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  1. NFL Week 10 Prediction Thread
  2. Phins sign Al Harris, waive Jason Allen, Pennington to start
  3. GDT: NFL Week 10 Discussion Thread
  4. Thursday Games and Bye Weeks
  5. GDT: College Football Week 11 - Fire Steve Addazio
  6. GDT: NFL Week 10 SNF + MNF
  7. BCS: Week 11 Rankings
  8. NFL: Donny McNabb agrees to 5-year $78 extension with the Redskins
  9. NFL: Worst draft pick by your fav team?
  10. How Much is M. Vick Worth On The Open Market?
  11. NCAA: Illinois v Northwestern at Wrigley Field
  12. NFL Week 11 Prediction Thread
  13. GDT: NFL Week 11 Discussion Thread
  14. NCAA: College Football Week 12
  15. NFL: Brian Urlacher = Comeback Player of Year?
  16. NFL: 2012 new nike Jerseys?
  17. BCS: Week 12 Rankings
  18. GDT: NFL Week 11 SNF + MNF
  19. No contact league
  20. Grey Cup
  21. How incredible has Philip Rivers been in 2010?
  22. What's worse in Minne? Childress, or Favre
  23. Jay Glazer: Childress is fired
  24. NFL: NFL Playoff watch
  25. Santonio Holmes
  26. 2006 NFL Draft - Worst ever?
  27. NFL: DC Sports Talk host Chad Dukes goes nuts on Skins
  28. NFL Week 12 Prediction Thread
  29. GDT: NFL Thanksgiving Day Games
  30. NCAA: College Football Week 13 - Rivalry Week
  31. NFL: Spygate 2.0?
  32. Saints DE Will Smith arrested
  33. Hurricanes fire Shannon
  34. GDT: NFL Week 12 - Sunday Re-boot
  35. NFL: Ellis Hobbs May Retire
  36. BCS: Week 13 Rankings
  37. NFL: Draft Picks
  38. CFL: Montreals Wins Grey Cup!
  39. Sam Bradford
  40. NCAA: Week 14 - Championship Week
  41. NCAA: Rumour: Gruden to leave MNF to coach U of Miami
  42. NFL Week 13 Prediction Thread
  43. GDT: NFL Week 13 Discussion Thread
  44. BCS: Week 14 Rankings, Bowl Matchups, and "Congrats to TCU for a great season!"
  45. GDT: NFL Week 13 SNF + MNF
  46. Pony Excess - ESPN 30 for 30
  47. NFL: RIP Dandy Don!
  48. NFL: Josh McDaniels fired
  49. T.Ocho show
  50. NCAA: Pittsburgh fires Dave Wannstedt
  51. NFL Week 14 Prediction Thread
  52. NCAA: Urban Meyer steps down at Florida - Will Muschamp Hired as HC
  53. NFL: Playoff scenarios
  54. GDT: NFL Week 14 Discussion Thread
  55. Sterger- Ban the Brett, or else
  56. NFL: Broncos CB Perish Cox arrested for sexual assault (More teammates involved possibly)
  57. NCAA: The U to hire Temple's Al Golden as head coach, Temple hires Steve Addazio
  58. GDT: NFL Week 14 Discussion Part II
  59. Mike Vick signs autograph for Tashard Choice
  60. NFL: How do you figure out a QB Rtg?
  61. NFL: The Future of Tim Tebow in Denver?
  62. Favre is done!!!!
  63. Jets suspend coach who tripped player
  64. NCAA: Everyone feel free to laugh at Big Ten
  65. NFL Week 15 Prediction Thread
  66. NCAA: Holgorsen new WVU OC, Haywood new Pitt HC?
  67. Cofield sack "dance"
  68. GDT: NFL Week 15 Discussion Thread
  69. NFL: Awesome story on Chris Ivory
  70. NCAA: Bowl Season GDT
  71. NFL: McFail benched by Shanahan
  72. BCS: Rose Bowl telecast on ESPN and only ESPN
  73. NFL: ESPN: Source says Cowher's list of teams is Phins, Giants, Texans
  74. NCAA: Mike Leach to Maryland
  75. GDT: NFL Week 15 Discussion Thread Part II
  76. NFL: Do the Jets win their game today with Polamalu on the field ?
  77. NCAA: Tennessee reports more violations
  78. NFL Week 16 Prediction Thread
  79. Roddy White Rips Saints and New Orleans
  80. GDT: NFL Week 16 Discussion Thread
  81. NCAA: Ohio State allegations, suspensions, Jim Tressel resigns
  82. NCAA: Tressel leaving Ohio State
  83. NFL: Better return man
  84. NFL: Vikings considering playing at TCF Bank Stadium for 2011
  85. The Race to 0-45 (Passing Yardage Leader Never Wins Super Bowl) [Confirmed]
  86. NFL: Report: 49ers fire Singletary
  87. GDT: NFL Week 16 Part 2: Tuesday Night Football!
  88. Favre is only getting fined.
  89. NFL: The 4 Greatest Running Backs
  90. NFL: Tebow Mic'd Up Denver/Houston Game
  91. NFL: NFL Week 17 Prediction Thread
  92. 2011: Year of the QB
  93. GDT: NFL Week 17 Discussion Thread
  94. NFL: AFC Championship Playoffs(2010-2011)
  95. NFL: NFC Championship Playoffs(2010-2011)
  96. NFL: [Black Monday] Cleveland Browns fire Mangini|Oakland Raiders fire Cable
  97. NCAA: UConn and others make squat in BCS
  98. GDT: NFL Wild Card weekend: New Orleans vs. Seattle
  99. GDT: NFL Wild Card weekend: Baltimore vs. Kansas City
  100. GDT: NFL Wild Card weekend: Green Bay vs. Philadelphia
  101. GDT: NFL Wild Card weekend: New York Jets vs. Indianapolis
  102. NFL: Official Jim Harbaugh thread - signs with 49ers
  103. Favre strikes again...
  104. NCAA: Rodriguez fired / Hoke hired
  105. NFL: Bengals retain Marvin Lewis as HC
  106. NFL: Jeff Fisher staying in Tennessee, VY out
  107. NFL: NFL WildCard Weekend Prediction Thread
  108. NFL: Carolina has no Luck
  109. NFL: Best & Worst in NFL TV Broadcasting for 2010
  110. NFL: Nnamdi Asomugha will be a free agent
  111. NFL: 2011 Hall of Fame finalists
  112. NFL: Would you sign Vick to a long-term deal?
  113. GDT: Divisional round - January 15, 4:30 PM: Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh
  114. GDT: Divisional round - January 15, 8:00 PM: Green Bay vs. Atlanta
  115. GDT: Divisional round - January 16, 1:00 PM: Seattle vs. Chicago
  116. GDT: Divisional round - January 16, 4:30 PM: New York Jets vs. New England
  117. NFL: Ron Rivera is the new Panthers Head Coach
  118. NFL: Pat Shurmur hired as new Browns HC
  119. NFL: NFL Divisional Round Weekend Prediction Thread
  120. NFL: John Fox to coach the Broncos
  121. NFL: Interesting article about Jay Cutler
  122. Mock draft sign up
  123. NFL: Free Agency
  124. Joe Buck
  125. GDT: AFC Championship Game - Jan 23, 6:30 PM: New York Jets @ Pittsburgh Steelers
  126. GDT: NFC Championship Game: Green Bay Packers 21, Chicago Bears 14
  127. NFL: Brett Favre ...
  128. NCAA: 2011 NCAA College Football Offseason Thread
  129. NFL: Top 10 Most Controversial Calls of All Time
  130. NFL: Al Davis press conference
  131. Just wanted to say something to everyone on the football forum
  132. NFL: Aaron Rodgers contract ...
  133. 2011 NFL Mock Draft
  134. How terrible is Parcells?
  135. Mayor of Toronto approached by groups for an NFL team
  136. Carson Palmer demands trade, threatens retirement
  137. NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers are the model franchise
  138. Will people stop talking about the allegations if Roethlisburger wins the Super Bowl
  139. NFL: Your opinion of your team going forward (For fans of teams not in Super Bowl)
  140. NFL: Super Bowl XLV: Pre-Game Discussion
  141. NFL: 10 years, 10 different teams
  142. NFL: Senior Bowl Week + Game Thread
  143. Vick gets first endorsement deal since return
  144. Top 10 Super Bowl Quarterback Performances
  145. NFL: Titans and Jeff Fisher part ways
  146. NFL: Who is NFL Player X? (times 2)
  147. NFL: Packers Helmet
  148. NFL: Hall of Fame Class of 2011
  149. GDT: Super Bowl XLV: Green Bay Packers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
  150. This may make me stop being a Falcon fan
  151. Tom Brady = MVP
  152. NFL: Vintage You Tube
  153. GDT: Super Bowl XLV Part II
  154. NFL: Congrats to the Green Bay Packers
  155. What now for Favre?
  156. NFL: What game first comes to mind when you think of "The Drive?"
  157. Speculation : Mark Sanchez has "intimate" relations with a 17-year-old girl?
  158. NFL: Fans sue the NFL and the Cowboys over Super Bowl Tickets
  159. NFL: Jake Plummer in retirement
  160. NFL: Franchise Tags
  161. CFL: Free Agency Thread
  162. NFL: For fans of teams that don't have Franchise Quarterbacks
  163. NFL: Lockout or no lockout
  164. Kind Of OT: NFLPA To Decertify?
  165. UFL nearing death?
  166. NFL: Pack cut AJ Hawk
  167. NCAA: Major program to be outed for major recruiting violations
  168. NFL: Off-Season News & Notes Discussion Thread
  169. "Run Ricky Run" Ricky Williams
  170. Tiki Barber wants to return to the NFL
  171. NFL & NFLPA finally agree to something??
  172. Pats Brandon Meriweather shoots two men?
  173. NFL: Arizona Cardinals future as a team and in Arizona
  174. NFL: New NFL rules possible (Watering down of league continues)
  175. NFL: Carson Palmer, Miami's top QB target?
  176. NCAA: Notre Dame suspends Michael Floyd
  177. NFL: Aqib Talib is a person of interest involved with a shooting in Texas
  178. Who do you Blame if there is no NFL next season?
  179. 2011 mock draft creator spreadsheet...
  180. Sterger to talk about Brett "The King" Favre
  181. NFL: Year of the QB Movies
  182. NFL: 2011 Schedule Thread
  183. Brandon Marshall stabbed, in ICU
  184. GDT: 2011 NFL Draft
  185. Draft Winners and Losers
  186. GDT: 2011 NFL Draft II
  187. Gus Johnson leaves CBS!
  188. NFL: Vikings reach agreement with county on $1 billion stadium plan
  189. CFL: 2011 Season Discussion Thread (BC Lions win 99th Grey Cup 31-23)
  190. Birth Of N.A. Football 137 Years
  191. What Jared Lorenzen is doing nowadays...
  192. NFL: Should the NFL relocate teams to LA/TOR/MTL?
  193. NFL: T.O. tore his ACL
  194. NCAA: Ducks are in deep trouble
  195. Why do people say the NBA is full of thugs when the NFL is just as bad?
  196. NFL: Favre wants to play another season?
  197. Cowboys WR Roy Williams Sends Marriage Proposal and $ 77,000 Ring via Mail
  198. NFL: Kerry Collins retires
  199. NFL: Hines Ward DUI
  200. Golden Tate is my new hero
  201. So where are the Vikings going?
  202. Best NFL Fantasy magazine?
  203. NFL: Free Agency and Trade Rumors 2k11
  204. Terrelle Pryor may be ineligible for NFL Supplemental draft
  205. What team do you cheer for?
  206. NFL: Carson Palmer has retired
  207. CFL: Tests show two of four ex-CFLers had brain disease
  208. Signing(s): Seahawks signing Tarvaris Jackson
  209. Signing(s): Rams sign Quintin Mikell (4yrs)
  210. Signing(s): Takeo Spikes to SD
  211. Signing(s): Paul Posluszny signs 6 year deal with Jags
  212. Trade: [WSH/MIN] Donavan McNabb for a 12' 6th Rd and Conditional 13' 6th
  213. Signing(s): Bills sign QB Tyler Thigpen (3yrs)
  214. Signing(s): Matt Hasselbeck is a Titan
  215. Cut/Released: Jake Delhomme (Browns)
  216. Signing(s): Sidney Rice signs 5 year deal with Seahawks
  217. Signing(s): Chiefs sign WR Steve Breaston to 5 year deal
  218. Signing(s): Lions sign LB Justin Durant
  219. Trade: [NO/MIA] Saints trade Reggie Bush to Dolphins for Jonathon Amaya; swap draft picks
  220. Trade: [WSH/NE] Albert Haynesworth to New England for 5th round pick
  221. Signing(s): [PHI] Eagles sign Pro Bowl DE Jason Babin to 5yr deal
  222. Signing(s): Cardinals sign Packers G Daryn Colledge
  223. Cut/Released: [SF] Nate Clements CB
  224. Trade: [PHI/ARZ] Kevin Kolb for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie + 2nd rd pick;Kolb gets new deal
  225. Signing(s): Bears sign P Adam Podlesh
  226. NFL: ESPN: NFL players seek clean slate with conduct policy
  227. Signing(s): Titans cut Vince Young, signs with Eagles.
  228. Signing(s): Clint Session to the Jaguars (5 year deal)
  229. Signing(s): Brad Smith to Bills
  230. Signing(s): Chris Chester is a Redskin (5 year deal)
  231. Cut/Released: [MIN] S Madieu Williams
  232. Trade: [NE/CIN] Chad Ochocinco to Patriots for a pick, new 3 year contract
  233. Trade: [CHI/CAR] Greg Olsen for 3rd round pick
  234. Signing(s): Bengals sign LB Thomas Howard
  235. GDT: Camp update(s)?
  236. Cut/Released: Raiders release CB Chris Johnson
  237. Signing(s): Johnathan Joseph signs with Houston
  238. Cut/Released: Leonard Weaver (PHI)
  239. Signing(s): Browns sign Brandon Jackson
  240. Signing(s): [ATL] OT Tyson Clabo signs with Falcons
  241. Signing(s): 49ers sign kicker David Akers
  242. Signing(s): New Orleans signs Darren Sproles
  243. Signing(s): Beason re-ups with CAR
  244. NFL: Any good free agent and trade tracking website?
  245. Signing(s): Roy E Williams to the Bears
  246. NFL: 2011-2012 NFL Prognostications
  247. Signing(s): Tampa Bay signs Michael Koenen to richest deal ever for a punter
  248. Signing(s): Dawan Landry to the Jaguars
  249. Signing(s): Dolphins sign Matt Moore (No Orton trade)
  250. Signing(s): Broncos sign Willis McGahee (to tryout?)