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  3. Biggest Dinosaur Ever Discovered - 130ft long, 65ft tall, 75 tons
  4. Recommend good history books
  5. Cassini photographs Titan's lakes and seas
  6. Official Earthquake Thread
  7. TED Talks: Celebrating failure
  8. Official US National mammal is....
  9. NASA's SOFIA detects oxygen on Mars
  10. NASA Kepler: 1284 new planets (and counting)
  11. Hyperloop test near Vegas successful
  12. Stanford study using Google Glass to help kids with Autism
  13. Gordie Howe and family leading stem cell research trial
  14. California town has been dealing with arsenic in water for decades
  15. Mars, Saturn, Jupiter in view from Earth May 2016
  16. Exposure to chemicals in car seats - mandated by "outdated" federal laws?
  17. China will test a 'straddle bus' that drives over cars
  18. Superbug found in a US woman for the first time
  19. Scientists Discover Early-Universe Galaxy 13 Billion Light Years Away
  20. NIH Experts Question Federal Study Linking Cellphones To Tumors
  21. New species of coral discovered in Farallones (off coast of Northern California/SF)
  22. 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season
  23. Is the Universe a simulation?
  24. 2016 Pacific Hurricane/Typhoon season
  25. Medical mystery?
  26. Four new element names announced
  27. Cooking, the scientific way
  28. CBD Oil, hoax or not?
  29. New insight into ancient proteins
  30. Giant Sequoias - adapt or die
  31. Blood relationship question
  32. Red snow may have an important role in melting glaciers
  33. Tiger Shark sonogram - congrats, you're pregnant!
  34. Economist suggests Bay Area "mega region"
  35. National Park officials using DNA to confirm guilty bears
  36. Meet the first family of fireworks
  37. Juno's scheduled rendezvous with Jupiter
  38. Exploring the space-time continuum in 2D photograph
  39. Changing ecology/wildlife preservation - preventing roadkill
  40. California's redwood forests fighting climate change
  41. Monarch butterfly population down, significantly
  42. Astronaut to test DNA sequencing device in space
  43. No El Niņo, but ocean temps rising, sea level rising
  44. "Dory" bred in captivity
  45. Tesla announces plans for solar powered cars
  46. Dark matter disappointment
  47. Supervolcanoes give about a year's warning before eruption
  48. Automakers unite to fight hacking
  49. Exploring the scientific world with more than just sight
  50. PLB to the rescue
  51. Water tunnel refutes aliens theory in Mayan temple
  52. Study: obesity 3x as deadly for men as women
  53. Ice Bucket Challenge funds lead to ALS discovery
  54. Study: Secondhand Marijuana Smoke Worse Than Cigarettes
  55. Tech companies team up to improve Olympic athletes' performance
  56. Skydiver jumps from 25,000 feet without deploying parachute (and lives)
  57. Scientists considering re-introducing Grizzly Bears in California
  58. SF luxury tower has sunk 16 inches, and tilted 2
  59. Flossing your teeth does not prevent cavities (as well as ADA thought)
  60. Millions of US homes could be destroyed with rising sea levels
  61. Next stop: The Moon
  62. Humpback whales saving other species from perdation by orca
  63. Want to live longer? Read a book
  64. Shark species lives 272+ years
  65. Photography state of the art
  66. California Pipevine Swallowtail coming back with replanting of food source
  67. Brain eating ameoba found in Grand Teton NP
  68. RIP Dr. D.A. Henderson (Team leader behind the eradication of smallpox)
  69. Yosemite from ISS
  70. Feds propose banning "swimming with dolphins" near coast of Hawaii
  71. World's most ancient race traced in DNA study
  72. By 2085, rising temperatures could mean San Francisco only venue for summer olympics
  73. Need power? Go fly a kite
  74. Colonel MacTavish in the garden with the bagpipe
  75. ET phoned home?
  76. The brain - does it work like you "think" it does?
  77. Bill Nye Saves The World
  78. 3.7 billion year old fossils -- oldest ever?
  79. FDA: No more antibacterial soaps
  80. There's (still) gold in them there hills
  81. Giant Panda is no longer Endangered
  82. 9 of 14 populations of Humpback whales off endangered list
  83. This Is The Number Of People Killed By 'Fearsome' Wolves
  84. General Climate Discussion
  85. Mystery of albino redwoods - solved?
  86. Ear drops to replace oral antibiotics for ear infections?
  87. High tech winery
  88. Hyperloop / Transpod
  89. Now your own computer can "spy" on you
  90. Should public funds be used for Space exploration?
  91. Leprosy found in elementary student
  92. Fan of astrology? Your sign may not be what you think it is
  93. Revolutionary Rx bottle gone
  94. Baby with DNA from 3 "parents" born
  95. Musk outlines plans to colonize Mars
  96. Bumblebee to endangered species list?
  97. Cleaning up the city by using psychology
  98. Northern Lights over Iceland
  99. Silicon Valley using robotics and AI to deliver pizzas
  100. First quadriplegic to undergo stem cell treatment can now use upper body
  101. New York Times: Contraceptives Tied to Depression Links
  102. Lewy Body Dementia, or LBD
  103. Endangered frog making comeback
  104. Rare tree frog species becomes extinct
  105. How humungous big is the universe?
  106. 175 tonnes jade stone found
  107. Were the Victorians healthier than us?
  108. Self balancing motorcycle = no feet on ground at stop
  109. Gonorrhea may become untreatable
  110. Breast cancer survivor develops urine test for detection
  111. Man nearly dies after eating ghost pepper that puts hole in esophagus
  112. Next up in autonomous "driving": replacing airplane co-pilot
  113. Male birth control works, but...
  114. November 14: Supermoon and King Tides
  115. Delivery robots hit the street
  116. Why do (sea)birds eat plastic?
  117. Wireless brain implants are helping paralyzed monkeys walk again
  118. Eat pizza? You're contributing to the green house effect
  119. Steamboat "disappears" into mud. Excavated 132 years later
  120. Recent Quantum Mechanics Research Says Time Travel Is Actually Possible
  121. The Great A.I. Awakening
  122. China's Elevated Bus: Doesn't Solve Traffic Problems - Makes Them Worse
  123. Woman uses app to find missing husband
  124. Aging is reversible?
  125. Why are we so possessive?
  126. The flu should not be confused with the winter bug.
  127. GOES16 weather satellite
  128. Autos: new tire tech - no more flats
  129. The real Pineapple Express
  130. Bombogenesis to hit California on Friday
  131. NASA to Host News Conference on Discovery Beyond Our Solar System | Wed. Feb 22 1PM
  132. Paper on risk of cell phone use ordered released
  133. Science Fairs
  134. Expanding Earth Theory
  135. Hair "DNA" now can be used for identification ala NCIS
  136. This Picture Has No Red Pixels - color constancy
  137. Manned Missions to the Moon
  138. Mt Etna errupting
  139. Malta's Azure Window collapses
  140. Superballistic flow
  141. Fluorescent frog found
  142. Naturally occuring asbestos dealt with during dam repairs
  143. Green is the color of death
  144. White dwarf orbiting blackhole at 12,600,000 km/h (8,000,000 mph)
  145. Danger plant: Gympie-Gympie
  146. The truth about trolls (study)
  147. LLL puts declassified nuclear test films on YT
  148. Why do we have crooked teeth? Evolution
  149. Dinosaur family tree gets major overhaul
  150. ACHOO: Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst Syndrome
  151. Police subject to cumulative PTSD
  152. "Immortal" stem cells allow for unlimited production of artifical blood
  153. Vantablack, like a black hole
  154. Study: NHL goalies improve play with (pump up) music
  155. Graphene seive makes fresh water from ocean, in lab
  156. Designers making smart phones addictive
  157. NASA's VIIRS now able to generate "night light" maps daily
  158. Glass shatters bullet
  159. Asteroid 2014 JO25 fly by
  160. Science in America - Neil deGrasse Tyson
  161. Cassini first craft to fly between Saturn and its rings
  162. Artificial wombs being tested (could help premmies)
  163. The Nuclear Option
  164. How AI is changing medicine
  165. The Origami Revolution
  166. The birthplace of mankind?
  167. Study: eating chocolate cake for breakfast good for mind, body
  168. New Fossils Push Back Human Evolution 100,000 Years
  169. NASA - Concept Mars Rover
  170. Countdown to Solar Eclipse in US
  171. VL, STO = no hook nor catapult
  172. Questions raised from Gobekli Tepe
  173. DNA Tests
  174. Study: just smelling food can make you fat
  175. Mind games
  176. Stop blowing out the candles on your birthday cake!
  177. Drones downed by raptors
  178. Study: Too much sleep leads to nightmares
  179. Why do dogs lick (you)?
  180. No Moscow Mule for you! Copper mugs can lead to food poisoning
  181. Memory Loss Caused By Alzheimer’s Could Be Reversible, Study Finds
  182. Study: Drinking beer leads to mental clarity
  183. Study: warming trend causing delays, flight schedule changes
  184. 2017 North Atlantic Hurricane Season (Active Storms: Hurricane Jose)
  185. Headline Luxor - new tomb found
  186. Why mosquitoes bite (poor beer drinkers)
  187. Why folks reject science
  188. How not to land a rocket