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  2. Allsvenskan: Malmö Redhawks Thread
  3. Other: Official Player Inquiry Thread
  4. Lucas Wallmark
  5. Andreas Holmqvist, Andreas Falk and Daniel Tjärnqvist - Swedish Trio in Cologne [DEL]
  6. Player Discussion: Fire Per Mårts from NT!
  7. Off the Radar: Norlov could generate NHL interest with continued strong offensive sho
  8. Jerringpriset
  9. 2013 WJC Preview: Injury, illness hinder Sweden's chances of golden repeat
  10. 1994 gold vs. 2006 gold
  11. Player salaries
  12. Johan Davidsson
  13. Division 1: Any fans?
  14. Video: 2013 World Junior Championship: Elias Lindholm, Sweden
  15. Video: 2013 World Junior Championship - Filip Forsberg and Tom Nilsson, Sweden
  16. Video: 2013 World Junior Championship - Emil Molin and Robert Hagg, Sweden
  17. Video: 2013 World Junior Championship - Jacob de la Rose, Sweden
  18. Player Discussion: WJC Squad 2013-14?
  19. Video: 2013 World Junior Championship - Viktor Arvidsson, Sweden
  20. Video: 2013 World Junior Championship - Alexander Wennberg, Sweden
  21. Help me choose a team
  22. Team Sweden in WC in Stockholm and Helsinki 2013
  23. Player Discussion: Scouting report requested for Bud Holloway
  24. 2013 WJC Review: Sweden brings home silver after return to gold medal game
  25. NHL: ViaPlay
  26. Player Discussion: Oddset Hockey Games
  27. Ice Hockey in Gothenburg
  28. Swedish forwards development
  29. Sami Pahlsson
  30. Karlsson injured (UPD: he's back)
  31. Development in Sweden, U.S. has made Olfosson a well-rounded prospect
  32. 97/98 NHL Swedes vs 2013
  33. Other: Millencolin (music)
  34. Beyond Tomorrow: MacInnis impressing with hard work
  35. Off the Radar: Arvidsson hoping to build off of strong WJC showing
  36. Player Discussion: U-18 WJC Roster (18-28 april, Sochi)
  37. Olympics: Soderberg Coming to NHL
  38. U16 SM Playoffs
  39. Forsberg isn't the only swedish player on a postage stamp anymore
  40. Kvalserien 2013
  41. NHL: Official invite to become Senators Fan
  42. 14 teams..?
  43. NHL: Goaltending: Are we up for the fight with Finland?
  44. 2013-14 Swedish Hockey Transactions
  45. Other: U15 Marscupen
  46. New J18 players 2013-14
  47. Sebastian Mannberg
  48. 2013 U18 WJC Preview: Sweden should again be a medal contender
  49. 2013 U18 WJC Video: Leon Bristedt, Sweden
  50. 2013 U18 WJC Video: William Nylander, Sweden
  51. Championship celebrations, from the inside (video)
  52. 2013 U18 WJC Video: Andre Burakovsky, Sweden
  53. NHL: Swedes in the NHL playoffs
  54. play junior in Sweden or USA ?
  55. New NHL agreement
  56. Minor hockey in Sweden
  57. Reforming Elitserien into the Swedish Hockey League
  58. Other: Russin Camp 1 & 2
  59. Historical question
  60. How do you guys rank the swedes in this years draft?
  61. Soberg hoping to become second NHL draftee in family
  62. Video: 2013 NHL Combine - Elias Lindholm, Sweden
  63. Team Sweden - Olympics 2014
  64. SHL: Elitserien becomes Swedish Hockey League
  65. WC 2012/2013: a financial fiasco for SIHF
  66. Czech prospect Vrana adapting well to Swedish hockey
  67. Norwegian defender Norstebo making his mark in Sweden
  68. U20 Junior evaluation camp, lake placid
  69. Lindholm, Wennberg top another solid Swedish NHL Draft crop
  70. What Jokerit joing the KHL means for Sweden.
  71. Nordic League?
  72. Ivan Hlinka roster released
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  75. Player Discussion: Jacob De La Rose
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  77. Beyond Tomorrow: The Class of 2014
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  83. Sweden 2013 draft review
  84. Swedish Junior Leagues 2013/14
  85. Player Discussion: Oscar Sundqvist
  86. We need more Sweden vs Finland hockey
  87. Revival of Swedish Youth Hockey Program
  88. Leif boork new tre kronor assistant coach
  89. 2013 Ivan Hlinka: Swiss forward Fiala honing his game in Sweden
  90. TV-Pucken 2013
  91. Kempe following in footsteps of family members on path to NHL career
  92. WJC U20 2014 Sweden Roster
  93. Canadian-born Nylander honing his craft over in Sweden
  94. Färjestad vs AHL All-Stars
  95. Other: Help with SHL website
  96. SHL: 2013-14 General SHL Discussion
  97. Allsvenskan: 2013/14 General Discussion
  98. NHL: Rookies and predictions
  99. Order from NHL shop to Sweden
  100. Player Discussion: Andreas Johnson
  101. Is Allsvenskan 100% professional league or semi pro?
  102. hockey roadtrip
  103. Backman
  104. Swedish players born 1998/99
  105. NA coaches in Sweden?
  106. WJC U20 2015 Sweden Roster
  107. Olympics: Enstrom's decision
  108. Olympics: Carl Hagelin
  109. New J18 players 2014-15
  110. Sweden’s Fall proving as fruitful as ever for NHL prospects with eye on the 2014 WJC
  111. The most popular in Sweden
  112. Team Sweden Depth Chart
  113. Why are Sweden and Finland superior to Norway in hockey?
  114. WJC U18 Sweden roster
  115. U16 Elite Camp
  116. U17 Elite Camp
  117. Otters' Dansk feeling comfortable in his home away from home
  118. Player Discussion: Anton Rodin
  119. Patrik Hersley
  120. SHL matches videos
  121. The North American View
  122. Pastrnak making his mark in Sweden's Allsvenskan
  123. SHL: Expressen: SHL's considering new format (NHL style)
  124. The 2010 draft
  125. World U17 Challenge
  126. Would you like to see your favorite Swedish team in the KHL?
  127. 2014 WJC Preview: For Sweden, nothing less than gold will suffice
  128. 2014 WJC Video: Andre Burakovsky, Sweden
  129. 2014 WJC Video: Elias Lindholm, Sweden
  130. 2014 WJC Video: Gustav Olofsson, Sweden
  131. 2014 WJC Video: Nick Sorensen, Sweden
  132. 2014 WJC Video: Andreas Johnson, Sweden
  133. 2014 WJC Video: Jacob de la Rose, Sweden
  134. 2014 WJC Podcast: Balanced Sweden looking to knock off upstart Slovakia squad
  135. 2014 WJC Video: Linus Arnesson and Erik Karlsson, Sweden
  136. 2014 WJC Video: Sebastian Collberg, Sweden
  137. 2014 WJC Video: Oscar Dansk, Sweden
  138. Top prospects in SHL
  139. 2014 WJC Podcast: Wrap-up of the semi-final games
  140. 2014 WJC Podcast: Sweden attempts perfect run to gold in final against Finland
  141. All-time Team Västernorrland
  142. U16, U17 - Where's Småland?
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  144. Olympics: Franzen out, who's in?
  145. Olympics: OT: Sweden at the Olympics
  146. Predictions for Kvalserien?
  147. SHL News in English?
  148. Allsvenskan: Redhawks looking to leave Malmö Arena
  149. 2014 WJC Review: Sweden settles for silver after disappointing OT loss
  150. Viasat olympics hockey coverage
  151. Active Swedish hockey player that has bigger presence than Ibrahimovic in Sweden?
  152. Next best of the best tournament for Tre Kronor.
  153. Why did Forsberg have so many PIMs for Modo?
  154. Swiss players in Sweden
  155. 2014 NHL draft
  156. Vice President of Färjestad wants to make SHL a "closed league"
  157. U18 wc -2014
  158. Player Discussion: Tommy Söderström goalie of the olden days
  159. Ullmark top goaltending prospect playing in Sweden
  160. SHL Website
  161. Is Lill-Strimma the best Swedish D-man in history?
  162. Olympics 2018
  163. 2014 wc
  164. Marscupen 2014
  165. Gabriel Landeskog
  166. Worse age groups upcoming?
  167. Swedish Junior Silly Season (2014/2015)
  168. 2014 U18 WJC Preview: Sweden looking to medal after disappointing showing in 2013
  169. 2014 U18 Video: Adrian Kempe, Sweden
  170. 2014 U18 Video: Marcus Pettersson, Sweden
  171. 2014 U18 Video: Adam Ollas Mattsson, Sweden
  172. 2014 U18 Video: Gustav Forsling, Sweden
  173. 2014 U18 Video: Jakub Vrana, Czech Republic
  174. 2014 U18 Video: William Nylander, Sweden
  175. 2014 U18 Video: Kevin Fiala, Switzerland
  176. 2014 U18 Video: David Pastrnak, Czech Republic
  177. SHL: 2014-15 SHL General Discussion
  178. Off the Radar: Five overlooked prospects for the 2014 NHL Draft
  179. Wennberg tops a strong group of forward prospects playing in Sweden
  180. ISS Draft Rankings: Reinhart, Ekblad tighten hold on top slots
  181. Question regarding Adrian Kempe
  182. Eager Lindholm developing nicely under tutelage of Ducks' Niedermayer
  183. Mårts is overrated as a coach
  184. Player Discussion: Johan Alm - Signed by Nashville
  185. 2015 WJC - Toronto/Montreal
  186. Happy 6 june everyone!
  187. Player Discussion: Niclas Bergfors - What happened?
  188. Klingberg, Hagg tops among defensive prospects that competed in Sweden in 2013-14
  189. 2014 NHL Combine: William Nylander, MODO
  190. 2014 Ivan Hlinka
  191. 2014 NHL Draft Preview: Nylander tops Swedish draft class with European flavor
  192. 2014 NHL Draft: Kapanen, Nylander form European contingent with NHL bloodlines
  193. Filip Rydstrom??
  194. TV-pucken 2014
  195. New J18 players 2015-16
  196. SEL tickets
  197. 2014 NHL Draft: Sweden draft review
  198. Hockeyettan 14/15
  199. Wallmark enjoying the journey to an NHL career
  200. The Champions Hockey League
  201. Swedish Junior Leagues 2014/15
  202. Swedish Depth Chart 2014-15
  203. Andreas Johnson
  204. SHL: Who will be the best foreigners signing this season?
  205. Allsvenskan: Hockeyallsvenskan 14/15
  206. Father's NHL experience helps Leafs' Nylander get a jump on pro career
  207. Other: Swedish import question
  208. Team Sweden - Euro Hockey Tour Players
  209. 2014-15 SHL Preview, Part 1: HV71 looks to move back up in the standings
  210. 2015 U18 World Championship
  211. 2014-15 SHL Preview, Part 2: Frolunda looks to build off of successful 2013-14 season
  212. 2015 NHL Draft: No surprises at the top of the ISS Hockey October rankings
  213. Player Discussion: William Pethrus
  214. AIK tickets
  215. Old Swedish logos
  216. (Video) First NHL Goal: Capitals' Burakovsky nets first of career
  217. MODO - Fjällräven Center - Questions
  218. (Video) First NHL Goal: Karlsson nets first two of NHL career in Ducks win
  219. Ugly hit, got away easy.
  220. (Video) First NHL Goal: Bellemare finds the net in win over Penguins
  221. Off the Radar: Finn, Öhman overlooked players off to solid starts in 2014-15
  222. NHL Draft 2015
  223. (Video) First NHL Goal: Everberg nets first, earns third star in Avalanche loss
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  227. why is Par Marts reluctant to try a young player?
  228. Team Sweden in WC in Prague 2015
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  231. U16 national team
  232. SHL Prospects Notebook, November, 2014: Class of 2014 playing well in early going
  233. Why did hockey lose it's position as the most popular sport in Sweden?
  234. Hockey trip to Stockholm, Sweden.
  235. Jere Karalahti in SHL
  236. 2015 NHL Draft: McDavid, Eichel and Hanifin retain hold on top 3 in ISS Hockey's Dece
  237. Other: Make a all-time-team of your favorite swedish team.
  238. 2014-15 Calder Poll: Predators' Forsberg is top NHL rookie for November
  239. Sweden's future Olympic team(s)
  240. (Video) First NHL Goal: Blackhawks' Dahlbeck opens scoring in win over Bruins
  241. (Video) First NHL Goal: Folin nets lone Wild goal in loss to Sharks
  242. Other: Thoughts on DN's "150 greatest swedish athletes of all time"?
  243. Phantoms' Hagg hoping third time’s the charm for Sweden at 2015 WJC
  244. (Video) First NHL Goal: Larsson, Schaller score for Sabres in weekend losses
  245. (Video) First NHL Goal: Wennberg, Rakell and Karlsson form Swedish trio finding the t
  246. 2015 WJC Preview: Sweden looks to break string of silvers with gold medal
  247. 2015 WJC Podcast, Group B: Observations from Monday's Sweden-Russia showdown
  248. 2015 WJC Podcast: A preview of the quarterfinal matches that includes a Sweden-Finlan
  249. 2015 WJC Podcast: Preview of the four semi-final teams
  250. 2016 WJC - in Finland