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  1. THE Space/Astronomy Thread
  2. It's been 40 years since the last Moon Mission
  3. Time Travel
  4. Mars rover landing on Sunday
  5. Science Subforum?
  6. "Junk" DNA Not So Junky After All
  7. Voyager outside of the Solar System?
  8. 'Super-Earth' exoplanet spotted 42 light-years away
  9. New Dinosaur
  10. What If? (by XKCD)
  11. Science forum link
  12. Welcome / Purpose of the Forum / The Rules (PLEASE READ)
  13. Random Math Paper Generator
  14. YouTube & Podcast Science Channels
  15. Down syndrome treatment found? (MOD: UW scientists remove trisomy in cell line)
  16. Easier/faster detection of dangerous skin cancer tool developed
  17. General Science images/video thread (plus general interest links)
  18. Do we need another Cold War to speed up the race to Mars?
  19. NASA Plans for a Lunar Base
  20. Meteorology
  21. New study shows that haste does make waste
  22. TWC to name major winter storms
  23. Biology/Physics Question
  24. The human microbiome
  25. Science Background/Hello Thread?
  26. DAPRA working on visible/infra-red helmet cam
  27. arXiv (MOD: current physics article maintained by Cornell U)
  28. Chemistry Help Thread - HS, General Chem
  29. Climate change may decrease quality of coffee
  30. NASA testing "interplanetary" internet
  31. Hurricane Sandy, the food supply chain tested
  32. Electric pulsed plasma jet thrusters could lead to interplanetary travel
  33. No more cables - power/data xfered from wall paper/carpet?
  34. Helpful Weather Websites
  35. Nightmares for some, fascinating nature study for others
  36. NOAA, UNH announce projects to understand impact of disperants during oil spills
  37. Alternative/Renewable Energy discussion
  38. Spanish Scientists have identified the gene in Yeast that gives beer a foamy head
  39. Electronic skin heals itself
  40. Why the increase in Autism?
  41. How much longer will Paper be in use for?
  42. Potential cures for paralysed victims.
  43. Any Quantum Physicists here?
  44. Hotter fires, synthetic material = flash overs in 3-4 minutes
  45. Dogs paralyzed by spine damage are able to walk again following pioneering treatment
  46. Any interest in an HF Journal Club?
  47. NASA's Curiosity rover on Mars
  48. Mythbusters
  49. A year in space
  50. New (adaptation of) sensor allows detection of bombs on sea floor
  51. DNA study suggests Bigfoot exists?
  52. Self-Filling Water Bottle
  53. Recommend a telescope for a complete amateur
  54. Enormous Black Hole Discovered
  55. The Sub-atomic particle/Physics thread.
  56. NASA's MESSENGER Finds New Evidence for Water Ice at Mercury's Poles
  57. Common misconceptions thread
  58. Music (scientific/computer)
  59. Coolest Thing about the Human Body
  60. Hawaiian corals in peril
  61. Hubble captures cosmic "bullseye"
  62. Sir Patrick Moore
  63. Supreme Court to Consider Whether Patents on Genes Are Valid; Verdict post 30
  64. Human Biology, Diseases, Research, etc.
  65. The Ignorance of Mental Health...
  66. China to blow up 700 mountains to make new city
  67. How was the Grand Canyon formed? Not by the water of a lake flood release
  68. New state of matter?
  69. Source and Fate of Phosphorus in Everglades Wetland Ecosystems
  70. Did learning to fly give bats superimmunity?
  71. The science behind ice skating
  72. Neat new scientific advances
  73. Astronomers Find Possibly Livable Planet (12 Light Yrs from Earth, Tau Ceti)
  74. California ship traffic re-routed to protect whales
  75. New comet could outshine moon
  76. US regulators proposing installation of "black box" in all cars starting in 2014
  77. Agumented Reality TARDIS: bigger on the inside than the outside
  78. DARPA contract proposes robot ship to hunt subs
  79. History of the chicken "nugget"
  80. The Millennium Debate
  81. How much helium to make a man airborne?
  82. NYE Solar Max flare
  83. “Fat per se is not as bad as we thought.”
  84. FCC announces new guidelines for aircraft WiFi
  85. Jupiter got hit by asteroid in September
  86. Solar project approved in California central valley
  87. Astronaut bone loss, from flight surgeon's prospective
  88. PBS' NOVA series
  89. Absolute zero.. not so absolute?
  90. What global warming? Alaska heading towards ice age
  91. Navy working on sugar-fueled space robots
  92. What would Mars look like with water?
  93. Jet Noise Reduction Potential From Emerging Variable Cycle Technologies
  94. Apophis: Not going to hit us after all (Asteroid DA14)
  95. Alzheimer's disease news/notes
  96. Large quasar group, spanning 4 BILLION Light years, found
  97. Robot mimics protein builder
  98. Mt Everest in 3.8 bilion pixels
  99. NGC 6872 galaxy - five times larger than the Milky Way galaxy
  100. CJRC Maglev train unveiled
  101. Invisible Soldiers? Quantum Stealth material.
  102. Cloning Extinct Species
  103. Volcanology - volcanoes, erruptions, etc.
  104. Why doesn't everyone get the flu shot?
  105. OCD in pets
  106. Apes get iPads
  107. Is interstellar travel possible?
  108. Scientific Method Help
  109. Possible Cure for MS?
  110. Fluoride, harmful after all
  111. Famous cold case may be solved
  112. Evidence for Geomagnetic Imprinting as a Homing Mechanism in Pacific Salmon
  113. Belgium releasing chocolate-flavored postage stamps
  114. Macgyverisms
  115. Penguin poo from space!
  116. Earth From Space - PBS Nova episode
  117. {Alleged} Osprey interrupts MLB practice
  118. Feb 2013: Meteorite Explosion/Impact in Russia
  119. Bright object in sky over Northern California
  120. DIA using fox urine to deter attacking rabbits
  121. New whale species discovered
  122. ISS incommunicado
  123. Woman gives birth to two sets of identical twins on same day (4 boys)
  124. Telekenesis from tattoo
  125. Male rats more communicative (Foxp2 protein in brain)
  126. Asteroid early warning system being built
  127. Italy's Mt Etna putting on a show
  128. NASA'S Kepler Discovers its Smallest 'Habitable Zone' Planets to Date
  129. Coffee fungus could effect 25% of crop in Central America
  130. Winery to experiment by aging wine under water
  131. Bionic eye approved
  132. White House to commit $100 million to open access
  133. Male guppies hang out with ugly friends to impress females by contrast
  134. Orbital Sciences (NASA partner) test fires rocket, tests newest launch pad
  135. New device does better job "filtering" air
  136. Chemicals impacting British otter penis bones
  137. Lack of sleep messes with your genes
  138. Virus pushing parrots to edge of extinction
  139. Spinning black hole observed/measured
  140. Peru's Sabancaya region experiencing earth shaking events
  141. NOAA Coastal survey out to update maps post climate change
  142. Giant rats finding mines in Mozambique
  143. Bomb "sniffing" plants
  144. Two rats communicate brain-to-brain
  145. Birth of a planet
  146. Li-Fi emerging technology
  147. Prebiotic Molecules Found in Outer Space
  148. Mars could get it's own death comet
  149. Young lass cured of HIV
  150. Archaeology
  151. Concrete tent
  152. Glow in the dark corals may help with medical testing
  153. Viking "sun stone" (helping navigation) may really exist
  154. Asteroid 2013 ET set to "buzz" earth this weekend, within 600K miles
  155. 26.5 million cubic km of ice measured in Antarctic
  156. Ison
  157. NatGeo: Cheetahs on the brink
  158. 2011 Japanese earthquake "sensed" by GOCE satellite
  159. Does food taste the same in space?
  160. Biologists confirm Algae Fossils in Extraterrestrial Meteorite
  161. World's first solar powered plane (can fly day or night)
  162. Otter Arthritis? Try basketball?
  163. Should We Bring Extinct Species Back to Life?
  164. NASA sets Guiness World Record for largest Astronomy lesson @ SXSW
  165. Willing to die on Mars?
  166. Snail's teeth to better battery?
  167. Weather Podcast
  168. Cliff sparrows avoiding San Juan Capistrano?
  169. Voyager has left the building...
  170. Was Freud right?
  171. Better Heart Surgery
  172. Two-headed bull shark discovered
  173. NASA: Moon and asteroids share common history
  174. Tsunami Awareness week 2013
  175. 80 new species found in Papau New Guinea
  176. Want a real big diamond?
  177. Bald Eagle protects nest from Redtailed Hawk
  178. Alan Watts
  179. Function to transition between 2 points (gradually changing slope)
  180. California air pollution worse due to Gobi Desert dust storm
  181. Sharks are the new whales
  182. Nature: what plants talk about
  183. Winter "Spare the Air" days improving air quality
  184. 2011 Japanese tsunami debris, including fish
  185. NASA goin' asteroid hunting
  186. We Should Burn More Oil
  187. Want to live forever?
  188. Douglas Mawson - greatest survival story you've never heard
  189. The size of a man's junk does matter?
  190. NASA tapping zombie stars
  191. UCSC off to study animals that keep a beat - related to vocal mimicry?
  192. The Brain Scoop
  193. Serendipitous discovery of glowing millipedes on Alcatraz
  194. Australopithecus sediba reveals how human ancestor walked, chewed, and moved
  195. Did anyone see the Aurora last night?
  196. Rocket launching circa 2pm PT (5pm ET) 4/17
  197. Most Canadians have BPA in urine, lead traces in blood
  198. Stonehenge habited 5000 years earlier than thought
  199. 23 years of Hubble: new vision of Horsehead nebula
  200. Volcano's infrasound rumble helping monitor weather?
  201. Hospitals looking at copper to "kill" bacteria
  202. 30m telescope approved for Hawaii
  203. What happens if you wring out a soaked wash cloth in space?
  204. Migraine treatments targeting the wrong source?
  205. DNA test proves six-inch 'alien-like' creature is human
  206. Parasitic mind control
  207. Does air pollution make for better sunsets?
  208. Boa vs iguana
  209. New clues behind antimatter mystery found by LHC
  210. Did an earthquake destroy ancient Greece
  211. Improving computer "touch" sensitivity
  212. World's first braille smartphone ready for testing
  213. 2013 Eclipse guide
  214. NASA to study what disrupts radio waves
  215. NASA probe observes meteors colliding with Saturn's Rings
  216. 8 projectors, 3D animation, a little software and voila!
  217. Traveling to Mars in 30 days with a nuclear fusion rocket.
  218. Crystal structure of vaterite "solved" in a sea squirt
  219. Dinosaurs and humans trace roots to Africa
  220. Fish using sign language
  221. Tired of doing laundry?
  222. RIP Herschel Space Telecsope
  223. Sea ice brinicles
  224. New breathalyzer could detect illegal drugs (in addition to alcohol content)
  225. Best Science Jokes/Funny Quotes You've Ever Heard
  226. Space Shuttle launch -- from cameras located on rocket booster
  227. Maelstrom at Saturn's north pole
  228. Why is ~10% of population left handed?
  229. Extremely small movie!
  230. Kerbal Space Program (awesome rocketry game/simulator)
  231. Roman cemetery found under English parking lot
  232. How close are we to making a real "Iron Man" suit?
  233. Chew gum or clinch teeth or smell rosemary ... to improve memory
  234. Easier to "follow the money" with embedded RFID chips.
  235. Can't live without... bacteria
  236. Solar plane takes off on coast to coast flight
  237. Replace your lamps with plants?
  238. Interactive pajamas telling bedroom stories
  239. Twins born 87 days apart
  240. 12' (~4m) bee hive removed from Utah cabin
  241. Tired of moldy patio furniture?
  242. Why do shark embryos eat each other in utero?
  243. Obama's new executive order opens government data to machines
  244. Return to Experimental Lakes
  245. Oyster antacids for ocean indigestion?
  246. Archaeology: Byzantine mosaic found in Israel
  247. New York state mystery: a natural eternal flame (behind waterfall)
  248. Ice tsunamis are a thing, apparently
  249. Earth's rotating inner core shifts speeds
  250. Alligators inspire new way for people to regrow teeth