey News
  185. I'll tell you what pisses me off!
  186. Bettman & Goodenow to hear the fans
  187. Best Hockey Analyst - Bob McKenzie
  188. Which contracts are responsible/
  189. National TV Coverage?
  190. Sakic, Kariya, Lindros deals in 1997-98 helped kill NHL's CBA
  191. Another Interesting Article from Bob McKenzie
  192. Simple Poll -- whose side are you on?
  193. WHY wait 6 months or longer to move 2" closer to the line in the sand?
  194. European Salaries for NHLers
  195. What if there WILL be a cap?
  196. 25-35 Million Threshold with Bonus Structure for Exceptional Performance
  197. If you were GOD which team would u eliminate?
  198. Salary Cap FAQs
  199. Who's going to win the labor-management war?
  200. Gary Bettman on CBC Newsworld
  201. if I was the NHL
  202. Wha (?)
  203. For people who had suspicions that the Rangers ****** up the CBA
  204. Disecting the Levitt Report
  205. Bob Goodenow on CBC
  206. nfl - the signing bonus
  207. The bias of Jack and Jill Hockey Fan in the labour dispute
  208. An open challenge to "owner supporters"
  209. Bad dream: World ruled by 30 dictators and a commish
  210. Goodenough is full of it...
  211. The Compromised Solution.
  212. A way to save face for both the NHL and NHLPA
  213. A question for the NHLPA supporters
  214. NHL Lockout Prevention Petition
  215. How much of the blame is/should be placed on player agents?
  216. Ray of hope?
  217. NHL Player List
  218. A lot of people should be ashamed of themselves
  219. Things I'm tired to hear about the PRO-OWNERS.
  220. ok, a cap compromise - from GoCoyotes
  221. Gary Bettman on Mike and the Mad Dog
  222. Great read about some important questions the NHLPA should be answering.
  223. My kick at a new CBA
  224. List of garantied contracts please.
  225. "Cap no good for fans"
  226. Why Can't Fans Understand This???
  228. Jim McKenzie on the lockout
  229. Don't expect hockey for at least a year
  230. Panaccio: It's the lower salaries, not the big salaries
  231. Making $31 million work
  232. Proposal: Soft cap + Luxury Tax + Revenue Sharing
  233. Tiered Salary Systems
  234. An interesting article...
  235. The MOTHER of all CBA SOLUTIONS - thanks to Go Coyotes
  236. I feel sorry for the players
  237. Win-Win Proposal for the Owners
  238. Holik wishes Madden would keep quiet
  239. Numerous NHL superstars to be paid their regular salaries during the lockout
  240. Total gate revenues - You'd be surprised
  241. My kick at the CBA long read
  242. Call Bob and Gary!
  243. WHA winners:
  244. Why can't Goodenow just understand?
  245. San Jose mayor sends letter to NHL/NHLPA
  246. Owners and GM's are idiots for:
  247. ya right
  248. lets all feel sorry for CRL (sigh)
  249. Flex Cap - Go Coyotes solution with a new title and some modifications
  250. Cup Winners vs Payroll Rank