Hockey Fights

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  1. Is Rick Rypien, pound-for-pound, the best fighter in the NHL?
  2. Classic Probert
  3. Video What is the Best Fight of the 2009-2010 Season?
  4. Video No Hockey fight video gets me more pumped than this one
  5. Classic with Video Gino Odjick classic brawl
  6. Video Pretty big LNAH brawl
  7. Classic with Video 1987 WJHC Canada vs Soviet Union Brawl
  8. Video - NHL Record for PIM's - Senators vs. Flyers - March 5th, 2004 - LINE BRAWL
  9. Classic with Video Bruins - Rangers 1979
  10. Worst Fighters of All Time
  11. Video - Best KO's...
  12. Video - Goalie Fights...
  13. Who is your favorite fighter and why?
  14. Best Fights of All-Time
  15. Fighting in Hockey: Fantastic, Necessary or Stupid
  16. The instigator penalty
  17. Video OHL Line Brawls
  18. Lets line up to shake hands
  19. Video don't think this has been posted yet
  20. Official Fight Night Thread...
  21. Video Tie Domi Fight Videos
  22. Video Kyle Clifford Likes to Punch People
  23. Video Ron Hextall - A History of Violence
  24. I absolutely love that there's a fights forum now
  25. Bench-clearing brawls
  26. Video Derek Boogaard Fights
  27. MIA Fighters 09/10
  28. Classic with Video some brawls and other entertainment from years past
  29. Favorite AHL fights
  30. Who would win Roy or Emery?
  31. Orr vs. McGratton
  32. John Kordic
  33. Fight Sites
  34. All talk about Visors/Helmets in fights
  35. fight photo help
  36. Video Unbelievable Brawls from Obscure Leagues
  37. 2v2 Fights
  38. Video Global Hockey fights
  39. Video The Same Guys Going Three Times in a Game
  40. Paul Laus fights
  41. Video Toronto Maple Leafs vs Chicago Blackhawks Brawl (1963)
  42. Video Nick Fotiu vs Big Behn Wilson
  43. Video Joey Kocur KO's Jim Kyte
  44. Video Clark Gillies vs Behn Wilson
  45. Video Boogaard Breaks Fedoruk
  46. Video Wendel Clark vs John Kordic
  47. Orr vs. Carkner
  48. Video Krys Barch vs Brad May nov 18 2009
  49. Video Cam Janssen vs. Aaron Downey Fight
  50. Great fights between guys who werent really big names
  51. Favorite guys who never had a long career in the show?
  52. Laraque lose again Erskine. Shame...
  53. Video Marc Edward Vlasic vs Daniel Briere
  54. Neil fights Godard 19/11/09
  55. Video Mirasty vs MacIntyre
  56. Jason Strudwick = Entertaining
  57. Kovalchuk Fight
  58. Video Hordichuk vs Angelstad
  59. Video Star players fighting
  60. 2009 Top 10
  61. Help me find this fight
  62. Hershey Bears v. St. Catherine's Maple Leafs 1986 Playoffs
  63. Big players: terrible fighters
  64. George Laraque Blog on fighters awesome read
  65. Phanuef Jr vs. Wickenhiser
  66. Top 5 fighters on your team
  67. Just one insane fight!
  68. Top 10 NHL Fights November 09
  69. David Koci
  70. Kessel fight
  71. Bieksa superman punch on Richards
  72. Video Yablonski vs Mirasty round 2
  73. Greatest rivalries: Probert vs Domi
  74. History of fighting
  75. Video Joe Kocur
  76. Dan Cloutier Snaps in Return
  77. Former NY Ranger Chris Kotsopoulos on Sunday December 13 from 12pm to 2 pm
  78. Fight of the month October - #1
  79. Rypien vs Valabik
  80. Mike Keane
  81. Best enforcer, 4th line player
  82. Laraque is weak
  83. Defencemen that can fight well?
  84. David Singer Picks the Best 10 Fights of the Decade
  85. Mark Tinordi underrated??
  86. Barch vs May Round 6 - FIGHT OF THE YEAR
  87. Video Belak vs McGratton
  88. Best fight you have ever seen?
  89. Winter Classic Scrap
  90. Left-Handed Fighters
  91. Richards Batman punch on McCabe.....
  92. Video Who fights more often?
  93. Video Ryan Stone vs. Clayton Stoner (23 December, 2009)
  94. Video Bieksa fights Nystrom (Dec. 27th)
  95. Guys you'd like to see the crap get kicked out of
  96. Video Brad May vs Jared Boll
  97. Is Clowe the best middle weight in the NHL?
  98. What would happen if a guy dies?
  99. Question: Fighting in non-NHL leagues.
  100. Video Rick Hampton vs Bobby Schmautz (March 14 1976)
  101. Video Paul Holmgren vs Terry O"Reilly
  102. Video Jody Shelley vs Cam Janssen
  103. Video Vityaz vs. Avandard (KHL) 619 PIM
  104. Prust and Rypien going at it
  105. Video Grant Marshall vs. Jamie Allison (a toe to toe slugfest!)
  106. Video David Koci vs Brian McGrattan (Jan 11/2010)
  107. John Scott destroys Alexadre Bolduc
  108. Video Eric Godard vs Brian McGrattan (Jan 13/2010)
  109. Ultimate Fight Night Thursday TSN 7 pm live in Toronto
  110. Dream Fight Matchups
  111. Video Carkner-Brashear x2
  112. Top 5 fighters in the league?
  113. Souray vs Wellar.... Legit KO or Cheapshot?
  114. The perfect tough line
  115. Tough guy lineup past and present
  116. Top 10 fights you have seen for your team
  117. Greatest heavyweight of all time?
  118. what purpose to fights like this have?
  119. Potential fights 1/19/10
  120. Hockey Fights in your own personal Leagues (Non-NHL)
  121. What do you think of other teams' enforcers/fighters?
  122. 150,000 members on facebook LIKE fighting
  123. Gaborik/Carcillo fight
  124. Video Carkner vs Janssen - Awesome Endurance fight
  125. Pretty good tilt from the OHL last night
  126. Clowe beats Parros down
  127. Koci vs. Belak
  128. Video Wojtek Wolski vs. Steve Sullivan
  129. Video Jeremy Yablonski vs. Trevor Gillies
  130. Video O'Byrne vs Voros
  131. Russia's U-10 kids in a brawl
  132. Fight leaders
  133. Video Cam Janssen vs Brian McGrattan (Jan 25, 2010)
  134. Video Jon "Nasty" Mirasty vs. Francis Lessard
  135. Video Another brawl in Europe
  136. Carkner Versus Glass - Beatdown of the year
  137. Looking for a video of an odd moment
  138. Orr just dropped Carkner
  139. Video Yablonski KO'ed by Steve MacIntyre
  140. Who is the stronger and better fighter right now in NHL/AHL
  141. Shelley drops Orr
  142. Boogaard vs Chara
  143. Matt Martin's first NHL Fight (vs. T. Kennedy)
  144. Video Chara "scraps" Downie
  145. Matt Martin v. Nate Thompson
  146. Laperriere vs O'Byrne
  147. Video Beleskey drops Glencross
  148. Alexander the Great vs. Sid the Kid
  149. Yablonski vs. Mirasty at AHL Outdoor Game
  150. Andre Roy's Meltdown | Cote vs Roy x2 [March 2008]
  151. David Koci
  152. steve macintyre vs john scott
  153. Video Rupp vs. Gaustad
  154. Video Booth's Revenge | Booth vs. Richards
  155. Orr vs. Lucic
  156. King vs. Barch
  157. Benn Vs. E. Johnson
  158. Carkner vs Orr (four part series)
  159. Best Fighting Rivalry in the NHL right now..
  160. Has Chara ever lost a fight?
  161. Scott Parker
  162. Shelley vs Leblond
  163. Chris Nilan Footage
  164. Patrick Kaleta vs Steve Ott
  165. Fighting is NOT a necessary part of hockey...
  166. What percentage of fights do you believe are staged?
  167. Boogaard vs. King
  168. Alexander Ovechkin's hit on Brian Campbell - Suspension or No Suspension
  169. Should Cooke have to fight above his weight class tonight?
  170. Colton Orr vs Andrew Peters
  171. Video Cooke vs. Thorton
  172. Boston's Thornton the third star (really? come on)
  173. Leblond vs
  174. Leblond vs Janssen
  175. Comrie vs Nichol
  176. Kyle Beach vs Luca Sbisa
  177. Festerling vs. Sutter
  178. Video USHL Goalie Fight (Thru RefCam)
  179. Gilmour/Sakic fight
  180. Video Hockey Brawls from the 60's/70's
  181. Video Terry O'Reilly vs Mel Bridgeman
  182. Brad Staubitz vs. Krys Barch
  183. Shelley vs. Peters
  184. Mario Lemieux's fights
  185. Could the NHL survive without fighting?
  186. Video SPHL Bench Clearing Brawl
  187. Hal Gill stop fighting!
  188. Video Sarich drops Chimera
  189. Which NHL fight is the most memorable for you?
  190. Video OT:lacrosse
  191. Sucker Punches: Domi vs Samuelsson, or McCarty vs Lemieux
  192. Belak vs. MacIntyre
  193. Tactics on how to fight: Rob Ray
  194. Belak cracked Mac's helmet when they fought, Mac asked him to autograph it
  195. Video KHL Brawl
  196. Crosby vs Ovechkin.... will it ever happen?
  197. Raitis Ivanans with the epic stare down
  198. Konopka
  199. Video Fedoruk suckers Ruutu
  200. Matt Cooke vs. Evander Kane (04/10/10) (you tube pg 8)
  201. Max Talbot does it again
  202. Stage fights?
  203. Did you dislike when Matt Barnaby
  204. USHL: Blake Coleman breaks leg during fight
  205. Can Anyone Name, Identify:
  206. Playoff Fight Thread
  207. Favourite Hockey Brawl?
  208. Video Gretzky vs Sykes (classic Don Cherry commentating)
  209. The friendly fighter
  210. Best STL Blues fighter ever Redux
  211. Best STL Blues fighter
  212. Bloodiest NHL fight?
  213. Ian Laperriere
  214. Leroux vs Chase
  215. Big George Laraque Vs....... GSP
  216. Carcillo vs Talbot
  217. Biggest cheap shots ever?
  218. NHL Fight of the year
  219. European NHL Enforcers
  220. hunter on turgeon hit
  221. Bob Probert
  222. Bob Probert's Fighting Created The Instigator Rule
  223. Bob Probert Appreciation thread
  224. The facepalm of facepalms (Beach-Olimb fight)
  225. Video Washington Capitals Development Camp Fights
  226. Development Fights
  227. What player has the most game winning fights?
  228. Top 10 Fighters of the 2000s
  229. Here it is, the fight everybody wanted!
  230. So who's the best fighter in the league?
  231. Instigator Rule
  232. Video LA Kings - Fight Video Vault
  233. Favorite fights
  234. Who's this years Matt Carkner?
  235. Boogaard vs Chara
  236. Does anyone else wish the anti fightng crowd would leave this part of the site alone?
  237. Who is this year's up and comer
  238. Goons planning fights on Twitter
  239. Top 10 Euro fighters in CHL (QMJHL,OHL,WHL) history
  240. Leafs and Rangers
  241. Has Avery Fought Eric Godard?
  242. Lucic vs Boogaard
  243. Is Colton Orr the best fighter in the league?
  244. Video Intense goalie fight
  245. Best 1-2-3 Punch?
  246. Tie Domi
  247. Is hockey the most dangerous sport?
  248. Ivanāns, overrated as a fighter?
  249. Best Chin
  250. Josh Caron