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  1. Would a NFL team in Toronto or Vancouver kill the CFL?
  2. NFL GDT: NFL Honors (awards show), 2/4, 9 p.m. EDT, NBC
  3. Hall of Fame Class of 2012: Butler, Dawson, Doleman, Kennedy, Martin, Roaf
  4. NFL: Ranking the Super Bowl Network TV Crews/Announcers
  5. Where to watch the big game?
  6. NFL GDT: Super Bowl XLVI: New England (15-3) vs. New York Giants (12-7), Second Half
  7. NFL GDT: Super Bowl XLVI post-game chat: Giants again beat Patriots, Eli again MVP
  8. NFL: Which Manning is better: Peyton or Eli?
  9. NFL: How Would You Fix the Pitty Steelers??
  10. The NFL Butterfly Effect Moments
  11. B1G finally coming around to playoff....with awesome format
  12. NFL: Knowshon Moreno hit with DUI charge
  13. NFL: Ranking the NFL’s TV announcing teams for 2011
  14. NFL: Super Bowl 50 Location
  15. Why didn't Russia take up football?
  16. NFL: Jaworski OUT of MNF booth
  17. Signing(s): Chiefs sign Stanford Routt
  18. NFL: Notable Headcases in Football History
  19. NFL or CFL
  20. NFL: Franchise tags: Brees among 21 tagged before deadline; complete list in post 29
  21. Saints Bounty Thread (NFL vacates all punishment in Bountygate)
  22. Cut/Released: Colts to release Peyton Manning
  23. Signing(s): Peyton Manning to Broncos (5y/$96M)
  24. I put together a mock NFL Schedule
  25. Trade: [STL/WSH] Glazer: Redskins acquire 2nd overall pick from the Rams
  26. NFL: 2012 Confirmed Free Agent Signings Thread
  27. Arena Football League players strike; Pittsburgh, Orlando fire entire teams
  28. Signing(s): 49ers sign Randy Moss
  29. Cut/Released: Texans cut Matt Leinart
  30. Signing(s): Marques Colston staying in New Orleans
  31. Cut/Released: Chargers release OT Marcus McNeil
  32. Signing(s): Bengals sign Terrance Newman
  33. Trade: [MIA/CHI] Brandon Marshall to Bears for 2 3rd round picks
  34. Signing(s): Pierre Garçon and Josh Morgan sign with Redskins
  35. Signing(s): Vincent Jackson to Bucs
  36. Signing(s): CB Cortland Finnegan to the Rams
  37. Signing(s): Colts keeping Reggie Wayne
  38. Signing(s): CB Carlos Rogers to stay a 49er
  39. Signing(s): DE Jeremy Mincey back to the Jags
  40. Signing(s): WR Robert Meachem to the San Diego Chargers
  41. Signing(s): Carl Nicks to Tampa Bay
  42. Signing(s): Eric Weems to Bears
  43. Signing(s): Lions extend Calvin Johnson (7 year deal)
  44. Trade: OL Winston Justice to the Colts
  45. Signing(s): CB Brandon Carr to Cowboys
  46. Signing(s): Eagles re-sign Desean Jackson (5 yrs, $51M)
  47. Signing(s): Jaguars overpay Laurent Robinson [2012]
  48. Signing(s): Peyton Hillis to Chiefs
  49. Signing(s): Ben Grubbs signs with Saints
  50. Signing(s): Mario Williams signs with Bills
  51. Signing(s): Titans sign Steve Hutchinson
  52. Signing(s): Eddie Royal to Chargers
  53. NFL: Skills competitions?
  54. Signing(s): Patriots sign Brandon Lloyd
  55. Signing(s): 49ers sign Manning....OK, it's Manningham
  56. Signing(s): LaRon Landry to Jets
  57. Signing(s): David Garrard is a Dolphin
  58. Signing(s): Kamerion Wimbley to the Titans
  59. NFL: Where will Tim Tebow go? (Tebow officially dealt to NYJ)
  60. Trade: Eagles get DeMeco Ryans from Houston
  61. Signing(s): Alex Smith re-ups with San Francisco (3y/$8M avg. per)
  62. Signing(s): Bills sign Mark Anderson
  63. Signing(s): BenJarvus Green-Ellis to Bengals
  64. Competition Committee Proposes Several Rule Changes (8/23 UPD in Post #22)
  65. Signing(s): Bears sign RB Michael Bush (4 years, $14m)
  66. Signing(s): Former Colts C Jeff Saturday to Green Bay
  67. NFL: RB Marion Barber retires
  68. Signing(s): Curtis Lofton is a Saint
  69. Injury Report: Bears WR Johnny Knox likely to miss 2012 season
  70. Signing(s): Rams sign WR Steve Smith (the former Giant and Eagle)
  71. 2012 NFL Mock draft creator spreadsheet final version available...
  72. NFL: Regular season OT now the same as post-season OT
  73. Signing(s): Niners sign ex-Giants RB Brandon Jacobs
  74. Texas High School Building $ 60 Million Football Stadium (MOD: article from 2010)
  75. NFL: Madden 2013 cover vote: Megatron wins the cover
  76. NFL: Ryan Leaf arrested twice in four days, charges include burglary
  77. Should the Madden games add the CFL
  78. Early Prediction Thread
  79. USFL plans to make a comback as NFL minor league
  80. Bobby Petrino fired by Arkansas after motorcycle crash situation
  81. The XFL
  82. NFL: New Nike Jerseys
  83. Signing(s): Saints sign David Hawthorne
  84. NFL: The head of the NFL Network earns more money than the head of the NFL
  85. Joe Flacco pulls an Eli: ''I think I'm the best (QB)''
  86. Coach Joe Avezzano Dies
  87. NCAA: Minnesota LB Gary Tinsley found dead
  88. Warren Sapp has a new chapter in life...Chapter 7
  89. NFL: 2012 Schedule Thread
  90. How would Laval University fare in NCAA?
  91. NFL: Is Donovan McNabb a Hall of Famer?
  92. The Buffalo Bills return to dominance
  93. Patriots LT Matt Light retires
  94. NFL: Former Falcon Ray Easterling commits suicide
  95. NFL: Brian Dawkins retires
  96. Signing(s): Vikings sign Jerome Simpson
  97. Trade: CB Asante Samuels to the Falcons?
  98. A message to the last draftee in this year's draft
  99. GDT: 2012 NFL Draft
  100. NFL to suspend Pro Bowl?
  101. NFL: How should the NFL handle the draft
  102. NFL: Players that have an influence on who an NFL Team picks in the draft
  103. NFL: Grade your team's draft selections so far
  104. 2012 NFL Draft post-mortem, plus undrafted free agent chatter
  105. NFL: NFL Draft Game
  106. 2012 re-draft for your team
  107. I got a really interesting look at the NFL draft Saturday
  108. Signing(s): Oakland Signs Matt Leinart To A One Year Deal
  109. Signing(s): Tampa Bay signs Rutgers' Eric LeGrand
  110. RIP Junior Seau
  111. Injury Report: Terrell Suggs tears achilles
  112. Injury Report: Jason Peters with a torn Achilles (again)
  113. Signing(s): New contract for LeSean McCoy - $20.7M gtd.
  114. Donald Driver Done in Green Bay?
  115. What are the most important/influential positions in football today?
  116. Kellen Winslow done in TB it looks like (traded to Seattle)
  117. NFL: Owners to Vote on Allowing 1 Player to Come Back from IR
  118. NFL: NFL offseason News & Notes Thread Part II
  119. NFL: Nick Fairley arrested again
  120. Dolphins doing Hard Knocks
  121. Get your popcorn ready! (Terrell Owens cut from Indoor team)
  122. What Will The NFL Look Like in 2015?
  123. Pats Will Be Just Another Franchise Post Brady
  124. Justin Blackmon-DUI
  125. TO Fires Drew Rosenhaus
  126. Seahawks Lose 2 OTA's for Rule Violation
  127. Is Ben Roethlisberger top 5?
  128. Jamal Lewis
  129. NFL: Toughest Division in 2012
  130. Signing(s): Ochocinco to Dolphins (1 yr)
  131. Signing(s): Gronkowski extended (6 yr, 54 mil)
  132. Patriots claim Jake Ballard off waivers
  133. Justin Tucks new facemask
  134. MJD Absent from Jaguars first manditory camp
  135. Adam 'Pacman' Jones ordered to pay $11 Million to Strip Club Employees
  136. LaDainian Tomlinson Retires
  137. Signing(s): Michael Griffin re-signs with Titans
  138. CFL: 2012 season discussion
  139. Arrested: General arrest thread (49ers DE Ray McDonald the latest)
  140. Could a CFL all star team play in the NFL?
  141. NFL Attendance dropping everywhere!
  142. A Field More Ugly Than Boise State's?!
  143. NFL: Mike and Mike Getting More NFL Talk
  144. Signing(s): Drew Brees re-signs (5 yr, 100 Mill)
  145. NFL: Pre-Pre Season Pick your NFL playoff teams
  146. CFL: Canada beats U.S. in Junior FOOTBALL Championship
  147. Signing(s): BWC's nightmare is over, Forte signs 4 year deal
  148. Signing(s): Ravens sign Ray Rice to 5 year deal
  149. Signing(s): Jaguars sign K Josh Scobee to 4 year extension
  150. Signing(s): Robert Griffin III 4 Years/21 Million
  151. NFL: Training Camp/Preseason 2012 Thread (Updates, news etc)
  152. NFL: 2012 AFC East Champions
  153. NFL: 2012 AFC North Champions
  154. NFL: 2012 AFC South Champions
  155. NFL: 2012 AFC West Champions(The Denver Broncos)
  156. NFL: 2012 NFC East Champions
  157. NFL: 2012 NFC West Champions
  158. NFL: 2012 NFC South Champions
  159. NFL: 2012 NFC North Champions
  160. NFL: Brett Favre Coming Back
  161. NFL: Ochocinco No More
  162. OT: All "Non-Americans".. what NFL team do you support?
  163. NFL: Michael Vick says Eagles could be potential dynasty
  164. Trade: Otah fails physical, trade reversed
  165. NCAA: 14 year old commits to Washington
  166. Signing(s): Antonio Brown strikes it rich
  167. Signing(s): Rams give Chris Long huge 4 year extension
  168. NFL: Titans receiver O.J. Murdock dies at the age of 25
  169. So Which Team Makes the Jump?
  170. Ben Roethlisberger has a “little torn rotator cuff”
  171. Trade: Eagles and Colts exchange some parts
  172. NFL: Is Aaron Rodgers Really This Good?
  173. NFL GDT: 2012 Hall of Fame Game: Arizona vs. New Orleans, 8 p.m., NFL Network
  174. Andy Reid's son found dead (UPD: autopsy says heroin overdose)
  175. Ken Stabler was a tool
  176. Cut/Released: Terrell Owens is no longer a Seahawk
  177. Injury Report: Preseason Week 1
  178. NCAA: The Honey Badger dismissed from LSU
  179. More horrible team: 2002-2007 University of Toronto vs. modern-day Lock Haven
  180. Monday Night Football Predictions
  181. Best Coach in the AFC West
  182. Lamarr Woodley Shows They Aren't All Idiots
  183. NFL: Make or Break year for what players?
  184. Stupid Lawsuit of the Week
  185. A man shot outside the Cardinals vs Raiders Game
  186. Tamba Hali suspended
  187. NFL: All-Division Teams
  188. Shawne "Lights out" Merriman washed up at 28?
  189. NFL: Jaguars to play multiple home games in London
  190. Strahan to co-host with Kelly Ripa
  191. Uni-Watch Ranks every jersey
  192. NFL: All Referee Lockout/Replacements discussion (deal is done, crisis OVER)
  193. NFL: Will teams start to cool it with big $$$ for hotshot backups?
  194. NFL: Project your team's 53-man roster
  195. Cut/Released: NFL preseason cuts
  196. Trade: [IND/MIA] Vontae Davis for a 2nd round pick
  197. Trade: [SEA/BUF] Tarvaris Jackson for a pick
  198. NFL: Dez Bryant given rules by Cowboys he must follow
  199. NFL: maurice jones drew. Holdout? or Holdup?
  200. Trade: [NYJ/STL] Wayne Hunter for Jason Smith
  201. NCAA for NFL
  202. NFL Game Pass
  203. As an unbiased NFL fan, what would be more interesting to you this season...
  204. NCAA GDT: Week 1
  205. CFL: Canadian Mint Launches 100th Grey Cup Loonie (Canadian Dollar Coin)
  206. Which rookie QB is benched first?
  207. Looking to fill league
  208. NCAA: 2012 FCS season discussion
  209. NCAA: 2012 FBS season discussion
  210. NFL: NFLPA agrees to IR - Trade Deadline changes
  211. Is the B1G starting to lose a bit of it's luster?
  212. HF Pickem League
  213. Need Help: Football Noobie
  214. NFL: Trade Chi/Hou
  215. Football Fan Incidents In The News
  216. Trade: [MIN/ARZ] CB AJ Jefferson to the Vikes.
  217. MJD ends holdout
  218. NFL: America's Game - 2011 Giants - Tuesday @ 9 PM ET
  219. NFL: Week 1 Prediction Thread
  220. NFL: Upset of the Week - Week#1
  221. Rank Your Divisions Positions!
  222. All Jets talk (Jets Sack Sparano)
  223. NFL: 2012 NFL Season News & Notes Discussion Thread
  224. 2012 Survivor Pool
  225. Cut/Released: Dolphins release David Garrard
  226. NFL: Kickoff 2012: Dallas at New York Giants | 9/5, 8:30 p.m. EDT | NBC, TSN
  227. NFL: Dallas Cowboys Most Valuable NFL Team at $2.1 Billion
  228. NFL: Former Browns, Ravens majority owner Art Modell passes away
  229. NCAA GDT: Week 2 (Upset Saturday)
  230. NFL GDT: Week 1
  231. Signing(s): Rams extend James Laurinaitis
  232. NFL: Post your FANatic pictures
  233. Injury Report: Week 1 (Grimes done for season)
  234. NFL GDT: Week 1 Part II
  235. Signing(s): Texans sign Matt Schaub to extension
  236. NFL: The 2012 Rookie QB class progress thread
  237. NFL GDT: Week 1 Part III
  238. Bucs Fans!?!?!
  239. Overlap between NCAA divisions?
  240. NCAA: Notre Dame to join ACC....kinda
  241. NFL: Week 2 Prediction Thread
  242. NFL GDT: ThNF Week 2 9/13: Chicago at Green Bay, 8:20 p.m. EDT
  243. NFL: Upset of the Week - Week #2
  244. NCAA GDT: Week 3 (Stanford beat USC)
  245. Cowboys fans thread!
  246. NFL GDT: Week 2
  247. better running back: Barry Sanders or Walter Payton?
  248. NFL: Are the Patriots trying to phase out Wes Welker?
  249. Injury Report: Week 2 (Aaron Hernandez/Brian Orakpo)
  250. NFL GDT: Week 2 Part II