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  1. The Habs Lounge Thread XIX: First World Problems Galore - Invasion of the Smokers
  2. Pre-Game Talk: Canadiens @ Devils, 11/27 7pm
  3. OT: Save yourselves a few bucks this holiday season (DEALS THREAD)
  4. GDT: Montreal vs New Jersey - 7PM ET - SNE/RDS/MSG+
  5. PGT: Sven in the Ghetto!! Habs SO win 3 -2
  6. GDT: New Jersey vs Montréal - 7:00 PM ET - TVA/City
  7. PGT: Cannot poke the Devils 3-2 NJ
  8. Alex Galchenyuk - 1st line talent, 3rd line minutes edition
  9. Silvertips' Juulsen jockeys for role at World Junior Championship
  10. GDT: Blue Jackets @ Habs • War of 1812 edition • Dec 1, 19h30 ET • Centre Bell • RDS, SNE
  11. Player Discussion Subban
  12. IceCaps Sign Luke Pither to 25 Game PTO
  13. PGT: Emelin kicked out, Foligno nothing... Tort is mad Habs 2-1
  14. 20 years ago...
  15. Therrien - Edition Part II
  16. Desharnais: Back with Max (?) Edition
  17. GDT: Washington Capitals vs. Montreal Canadiens- 12/3/15 RDS (HD), City-M, TSN 690
  18. Post-Game Talk: The streak is dead, long live the streak! 3-2 Capitals
  19. Predict the Habs Record For December
  20. Habs players' Shots & Goals Heat Map after 27 games.
  21. Pre-Game Talk: CANADIENS at HURRICANES 19:00 TVA Sports, SN, FS-CR
  23. PGT: Only rookies can score, Habs lose 3-2 vs Canes
  24. Waived: Semin (unconditional waivers for purpose of his release)
  25. Patrick Roy relationship
  26. GDT: Boston vs Montreal - 7:30PM ET - SN/RDS/NBCSN
  27. PGT: Rask uncursed! The end is near! Bruins win 3-1
  28. The legacy of Montreal anthem singers is being tarnished - Why?
  29. Habs games on DVD?
  30. GDT: Montréal vs Detroit
  31. Habs sing "Let it go"
  32. PGT: Slumping Habs lose the lead again and the game 3-2
  33. Pre-Game Talk: Sens: Slide for five or slump break?
  34. Injury Report: Price/Carr/Flynn/Petry/DD/ Gilbert done for season
  35. OT: Any golf courses still open this weekend?
  36. 67's Addison adding offensive touch to solid defensive game
  37. The Out of Town Thread CXII
  38. Proposal: Trade Proposal Thread II - Staal, Stamkos, Johansen - big names on the block
  39. GDT: Emergency gdt Ottawa at Montreal 19h00
  40. Our Bottom 6 players
  41. PGT: Tokarski owns Ottawa, ends slump - Mtl 3-1
  42. Ottawa Becoming this Generations Rival?
  43. Craig Anderson stick smash animated gif...
  44. Looking for 2015-2016 Pacioretty Jersey
  45. Historia announces 5-hour series on Habs legend Jean Béliveau
  46. Most exciting goals since '05 lockout
  47. GDT: San Jose @ Montreal - 7:30PM ET - SNE/RDS/CNS-CA
  48. Player Discussion Max Pacioretty - The Captain Edition
  49. Speculation: 2016-2017 Offseason Outlook
  50. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ThaDevilGirl
  51. TSN: Carey Price Named 2015 Lou Marsh Trophy Winner as Canada's Top Athlete!
  52. Confirmed with Link: Christian Thomas traded to Arizona for Lucas Lessio
  53. Prospect Info: Lucas Lessio (Re-Called)
  54. Post-Game Talk: Sharks defeat Canadiens 3-1
  55. Statistically this has been Subban's best season since his Norris trophy win ('12-13)
  56. News Article: PK to be pronounced ''Pay-Kah''
  57. Zack Kassian II - The Ben Scrivens edition
  58. GDT: Kings@Habs • French revolution edition • 27 Frimaire CCXXIV, 8h 12m 50s • Centre Bell
  59. Road To The Winter Classic: Episode 1
  60. PGT: A Quick defeat! Habs lose 3-0
  61. GDT: Montréal @ Dallas - 7PM ET - TVA-SPANRE/CITY/NHLN-US/FS-SW+
  62. RIP Dickie Moore
  63. Post-Game Talk: Did we play tonight?
  64. When will the Habs streak of awful play end?
  65. So what happens now?
  66. Pre-Game Talk: Who will score tonight?
  67. GDT: Montreal Canadiens vs Nashville Predators 12/21/15 8:00pm EST RDS, SN-E, TSN 690
  68. Proposal: Trade Proposal Thread III - big fish in the pond
  69. The Habs Lounge Thread XX: Life Problems Anonymous Edition - HAPPY NEW YEAR
  70. Don't you have to fire Therrien now?
  71. GDT: Habs vs Preds part II
  72. Post-Game Talk: Habs get creamed, again
  73. GDT: Habs @ Wild • Xmas edition • Dec 22, 20h00 ET • Xcel Energy Center • Sportsnet East
  74. Predict the headlines if we win tonight against the Wild
  75. 6 HOURS of The Torch
  76. For once Montreal and Boston fans can agree on something
  77. GDT: Habs vs Wild II
  78. PGT: Habs SCORE!!!! but lose 2-1.. #FireTherrien
  79. Playoffs 2016 - Habs won't make it
  80. World Juniors 2016 - No Habs prospects
  81. Coaching Candidates
  82. HF Article: All I want for Christmas: Habs Edition
  83. Which One The Biggest Chokejob?
  84. The official non-panicking thread
  85. Carrier's The Sweater (Holiday cheer for Habs fans)
  86. Road To The 2016 Winter Classic - Episode 2 (USA Version)
  87. PK Subban - A Winter Wonderland Surprise
  88. Best Hab by number worn
  89. Pre-Game Talk: Boxing Day Speical-Montreal Canadiens vs Capitals 12/26/15 7pm EST CBC, City, TVA
  90. GDT: Boxing Day Game-Montreal Canadiens vs Capitals 12/26/15 7pm EST CBC, City, TVA
  91. Post-Game Talk: Habs Lose Again
  92. Michel Therrien - The Hotseat Edition
  93. Carey Price Wins Lionel Conacher Award
  94. Player Discussion David Desharnais: Yet another thread edition
  95. WBZ-FM Boston documentary: (AUDIO) Too Many Memories: the Bruins-Canadiens Rivalry
  96. Trade Proposal Thread IV - The "no character, AHL backup, Ryder 0.5" edition
  97. HABS from hero to zero !!
  98. Speculation: "Something brewing" between Habs and Oilers
  99. TSN: Kassian for Scrivens
  100. Who will be Habs player of the month?
  101. Player Discussion Ben Scrivens
  102. Marc Bergevin is to blame just as much as Michel Therrien
  103. GDT: Habs Vs Tampa
  104. Media is to blame just as much as Michel Therrien / Marc Bergevin
  105. PGT: Patches needs no DD to win games. 4-3 Habs (SO)
  106. OT: First Snowstorm of the Winter!
  108. GDT: Habs Vs Florida
  109. Habs players from Mass.
  110. Is Pacioretty-Desharnais-Weise the worst 1st Line in Canadiens history?
  111. PGT: #FireTherrien lives! Habs lose AGAIN 3-1
  112. Standings
  113. So, with four points in December...
  114. Pre-Game Talk: Winter Classic
  115. Predict how many wins in January
  116. Road To The 2016 Winter Classic - Episode 3 (USA Version)
  117. Winter Classic Alumni Game - who will win?
  118. GDT: 2016 Winter Classic Alumni Game
  119. Our goalies are bad and I had a flashback.
  120. GDT: 2016 Winter Classic- Habs vs Bruins 1:00pm EST, SN, TVA. NBC
  121. GDT: 2016 Winter Classic - Canadiens @ Bruins part II #GallyForHart Edition
  122. PGT: Smurfs and Patches score! Bruins humiliated 5-1
  123. Montreal Canadiens Winter Classic Video Montage
  124. Winter Classic 2016 baby stuff
  125. 24CH: Season 4
  126. Player Discussion Lars Eller: 2nd or 3rd line LW edition
  127. Winter Classic Uniforms
  128. TSN: Drouin asked for a trade in November, should MB make a move ?
  129. Are we ever going to see Lehkonen and Reway play for the Habs?
  130. Are the Montreal Canadiens Contenders for 2016?
  131. OT: Fitness and Nutrition Part II
  132. GDT: Montreal Canadiens vs Philadelphia Flyers- 1/5/16 SNE (HD), RDS (HD), TSN 690
  133. This team is a snooze fest
  134. PGT: Habs lose again 4-3 Flyers
  135. Pre-Game Talk: Devils @ Habs
  136. Trevor Timmins: The Man, The Picks, The Legend...
  137. P.K. Subban the only All-Star
  138. GDT: New Jersey Devils vs Montreal Canadiens- 7:00pm EST SN, RDS, TSN 690
  139. Proposal: Trade Proposal Thread IIV - Everything is happening
  140. PGT: zzZZzz.... Uhh.. Habs won? 2-1
  141. Road To The 2016 Winter Classic - Final Episode (USA Version)
  142. Confirmed with Link: Dustin Tokarski to Anaheim for Max Friberg
  143. TSN: The Drouin Saga Part II - "How You Drouin?"
  144. Player Discussion Habs mid season grades
  145. First game at the Bell Centre - Questions
  146. OT: Would you guys be interested in a documentary that covers the Habs from 1996 - 2004
  147. Players in their prime
  148. Stuff you were right about that makes you smarter about hockey than everyone else
  149. Why didn't Lafleur sit out a year and sign with the Pens to play with Mario?
  150. Pre-Game Talk: Penguins @ Canadiens
  151. GDT: Pittsburgh @ Montréal - 7PM ET - TVA-SPANRE/SN/ROOT/NHLN-US
  152. PGT: The slide continues. The Carey Prices lose 3-1 vs Pittsburgh.
  153. Michel Therrien - Is he fired yet? **MOD WARNING: FIRST POST, READ BEFORE POSTING**
  154. News Article: How to Kill a Season: Montreal’s Mishandling of Carey Price
  155. Bell Centre Seats/Visiting MTL
  156. Proposal: Trade Proposal Thread - searching for a bargain?
  157. The Habs Lounge Thread XXI: The Becky Lynch appreciation edition
  158. Galchenyuk's girlfriend arrested for domestic violence
  159. Player Discussion Alex Galchenyuk - **Please READ MOD WARNINGS In First Post Before Posting***
  160. Denna Laing
  161. Pre-Game Talk: Habs vs Hawks
  162. Michel Therrien - Immunity Idol Edition? **MOD WARNING: 1st POST, READ BEFORE POSTING
  163. Player Discussion Alex Galchenyuk - THE ELITE Edition
  164. GDT: Chicago Blackhawks vs. Montreal Canadiens- 1/14/16 SN-E, RDS (HD), TSN 690
  165. PGT: Line juggling continues, so does Habs losing trend. 2-1 CHI
  166. Player Discussion Alex Galchenyuk - The Hockey Thread Edition **Mod Warning in 1st Post
  167. Vent thread
  168. Pre-Game Talk: Canadiens @ Blues
  169. News Article: Carr and Andrighetto sent down; De la Rose recalled
  170. Marc Bergevin : I swear I believed in him
  171. Confirmed with Link: Tinordi and Fournier to the Coyotes for John Scott and Victor Bartley
  172. Player Discussion John Scott (Sent Down)
  173. Proposal: Trade Proposal Thread - What's Next?
  174. Avatar thread/ 2nd half of season
  175. Tinordi and Fournier to the Coyotes for John Scott and Victor Bartley Part II
  176. Player Discussion Victor Bartley
  177. Possible cause of why we can't score?
  178. Let's say we start TANKING, do you...
  179. GDT: Montreal Canadiens vs. St. Louis Blues- 1/16/16 7:00pm EST SN, TVA, TSN 690
  180. If we become sellers, who will go?
  181. GDT: Habs vs Blues- Finally a entertaining game!
  182. PGT: Merci Markov........ Again! Habs lose 4-3 in OT.
  183. Would you rather make the playoffs or bust?
  184. OT: The one time René Angélil announced a Habs game on TQS...
  185. GDT: Montreal Canadiens vs Chicago Blackhawks- 1/17/16 7:00pm EST SN, RDS, TSN 690
  186. It's January 1993: would you rather make the playoffs or bust?
  187. The Habs have earned just 12 of their last 42 possible points.
  188. The Cammalleri trade
  189. Speculation: Who will be the Habs next coach?
  190. Molson Owning the Habs
  191. PGT: Habs lose another game...
  192. Next 14 games
  193. Medias
  194. Pre-Game Talk: Boston at Montréal
  195. TSN: The Drouin Saga Part III "Don't Tell Me What the Poets are Drouin"
  196. Michel Therrien Thread || Desperation leads to cheers for the enemy
  197. The Out of Town Thread CXIII
  198. Are you comfortable with Galchy-Pleky-Eller as our 3 centers?
  199. GDT: Boston Bruins vs. Montreal Canadiens 1/19/16 7:30pm EST- SNE, RDS (HD), TSN 690
  200. Montreal Impact Thread LII - Onti-Verre-D'Eau Half Full
  201. Denna Laing Benefit Auction
  202. If match fixing happened in the NHL, how could we detect it?
  203. Boston Bruins vs. Montreal Canadiens 1/19/16 Part II
  204. PGT: Take a bow Bergevin and Therrien. We're officially out of the playoffs || 4-1 Bruins
  205. Music and Organ at the Bell Centre
  206. The Therrien Support Thread (MT Support Petition Post 45)
  207. OT: Empty Seats at the Bell Center
  208. Recalled/Assigned: HABS MAKE A MOVE! - Bartley assigned to Ice Caps
  209. Molson should step down
  210. Our Biggest Issue
  211. GM candidates
  212. Pre-Game Talk: Habs @ Leafs - Will history repeat itself?
  213. 2015-2016 Montreal Canadiens Official Tank Thread
  214. Should Bergevin get canned?
  215. Marc Bergevin Thread: Presser 01/21/2016
  216. Is Pacioretty the worst captain ever in Habs history?
  217. HF Habs: What can we do as fans?
  218. HF Habs: Habs Board Mock 3.0.1
  219. Marc Bergevin: Post Press Conference & Other Matters
  220. News Article: Interesting Habs analysis
  221. Proposal: You're the new Habs GM!
  222. List the games the Habs were outplayed during this patch
  223. GDT: Montréal @ Toronto - 7PM ET - CBC/TVA-S/NHLN-US
  224. PGT: Lars to the rescue. 3-2 (SO) MTL.
  225. The other sports thread III
  226. Pre-Game Talk: Montreal @ Columbus
  227. Successful players after leaving regime
  228. GDT: Montreal Canadiens vs Columbus Blue Jackets- 1/25/16 7:00pm EST SNE, RDS, TSN 69
  229. What's your Proudest/Embarrassing Habs Memorabilia?
  230. PGT: Habs lose 5-2 to bottom-feeding CLB. THIS IS FINE.
  231. TSN: From @GagnonFrancois: Habs should consider trading core players.
  232. Do you have confidence in this line-up (with different management)?
  233. Pre-Game Talk: Columbus @ Montreal - Marinaro's reckoning
  234. GDT: Columbus Blue Jackets vs Montreal Canadiens: 1-26-16 7:30pm EST SNE, RDS, TSN 690
  235. GDT: Columbus Blue Jackets vs Montreal Canadiens II
  236. Fire Clément Jodoin?
  237. PGT: Worst team wins again! Desharnais PP minutes edition. CBJ wins.
  238. Trade Proposal Thread - T-34 days till trade deadline
  239. The Marinaro Thread
  240. #BellLetsTalk
  241. Complete Patrick Roy trade tree
  242. What looks worse?
  243. The Habs Lounge Thread XXII: Harry's Girlfriend edition
  244. How many wins in February?
  245. Marc Bergevin Thread: "It's On Me" Edition
  246. Kovalev willing to make a comeback to help Canadiens
  247. 2015-2016 CHL/NCAA/Euro Prospects Thread II
  248. IF we got a new (better) coach, what are the expectations?
  249. GDT: 2016 All Star Weekend- Skills Comp 7pm EST CBC,SN Game 5pm EST
  250. Future of Habs-Leafs Rivalry