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  1. Sabermetrics in hockey?
  2. Biggest "Draft Busts" (Research)
  3. Meteoric rise, only to plummet to earth quickly (Research)
  4. Goalie effectiveness formula?
  5. Best Clutch Goalies
  6. Most Dominant Scorers
  7. Which goalies face the closest/farthest shots?
  8. Which goalies face the easiest and hardest shooters?
  9. Damien Cox says Wins are Everything for Goaltenders
  10. Is there a 'Bill James' of hockey?
  11. Clutch Goalies (2004)
  12. 2005-06 NHL Goal Differentials
  13. "HHOF Monitor" (1917-18/2005-06)
  14. Advanced Stats: Corsi, QoC, etc
  15. Baseball-style of analysis hits NHL
  16. "HHOF Monitor" Points by Teams
  17. 2006-07 Goal Differentials
  18. Adjusted Playoff Scoring
  19. 2007-08 NHL Goal Differentials
  20. Goalie Research: Wins Added
  21. Adjusted Scoring
  22. Adjusted Even-Strength Plus-minus 1968-2008
  23. Gretzky & Lemieux: impact on stats & awards
  24. From the BP people: Puck Prospectus
  25. Is there an equivalent of a "Moneyball" for the NHL?
  26. 2008-09 NHL Goals Above Replacement for Goalies
  27. HOF Monitor Points through Four Seasons
  28. NHL Rankings by way of Puck Prospectus/VUKOTA
  29. DATA: Top twenty scorers, 1968-2009
  30. With or Without You: Mario Lemieux
  31. Adjusted Save Percentage
  32. Forwards playing the point on PP
  33. Where Do Stats Matter Most? Goalies?
  34. Special teams roles - 1968-2009
  35. Value of Penalty Killing
  36. Detailed look at Sakic and Forsberg at Even Strength
  37. Hockey Prospectus 2010-11
  38. Strength of Opposition for Goaltenders
  39. Statistics in Hockey; What is Their Place?
  40. Joe Sakic: impact on Colorado's record
  41. Measuring offensive production
  42. Hockey Analytics
  43. Players, Best and Worst "Total Regular Season W-L Dif."
  44. Looking for NHL goal logs
  45. Daryl Shilling "hockey Sabremetrics"?
  46. The Triple Crown Line
  47. Adjusted Even Strength Production Leaders
  48. Best "half seasons"
  49. Fenwick Tied Rankings
  50. Home/Road plus-minus splits
  51. Vs#2 Thread
  52. +/- Improvement Idea
  53. +/- anomalies
  54. Tanking in Hockey (a proposal from the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference)
  55. Referee Analytics: An Analysis of Penalty Rates by National Hockey League Officials
  56. Goalie analysis (2009-2012): Wins Added
  57. Improving Adjusted Scoring and Comparing Scoring of Top Tier Players Across Eras
  58. Goalies: Adjusted Playoff Save Percentage
  59. 2011 2012 player usage charts
  60. Past Studies Done Here (Links Only)
  61. Philosophy of hockey sabermetrics: Can hockey accurately be measured?
  62. Welcome / What This Forum Is / The Rules (PLEASE READ ME)
  63. Analytics Resources and Glossary
  64. Ideas for Future Studies
  65. Introduce yourself!
  66. NHL Draft Value
  67. General Questions Thread: The Search for Stats on the Vast Internet
  68. NHL Points-per-game peak age estimation
  69. All-in-one hockey value stats
  70. TSN Project Top 300 versus Actual
  71. Heads-Up: HR Games GP Data Is Flawed
  72. Can the Home-Ice Advantage be Measured Statistically?
  73. Power play metrics
  74. Non-traditional metrics: PDO
  75. Do Teams Wait Too Long to Pull the Goalie?
  76. Man Advantages and Success in the Standings
  77. Top 3 Adjusted Years
  78. A little perspective on the current star defenseman
  79. How to Better Credit and Evaluate Injured Forwards (Adjusted Lists from 70s-2012)
  80. On-ice Shooting percentage - luck or skill?
  81. First round pick historical performance
  82. Estimating How the Available Hockey Population Pool Has Changed (Goalies/Top Scorers)
  83. Quality of Competition
  84. Scouting, Statistics, and St. Louis
  85. Victory-Important Goals/Points
  86. Statistics for defensive performance
  87. Power Rankings By DL44
  88. An idea for assessing goalies
  89. Adjusted stats - how valuable?
  90. % of team's hits and games missed due to injury
  91. Quality of Stanley Cup Playoff Competition
  92. What Variables Predict Playoff Success?
  93. Finding a Website with Game Recaps?
  94. ACTUAL Power Play Opportunities
  95. Measuring coaching performance?
  96. Best Website for Exportable NHL Data
  97. Will 2 lockouts in 7 yrs effect HOF eligibility?
  98. Using Regression to Adjust "Adjusted Points" for Top Tier Players '68-12
  99. Statistical analysis of star defenseman in NHL
  100. Today's Star Defenseman vs High-Level Competition
  101. Team Corsi?
  102. Probability of a First Round Pick = Top 6/4
  103. Corsi QoC-type adjusted sv% stat for goaltenders?
  104. Goals against per minute?
  105. What would be the "dead sea scrolls" of hockey data?
  106. Is the ability to stay healthy a skill?
  107. Using Regression to Make Fantasy Picks
  108. Player profiles out there with most stat categories?
  109. Analysis of divisional imbalance in 2012-2013 schedule
  110. Hockey Data and Sports Betting
  111. NHL Goaltender Strength of Schedule (2010-11 through 2011-12)
  112. The Standard Deviation Method
  113. 0.560 is the new 0.500
  114. An objective analysis of the Rangers top 4 D?
  115. Explain this present Shootout anomaly.. East vs West
  116. Standard Indicator of Success?
  117. Is there a measure that combines Corsi with penalties drawn and taken?
  118. Halak: 229 minutes, 2 shutouts.........0.889 SV%
  119. Was there any team ever in the NHL history to have the best PP and PK both?
  120. Calculating Magic Number
  121. Points per $
  122. Point Shares
  123. Relationship Between and Zone Starts
  124. Breakaway save %? Slot save %?Anyone ever compile this stat?
  125. Where can i sort NHL standings by the last 5 or 10 games?
  126. 5 on 3 Power Play Stats
  127. Total Hockey Rating (THoR): A comprehensive statistical rating of NHL Players
  128. Hockey Raw Data Sources
  129. Understanding GM Success
  130. team goaltending stats?
  131. Streaks
  132. The 6th Seed
  133. Post-consolidation VsX Benchmarks
  134. where can i find Corsi Against?
  135. Where to find which players played with which line mates
  136. Help explaining adv stats
  137. Brian Burke is a Dinosaur
  138. Looking for player vs team stats
  139. Evaluate a team/player based on advanced stats
  140. Using Zone Entry Data ...
  141. Actual Team Toughness?
  142. PDO and Fenwick Graphs
  143. Modified Save Percentage - Goals Against and Scoring Chances
  144. Traditional Standings
  145. Studies on Home Ice Advantage
  146. Statistics that indicate defensive prowess
  147. Drouin vs. Mackinnon
  148. Advanced Statistics vs Team Standings
  149. Adjusting for pace
  150. Extended OT vs Shootout: AVG time
  151. Empty net goals scored by a team
  152. Daily Advanced Stats
  153. Pascal Dupuis - 14 consecutive games being a plus player
  154. Is PDO "Random" From Game to Game?
  155. Algorythm to predict goalie performance in NHL
  156. Leader in points per minute played
  157. How to get team records after X games?
  158. Anyone know where you create a hockey database?
  159. Variation in Goaltender Performance
  160. Unofficial ASA Statistics in Sports Frozen Four Happy Hour
  161. Individual Game Corsi Counter
  162. Calculating CAP HIT if one team retains salary - impossible?
  163. Fenwick Strength of Schedule
  164. Top 10 CORSI All Conference Champs In Past 2 Seasons
  165. Is there a stat for adj. save percentage that weighs scoring chances more heavily?
  166. All-Encompasing Defensive Metric?
  167. Is there an online resource that gives scoring chance information?
  168. In Season Rankings of Team Goals by Position?
  169. Adjusted Even Strength Points
  170. Statistical Analysis: 1st Round Draft Slot and GP
  171. Easily accessible Career SH% data?
  172. What is the 'best' league in the CHL?
  173. Who is Jim Corsi? (The name behind the numbers)
  174. Best online data base for goalies?
  175. Head to Head Possession Data - Playoff Matchups
  176. Stupid Spreadsheet Tricks - Expected Wins
  177. Scoring rate difference between 5-on-4 and 4-on-3 PP?
  178. SportVU (NBA analytics from video)
  179. Islanders Fenwick 11/12 vs. 12/13
  180. Does Blocking shots at a higher rate help win games?
  181. Interesting visualization of some metrics against performance
  182. NHL Stats database thread
  183. Corsi events per goal
  184. Play by Play data
  185. Power play shooting percentage: is it repeatable?
  186. Methods of comparing offense between eras
  187. More Advanced PP Comparisons
  188. Pull the goalie with 2 goals down?
  189. New to Advanced NHL Stats
  190. Team Draft Sucess By Year (04-08)
  191. Advanced player score based on CORSI
  192. Original Six Finals, overdue, but...
  193. Database of all plays
  194. NHL/AHL/European Player Rating Formulas
  195. Spreadsheets With NHL Stats?
  196. Estimating Player Contribution in Hockey with Regularized Logistic Regression
  197. Salary Cap Calculator
  198. The Value of Stick Checks
  199. Looking for certain shot statistics
  200. Zone Entry Tracking project
  201. League Wide Scoring - Year to Year Comparison
  202. Hits and Shot blocks
  203. Rebound stats
  204. Hits recieved by player
  205. Alan Ryder's PC Model
  206. Calculating GVT Question
  207. Mike richards Jeff carter
  208. "Study" of the NHL teams under the Old Alignment
  209. Shot Location Data
  210. why is there a 60-games-played minimum for the plus/minus award?
  211. Predicting game outcomes
  212. Real-Time Stats by Situation?
  213. Weighted Standard Deviations
  214. Era Adjusted Goals In a Season
  215. Oilers, Leafs, Flames near the bottom, Sens near the top - Analytics report
  216. The SF Giants/White Sox won the World Series with low OBP Numbers. NHL Equivalent?
  217. Doug Wilson on the Sharks' use of analytics
  218. Some Devils/Brodeur Home/Road Numbers
  219. DATA: Top 10 scorers, 1927 - 2013
  220. Most useless or inaccurate stat in hockey?
  221. Most useful advanced numbers for PK'ers
  222. Playoff Zone Entry Discussion
  223. Introducing a new stat: Location Adjusted Expected Goals Percentage
  224. A Look At Post-Lockout Scoring Levels
  225. Who's the best scorer furthest away from the goal line?
  226. Scoring difference by conference
  227. Players stats vs. specific teams
  228. fantasy value analysis
  229. Which goaltenders play tougher schedules? Which goaltenders are sheltered?
  230. Timo Seppa on NHL Radio now
  231. NHL Rankings
  232. Corsi/Fenwick/Shooting Efficiency as future predictors
  233. Excellent New Goalie Stat (Save Percentage Above League Average)
  234. Buffalo Sabres TV Broadcast referencing corsi and possession
  235. How Do Adjusted Goals Work?
  236. Corsi, shot quality, and the Toronto Maple Leafs
  237. Scoring Chance Stats
  238. Goalie pad thigh rise reduction, save percentage higher than last season
  239. Which Advanced Stats To Look At?
  240. Pk - pp
  241. How do scoring levels change from month to month (and why?)
  242. 'Shot Quality Project' (EDIT: Now with results!!)
  243. Who has the best/worst home field advantage?
  244. West vs East records, Will there be a regression to cancel the difference?
  245. Hits, Blocked Shots (02-03 & 03-04) & (AHL) Ice Time
  246. Winning Streak Stats
  247. Five year study on the plus minus statistic...
  248. The Curious Case of Warren Skorodenski
  249. Are There Any Analytics For Career Faceoff %
  250. Why so many left handed shooting Defensemen?