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  1. The Summer Off Topic Thread
  2. Sundin evaluation..
  3. Luongo and His Extension
  4. OT: BC Election & Referendum
  5. Mason Raymond 08-09 assessment
  6. Was Chicago that good or Vancouver that bad?
  7. 1st time in 9 years Luongo let in 7 goals?
  8. News Article: Smarter, Faster, Younger
  9. New demotivational poster
  10. Maybe you can't win without an elite 100 point forward?
  11. Cody Hodgson Professional Debut Friday. (FOR HODGSON TALK)
  12. News Article: Canucks must deal Luongo
  13. OT: street/floor hockey drop-in ?? (downtown/van city area)
  14. Was the layoff between St Louis and Chicago to blame?
  15. bieksa or edler?
  16. OT: Rumour: Pacers to Vancouver
  17. GDT: Gillis/Vigneault End of Year Press Conference - 3:30PM -
  18. I wish I could express how much that hurt!
  19. Obit. on Nonis
  20. News Article: The Five Stages of Grief
  21. Latest StraightJAB: (L... EWWWWWW)
  22. Canucks Fastest Skaters
  23. Did The Canucks Spoil The One Chance They Had?
  24. OT: Best haircut in Vancouver?
  25. Steve Bernier Re-Signs - $4 million Over 2 Years
  26. Naslund hangs up the skates
  27. OT: Goat! Canucks Goat!
  28. Assessing Gillis
  29. Kyle Wellwood - Yay or Nay?
  30. Canuck RFA's
  31. Trade Demitra
  32. Michael Buble: Canucks were out-coached
  33. Moose Update For Week Of 05/10/09 - 05/16/09
  34. Will the Sedins be playing in Vancouver next season?
  35. OT: THN Draft Preview
  36. HF Boards Mod Mock NHL Draft! (Your chance to help)
  37. Luongo for 1st overall pick?
  38. Rumour: Neidermayers wants to play in Vancouver next year.
  39. OT: Copart
  40. Potential Canucks and not
  41. OT: Hossa
  42. RIP: Clint Smith dies at 95
  43. Would you do this trade? (2-part question)
  44. OT: Letang and Bourdon article
  45. News Article: Cody Hodgson named CHL's Player of the Year
  46. What if Luongo doesn't sign an extension?
  47. Moose Update For Week Of 05/17/09 - 05/23/09
  48. Would the Canucks take this player off waivers?
  49. If Luongo re-signs
  50. OT: Need keeper league owners
  51. OT: Hey Johnny (Question about Korea)
  52. Offer sheets this summer (RFA's)
  53. Re-thinking McIver for Brown
  54. OT: Vinny Lecavalier?
  55. RIP Peter Zezel
  56. Luc Bourdon charities
  57. matt cooke
  58. Canucks 2004 draft evaluation
  59. What are you more interested in?
  60. Canucks 2004 Draft Evaluation
  62. Ohlund wants a new challenge
  63. Gaborik sighting | Update: Gaborik has bought a house in Vancouver (Botchford)
  64. TSN: Rypien re-signed to two year deal
  65. Nied's Theory
  66. Genius Cap Idea
  67. Who wears the A next year?
  68. Question of value
  69. 2009 Off-Season Thread 2 - All Proposed Line-Ups Here!
  70. RIP Luc Bourdon: 1987-2008
  71. What did we learn from the Chicago series?
  72. Moose Update For The Week Of 05/24/09 - 05/30/09
  73. Hossa, Gaborik or Sundin
  74. Around The League (12)
  75. News Article: Expressen: Sedins ask for $63 million over 12 years each - Sedin Contract Talks Here
  76. OT: What movies are you going to watch this year?
  77. Deadline to sign 2007 draftees now passed
  78. OTish(?) Plans for possible new Hamilton team to play in the NW division
  79. Really OT: Canadian Contributions
  80. miles zaharko
  81. Will the Sedins be back ?
  82. Canucks Used Equipment Sale - June 6th
  83. Nothing but sound of silence between Sedins and Canucks
  84. Grabner & Hodgson OR Sundin & Demitra
  85. If Canucks cant get a number no 1 d-man.
  86. Question about tampering with pending Free Agents
  87. Demitra...a true leader of the pack
  88. How many points for chemistry?
  89. OT: Second Toronto team?
  90. 25 minutes until you can buy more olympic tickets!
  91. Moose Update For The Week Of 05/31/09 - 06/06/09
  92. Which draft was Nonis' worst?
  93. Questions for Mike Gillis
  94. Mike Gillis
  95. OT: Hockey trivia help!
  96. The Curious Case of the Canucks Goaltending.
  97. OTish - Dany Heatley wants out...
  98. Moose Thread IV
  99. Canucks should look at Justin Pogge
  100. Sign the Twins!!
  101. Prospect Info: Official - Canucks Agree in Principle on Deal with Sergei Shirokov
  102. OT: Know where I can buy a nose bra for an '01 Prelude?
  103. OT: Play On! Street Hockey Tourney
  104. OT: Team 1040 Announces Summertime Lineup Changes
  105. What will Kesler re-sign for this summer?
  106. Who do you think will win tomorrow, Detroit Vs Pittsburgh?
  107. OT: The Score: Chris Pronger Traded to LA for Jack Johnson and the 5th Overall Pick
  108. What's Going to Happen to the Salary Cap in 2010/11?
  109. OT: Congrats Matt Cooke!
  110. OT: Volunteering for the 2010 Olympics
  111. GM Place Expansion
  112. Do we own the 23rd or 24th pick now??
  113. OT: Chelsea @ Sounders FC Tickets
  114. sergei shirokov signing
  115. Moose Update For Week Of 06/07/09 - 06/13/09
  116. Rumor: Canucks close to re-signing Wellwood
  117. Proposal: Jeff Carter for????
  118. Letang Dedicates Cup Win to Luc Bourdon
  119. Sedins: at what $$ does Gillis say bye-bye?
  120. What would it cost us to get the 1st or 2nd overall pick?
  121. Re-Signing Player
  122. UFA's I would like to see be Canucks
  123. Luongo: over paid or not? Comparison to other goalies
  124. Who to pick at #22
  125. OT: John Tavares
  126. OT: Burke Is At It Again
  127. Give the Canucks season a letter grade. Give your reasons.
  128. On this day in Canucks History
  129. Sedin Contract Talk Thread II
  130. Take out the Sedins, Sundin, Ohlund and..
  131. News Article: Roberto Luongo wins NHL fan favourite award
  132. Roberto Luongo wins Fan Favourite award
  133. News Article: Canucks Sign Matt Pope
  134. OT: Rec hockey on the island!
  135. Calgary in talks to host an outdoor game
  136. OT: Free orange julius day
  137. Canucks 2009 draft preview
  138. Plan B
  139. OT: Happy Father's Day!
  140. Sundin Says: No Olympics!
  141. Steve Montador.
  142. when will the sedins sign a contract
  143. Official Draft Thread II - All Draft Talk Here
  144. OT: Comrie diagnosed with the Wellwood Syndrome
  145. Trading Sedins...
  146. Canucks UFA's
  147. Hey nucks fans, little help please
  148. Canucks Franchise History - Freudian Slip?
  149. A Word of Warning - Everyone Please Read
  150. proposal:tb/van
  151. News Article: Heatley has Vancouver on his list.
  152. What if....
  153. Which direction would you prefer the Canucks to go?
  154. Luongo Not Ready to Talk Extension
  155. OT: Relocation to Vancouver
  156. Team 1040: Mike Gillis to move up in draft in order to select Ellis?
  157. OT - Stuck in Calgary
  158. Salary Cap: So what happens if the Cap does drop significantly? A look at the competition
  159. JayBo to Vancouver?
  160. Gillis on NHL Live now
  161. Dreger - Canucks interested in 2nd pick
  162. Canucks Rumor Central
  163. Vancouver Finally Becoming A Desirable Destination?
  164. OT: Micheal Jackson rushed to hospital *Confirmed Death*
  165. Speculation: Luongo agrees to extension according to radio report
  166. GDT: Draft Day - Prepare To Be Disappointed
  167. News Article: CKAC: Luongo will sign a long term deal in the next few days.
  168. News Article: Not One Offer Yet For Heatley
  169. News Article: Cap goes up by 100 grand
  170. Great article From Ryan Walter about 7 qualities of successful players
  171. OT: Blake Price
  172. First Round Pick: The Canucks Draft Jordan Schroeder
  173. GDT: Draft Day 2: Canucks Pick......
  174. How long before Schroeder leaves NCAA?
  175. Second Round Pick: Canucks Select Anton Rodin
  176. Bouwmeester to CGY
  177. Third Round Pick: Canucks Select Kevin Connauton
  178. Fourth Round Pick: Canucks Select Jeremy Price
  179. Fifth Round Pick: Canucks Select Peter Andersson
  180. Sixth Round Pick: Canucks Select Joe Cannata
  181. Seventh Round Pick: Canucks Select Steven Anthony
  182. Some draft Notes
  183. OT: Facebook avatars
  184. How happy are you with the picks as of today?
  185. What would you rather have: the twins or .....
  186. OT: 2009 RFA's
  187. your new top 15
  188. OT: Billy Mays is Dead
  189. Size Matters
  190. Next Deadline - Qualifying Offers to RFA's
  191. Sedin Contract Thread III - The Final Countdown
  192. Niedermayer Signs With Ducks
  193. OT: Best Place to Buy a BBQ?
  194. College Players
  195. OT: Put yourself in Stevie Y's shoes - Be Team Canada's GM
  196. News Article: Sedins still hopeful for deal. If not ....
  197. Free Agent Signings from Around the League
  198. OT: Put yourself in Burkies shoes - build your USA Olympic roster
  199. the Sedin's or Hossa-Demitra-Gaborik
  200. Bertuzzi yes or no.
  201. News Article: Ryan Kesler invited to Team USA Olympic camp
  202. Mackenzie saying sedin deal done - Now Denied
  203. OT: J-Bo 5 Years With Flames
  204. Inside Hockey 2009 Canucks Draft Review
  205. OT: Richmond Olympic Oval
  206. Possible Tampering by Leafs re Sedins? Update: Formally accused, UH OH SPAGHETTIOS
  207. OT:Heatley traded to Oilers | Update: Heatley hasn't refused, just hasn't decided
  208. [Sportsnet] - Sundin to Retire... Maybe...
  209. OT: Welcome Hedberg - Your Newest Moderator Overlord
  210. Eklund: Ohlunds rights for Komisareks rights
  211. News Article: Gaborik to Rangers - 5 years @ 7.5 million
  212. Hossa Talking w/ Vancouver???
  213. GDT: July 1, 2009 - Free Agency
  214. News Article: TSN: Sedin deal done, 5 years, 6.1 each per year
  215. OT: Eklund's "Success" Ratio
  216. Will the Sedins' become the all-time highest scoring Canucks? (nt)
  217. News Article: Ohlund signs in Tampa Bay - 7 Year Deal @ $3.5 million/year
  218. Do you like the Sedin contract?
  219. Canucks sign Aaron Rome
  220. Is this the year...............
  221. What do the Canucks need now?
  222. Kyle Wellwood
  223. News Article: Labarbera signs with Phoenix
  224. The Sedins top 10 in league at even strength
  225. Canucks signed Aaron Rome
  226. Pyatt?
  227. Canuck current cap status
  228. Do you like Gillis' work on july 1st?
  229. Free agent day thoughts (please read the whole thing)
  230. Brian Burke flew to Sweden to meet with the Twins..?
  231. GDT: Free Agency- Post July 1st
  232. Which puck-moving D-man could we realistically target now?
  233. Nikolai Antropov
  234. 27 or 7 = Bogus
  235. News Article: Canucks sign Baumgartner, Nycholat, Pope
  236. Should Vancouver Revisit Heatley?
  237. Jagr Is In Vancouver
  238. Saku Koivu
  239. Sakic Or Sundin
  240. Gillis on Team 1040 this Morning
  241. Rookie GM Mistake - Nearly Costs the Sedins?
  242. Afinoginov,Tanguay or P.Sykora
  243. Aaron Rome Appreciation Thread
  244. Kovalev?
  245. My important opinion on Nonis vs Gillis
  246. Bouwmeester - Ohlund Snafu
  247. News Article: Canucks sign UFA Tanner Glass
  248. Remember this?
  249. News Article: Canucks interested in Peter Sykora
  250. Brian Burke approaches you, Mike Gillis...