International Tournaments

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  1. US has more players in NHL than Russia, Sweden, Finland combined
  2. What will be Toews' number?
  3. Who's going to Vancouver: Tickets, Accomodations and Plans
  4. Olympics: Russia will send 29 players to Vancouver, final roster announced on Feb. 15
  5. Mårts to replace Gustafsson as Tre Kronor boss next season
  6. Olympics: Roenick to be part of broadcast crew for NBC
  7. "Hockey Powers" TV show
  8. Triple Gold Club
  9. Eugene Melnyk on the Olympics
  10. How many Olympians actually live in their Country
  11. Tsn Whc Broadcast Schedule
  12. Tim Connolly/W.H.C.
  13. Olympics: Squads without NHLers
  14. CTV's Theme Song for the 2010 Games
  15. Olympics: Team Canada PART 2
  16. Olympics: Favourite Moment in the 2002 Olympic Gold Medal Game
  17. Olympics: Which country has the most lethal PP?
  18. Team USA Player T-Shirts
  19. 2010 USA Hockey Avatars
  20. Team Canada Half-Leaf Avatars
  21. Canada T-Shirt (Toews)
  22. Sidney Crosby Canada Tim Hortons Commercial
  23. Choose 1 from another national team
  24. Olympics: 2010 Team USA Avatars [Full Roster] (D Replacements added.)
  25. Canadian Men's Hockey Players eligible for Medal Cash
  26. Potential International Record for Seidenberg?
  27. Thoughts on the Canadian/Russian teams from a Russian commentator
  28. Zubov lashes at Bykov and Co
  29. USA depth? A look at 2nd, 3rd, 4th squads
  30. Olympics: Brenden Morrow?
  31. Olympics: Team Canada: Why will Doughty not be in the Top 6?
  32. Olympics: Rating Canadian D
  33. Olympics: Standings before the quarters
  34. Olympics: Dave Zirin's article on the Games
  35. Television schedule for non-USA games?
  36. Olympics: Toughest Group 2010?
  37. Olympics: Ryan Miller's Olympic Mask
  38. 2006 Olympic box scores?
  39. Did Canada make a mistake leaving Lecavalier off?
  40. Evgeni Nabokov's Olympic Goalie Mask
  41. Olympics: Why Pronger should not be on Team Canada...
  42. 3 Concerns for Team Canada
  43. CANADA ROCKS! (Song & VIDEO)
  44. What's to stop countries from changing rosters?
  45. Olympics: Team lines predictions
  46. Who should replace Martin, Komisarek?
  47. The best "best-on-best" format
  48. Olympics: Where will they practice?
  49. Anyone know the schedule yet?
  50. Evgeni Malkin Team Russia T-shirt Question
  51. Russia locker room 2008
  52. Olympics: Commercial on Sportsnet RE: Lineups
  53. What if Quebec can have its national team - who will be there?
  54. Will Selänne become all-time leader in points?
  55. The Olympic Goodies Thread
  56. Hockey Powers
  57. Team Canada Lineup (merged)
  58. what will your team look like in 2014?
  59. Olympics: Leafs will not allow injured Grabovski to play in the Olympics
  60. Olympics: Semi-OT What it costs to be an Olympian
  61. Olympics: Has Jonathan Quick surpassed Tim Thomas as team USA number 2?
  62. Watching the Ice Hockey Down Under
  63. Olympics: Olympic injury-tracker
  64. Olympics: Players by leagues?
  65. Who did the schedule for the Olympics??
  66. Olympics: UPDATE: USA Hockey D replacements - Whitney and Gleason
  67. "Hockey Powers"
  68. Olympics: What if Crosby and Malkin fight in the Olympic final?
  69. Olympics: Best Olympic Commercials
  70. Olympics: Jack Johnson to march in Opening Ceremony
  71. Australians tell the IOC to **** off re: no trademarks
  72. Olympics: 2010 Team Russia Avatars
  73. Olympics: Marty St. Louis: I'm still baffled...
  74. The Biggest Showdown: Finland/Sweden vs. Canada/Russia
  75. Men's hockey MSM medal predictions
  76. Team Canada Gold Medal Game
  77. WJC: Drafted by WHL Tigers/Went to College
  78. Team Sweden's Advantage
  79. WC: Early 2010 World Championship Talk: Coaches/Rosters
  80. Clutch Players
  81. Olympics: Olympics: On Home Ice (It's on air...finally)
  82. Niedermayer, Iginla, Pronger, Bergeron, Brodeur, Morrow, (Heatley, Thornton).....
  83. Tomas Vokoun's Czech Mask
  84. Team Sweden's Chances?
  85. Olympics: USA Lines
  86. Olympics: Team Finland Avatars 2010
  87. Olympics: Who is hot and who is not heading into Olympics?
  88. 2010 Olympic hockey DVR watchers -- NO SPOILERS
  89. so let me get this strait...
  90. Team Sweden Avatars?
  91. Russian team lines
  92. Olympics: Don't sleep on ...(MOD: Mikku Koivu)
  93. Olympics: Gold Medal Game (TV related)
  94. Olympics: Jonathan Quick's Olympic Mask
  95. Olympics: If your team is eliminated, who will you root for?
  96. Olympics: Hype for the Olympics outside of North America?
  97. Expected Medals For Your Country
  98. Olympics: Poll for Canadians: Hockey gold or Lots of Medals
  99. Media Coverage
  100. Olympics: Everything Canada (merged)
  101. Olympics: Pre-Olympic IIHF Team Rankings
  102. Will ANY of the Olympic Hockey Games Be Televised on NBC?
  103. Who Would Win Canada 2002 vs Canada 2010?
  104. Olympics: Olympic broadcast schedule in Canada?
  105. The official Song for the IIHF WC 2010 in Germany
  106. Olympics: Ceremony: No NHLers?
  107. Switzerland vs Belarus Exhibition
  108. Olympics: 2010 Team Germany Avatars [Template Included] (Requests Only!)
  109. Anyone Have the 1980 USA - Soviet Game on DVD?
  110. Olympics: Injuries and Roster Replacements: All Teams
  111. Marian Gaborik injured?
  112. Australians Unite! All Aussie Talk.
  113. Olympics: Tim Thomas' Olympic Mask
  114. Olympics: Players you can't stand but will cheer for in the Olympics
  115. Olympics: All the team jerseys
  116. Olympics: Should a player lay out his NHL teammate?
  117. Any Predictions?
  118. Who will lead the 2010 Olympics in Point Scoring?
  119. Jaromir Jagr will carry Czech flag at Olympic opening ceremony
  120. Who should be the final torchbearer?
  121. Olympic Starters
  122. Olympics: Zach Parise injured
  123. Help Please - Olympic Injuries
  124. Trend: Ziggy Palffy carrying flag for Slovakia
  125. Mr. Forsberg
  126. Need help making an Olympic hockey pool for my students
  127. CTV acronym
  128. Ilya Bryzgalov's Chances at being Russia's Starter?
  129. Olympics: Alexei Morozov will carry Russian flag at the Olympics opening ceremony
  130. Who will carry Sweden's flag?
  131. Olympics: Pick the Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners
  132. NBC not showing USA vs. Canada
  133. Olympics: Streaming games in Canada
  134. Olympics: OPENING CEREMONY will be AMAZING!!
  135. If Olympics matchups were series based...
  136. Preliminary Round.
  137. Streaming Online in US
  138. Another Evgeni Malkin Team Russia "Name And Number" Tshirt Question
  139. Don't hide your head behind the dog..Sweden still the best looking team
  140. Olympics: Who should Light the Cauldron at the Olympics
  141. Miroslav Satan hurt
  142. Olympic TV Schedule
  143. Olympics: Mickey Redmond is an IDIOT!
  144. Predictions
  145. Forsberg to carry flag for Sweden
  146. Online streaming outside North America
  147. A Message to the Protestors:
  148. Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili dies in accident
  149. Olympics: PreGame for Ice Hockey
  150. Olympic hockey tix trump the Super Bowl
  151. Commentators
  152. On a selfish note...
  153. Olympics: OPENING CEREMONY will be amazin (Continued)
  154. Olympics: OPENING CEREMONY will be AMAZING!! Part Three
  155. Opening Ceremony - links to video of individual performances?
  156. Canadian TV Complete Schedule?
  157. Olympic hockey on US TV
  158. Olympics: NBC completely blew the coverage of the artistic portion
  159. Team Canada
  160. Olympics: Official "NBC is messing up the Olympics" thread
  161. Sweden's lines will be selected by drawing lots
  162. If your team can't win, who do you root for?
  163. Olympics: Streams
  164. Gold Medal Game at 10pm Eastern time?
  165. Will we see the greatest hockey ever?
  166. No ice hockey art in the Opening Ceremony?
  167. TSN/CTV Hockey Broadcasting Schedule
  168. Torch Relay Pictures
  169. Olympics: The Non-Hockey Thread (part 1)
  170. Olympics: Blood, Sweat and Cookies
  171. Gretzky on the back of a pickup carrying the torch with people running alongside him
  172. Olympics: Women's Tournament
  173. Canadian anthem, a total joke
  174. Olympics: Markov injured
  175. ESPN Rick Reilly trashes Canadians
  176. Olympics: Pronger's partner: Boyle or Doughty?
  177. Who will be the best non-NHLer in the Olympics?
  178. Olympics: Visor rule? / Other rules (merged)
  179. Still Confident With Martin Brodeur?
  180. Olympics: Who is (should be) starting in net for Finland?
  181. Jennifer Heil gets robbed..
  182. Hossa leaves game
  183. Olympics: CBC After Hours -- Lowe & Olympic talk
  184. Olympic (Non-Hockey) ALL TALK GOES HERE!
  185. Olympics: Hockey - Womens
  186. Canadian Women win 18-nothing
  187. USA is fortunate to have Jack Johnson right now
  188. Should under-18 hockey be introduced as an Olympic sport?
  189. Who is the worst player on Team Canada?
  190. Olympics: Complete Ice Hockey Tournament Schedule
  191. GDT: Women's Hockey - China-USA
  192. Has there ever.....(WJC and Olympic question)
  193. Olympics: Team Canada Forwards in 4 years
  194. Build your international team from players not going to OG
  195. Olympics: 2014 Mens Olympic Roster Projections
  196. Olympics: 2014 - U.S. Roster Discussion
  197. Olympics: How much would you pay for Ovechkins tears?
  198. Olympics: 2014 — Russia Roster Discussion
  199. Andrei Markov: 'I come here to play'
  200. Hockey Powers
  201. The Simpsons zing Canadians about Team Canada hockey
  202. Olympics: X's and O's of each team
  203. Olympic Hockey Pool (No Draft)
  204. Anyone here cheering for....
  205. Franzen to replace holmstrom on Team Sweden
  206. Olympics: Hiller's new mask!
  207. Jonas Gustavsson's Olympic mask
  208. predicts Olympic outcome
  209. What time is the Directorate meeting when the final rosters are set?
  210. Why can't I buy authentic OLYMPIC JERSEYS?
  211. Canada Team LineUp
  212. Olympic Hockey TV Ratings
  213. Olympics: 1980 US-USSR Olympic Game
  214. No taxi squad => ??
  215. Semin went for a joyride
  216. Olympic Stream sites
  217. Who Has The Best Olympic Mask?
  218. Olympics: Russians served with food "impossible to eat" worse than McDonalds
  219. Olympics: Getzlaf Officially In. Carter Not Needed.
  220. NHL Center Ice - Olympics?
  221. Hossa & Gaborik
  222. If Czechoslovakia was still a country...
  223. Olympics: 2014 - Canada Roster Discussion (Part II)
  224. Olympics: DGB: Olympic Welcome Video
  225. So, how do I watch hockey on TV again?
  226. Pretend you're a bookie: Who is the odds favorite to win Gold?
  227. Team Canada Avatars?
  228. Team Russia Lines
  229. Olympics: If not your own country then who?
  230. Olympics: Ok, we know who the top two favorites are, but who is three?
  231. USA-Switzerland
  232. If you have DirecTv then...
  233. GDT: Women's - Canada vs. Switzerland
  234. Would a Minnesota High School Ice Hockey Team beat Women's Team Canada?
  235. Olympics: Mike Emrick
  236. What about a HOT female hockey player thread?
  237. Olympics: Announcers for men's tournament?
  238. Olympics: Excellent TV tonight – NHL Network airing each country's Hockey documentary
  239. Practice Lines
  240. Olympics:'s medal predictions
  241. Don Cherry
  242. Olympics: The Goaltending
  243. I need 1 Canada-US ticket
  244. Predict the scores - Day 1 Tuesday
  245. are we missing the start of canada/norway??
  246. I have set up a Fantasy Olympic Hockey Pick-um Tourney
  247. Official Starting Goalies?
  248. Canada Hockey House--Feb. 20 Fan Zone Passes?
  249. Olympic practice schedule?
  250. Should Miller start them all for USA?