National Hockey League Talk

  1. would any slovak or czech ...
  2. Time to let the PLAYERS VOTE on Salary Cap Issue
  3. How do you see the league in 7-10 years?
  4. Things you did not know about NHL that make you feel like an idiot?
  5. NHL On FOX Clips
  6. Best logo
  7. Current NHL players with dual citizenship?
  8. What if a NHL team employed the flying V towards the opposing side?
  9. What is Your Favorite Jersey in Your Collection?
  10. The 50th anniversary of Willie O'Ree
  11. NHL Players with obscure hometowns
  12. Best puck-handling goalies
  13. What constitutes a "faceoff won"?
  14. What NHL players drive?
  15. Taking a look back at each teams top PP unit in 1992
  16. Drafted Finns
  17. Who has or had the best NHL Moustache ?
  18. Washington Capitals dressing web producer in goal tonight!
  19. Name That Goalie II
  20. How Many Jerseys Do You Own and What Teams Are They?
  21. How To Say Their Names
  22. Sidney Crosby: Career point total potential.
  23. Best Hockey Podcasts?
  24. Good Hockey Blogs?
  25. Pens/Caps = 15 minutes straight without a whistle. What's the longest?
  26. 2008 - Greatest draft for defenseman?
  27. What old style (CCM/KOHO) jerseys do you have?
  28. The Sporcle quiz thread
  29. How many NHL Jerseys do you have?
  30. CBC HNIC introduces User-Controlled Cameras
  31. The New and Improved MS Paint thread
  32. Most complete hockey site for stats?
  33. Any one else have major problems with
  34. Is Ryan Suter a top 10 defender in the NHL?
  35. Most average players in the league?
  36. NHL Monopoly
  37. Watching hockey in Barcelona
  38. Elliotte Friedman
  39. Funny stories about NHL players
  40. Call icing during penalty kills?
  41. Hockey Hall of Fame Bound
  42. nhl jersey numbers 0 and 00
  43. Star Vs Super Star status
  44. Best hockey books
  45. What is the most valuable jersey you own?
  46. NHL Fan Culture vs. European Fan Culture
  47. The latest Jokinen fight pic
  48. NHL Manager game?
  49. OT: Stanley Cup - Aluminum/Stainless Steel
  50. Alex Steen turning in to a star ?
  51. Longest Current Ironman Streaks
  52. Youngest goalie to get 100 wins?
  53. Mind = Blown
  54. The Funny/Disturbing NHL Art Thread
  55. He scores for a case of tasty cakes! - what's your local team's niche call?
  56. Intangibles, or; How Jonathan Toews just may save the game of hockey
  57. Are the Sedins "Generational Talents"?
  58. Kovalev's famous shift.
  59. NHL Rule 46.6
  60. Celebrity Hockey Fans
  61. The Hybrid NHL
  62. Great ideas you had the NHL would think are stupid
  63. Quick uses Jedi Mind Power to Stop Puck
  64. Most NHL players from each province
  65. Is it weird owning merchandise from another NHL team besides your favourite team?
  66. How exaggerated are NHL heights and weights?
  67. Hockey Documentaries?
  68. Chris Neil...Hate him? or Love him?
  69. Post your hockey jersey Collection
  70. NHL Game Worn Jersey Collections
  71. Best hit of all time?
  72. Which players will make good coaches?
  73. Ranking Each Team 5 Years From Now
  74. Powerplay Opportunities - A Disturbing Trend?
  75. Post Concussion (the understated Hell)
  76. The headline puns on
  77. Top 10 D in league right now
  78. HALL of FAME NUMBERS (and Moustaches)
  79. Does anyone know what the NHL record is for most consecutive multi-point games?
  80. NHL Players and Metal Music
  81. Olympic Gold or the Stanley Cup?
  82. Nicklas Bäckström - How good is he?
  83. What are NHL player of Native American/First Nations etc.
  84. Why is Spezza so underrated?
  85. Best Place to Watch NHL Highlights?
  86. The most underrated player in the NHL... (David Desharnais)
  87. Does anyone actually like Cassie Campbell?
  88. How to embed YouTube & videos / Embed Tweets
  89. Best hockey related book, or player written book
  90. - your experiences??
  91. Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin
  92. Get rid of back to back games
  93. The Official "Iconic Hockey Photos" thread
  94. Greatest hockey video I've ever seen.
  95. Zach Bogosian or Erik Johnson ?
  96. Generational Talent- Goalies
  97. Forbidden Substances in the NHL
  98. Nicest/worst arenas
  99. Change two rules per conference: Size vs. Speed
  100. What Was the Most Awkward NHL Moment Ever?
  101. NHL Bromances
  102. Can Max Pacioretty be a 40 goal scorer in the NHL?
  103. If You Could Own One Player's Jersey From Each Team...
  104. Longest goal drought
  105. The _______ Hat Trick
  106. How to make overtime more entertaining...
  107. Why don't both teams wear their coloured jersey when possible?
  108. Jaromir Jagr's top 10 goals
  109. Eric Staal's impressive season
  110. Boston Bruins "The Bear & The Gang" - NEW SITCOM (Updated: Videos Post #1)
  111. CBC TSN NBC playoff scheduling thread
  112. Is Claude Julien the biggest whiner in the NHL?
  113. When can NHL teams start trading again after the trade deadline?
  114. Is the dead puck era returning?
  115. Why don't players use wooden sticks while PKing?
  116. If the Scott Stevens on Paul Kariya Hit Happened Today . . .
  117. What happens if Cory Schneider can't be a #1?
  118. Flames name Bob Hartley head coach
  119. St. Louis vs Zuccarello
  120. Imagine if Ovechkin played for the Canadiens and Crosby for the Leafs..
  121. Elias Finds Game 6 Puck; Will be Returned to Kings
  122. Worst Hockey Jerseys ever
  123. Most Infuriating Faces
  124. Do NHL players care about their own jersey designs?
  125. Mikael Granlund - how do you think he'll do?
  126. Steve Moore/Todd Bertuzzi Case delayed AGAIN.
  127. Players names you used to butcher as a young fan
  128. Will Mike Keenan Coach Again?
  129. Seguin, RNH or Couturier
  130. The history of smoking in the NHL
  131. FrozenFaceoff.Net, NHL Center Ice Archive
  132. Comparing Mario Lemieux and Sidney Crosby
  133. Will Yakupov and Ovechkin Eventually Become A Created Rivalry?
  134. Whats the most popular sport in your city?
  135. Your Favorite Player from EACH TEAM
  136. Young players who lack vision and hockey IQ
  137. Mike Ratchuk's shootout goal in the EBE League (one of the best ever?)
  138. How do you pick between the Rangers/Islanders/Devils?
  139. I Hate to Admit it..but the Leafs Have a Dynamic Offense
  140. Tarasenko, NHL 2012-2013 debut. Discussion thread
  141. Matt Dumba - Best jersey number?
  142. Can an authentic NHL jersey be tailored?
  143. Let's talk about Victor Hedman
  144. Budweiser Red Goal light
  145. Your Team's Core Players
  146. ESPN Knows Hockey (part 2)
  147. Is Glenn Healy the least likeable personality in hockey?
  148. Who holds the record for most Stanley Cup winning goals?
  149. European heritage of US/Canadian players by surname
  150. Favorite Jersey You Own
  151. Dallas Eakins and Jon Cooper
  152. New Hat Tricks To Go With the Gordie Howe Hat Trick
  153. Kyle Okposo!
  154. Is Magnus Paajarvi (Blues) busting?
  155. Stats on Primary vs. secondary assists
  156. Jerseys you own, and want.
  157. Official Selanne vs Jagr All Time Goals Thread [674 & 680]
  158. If the other team has a breakaway, why not take a penalty?
  159. NHL gear in popular culture
  160. Kari Lehtonen is the best goalie in the NHL right now
  161. Not so old 1. round picks in lower leagues
  162. Nicest vintage jersey
  163. CHALLENGE: Post a photo with the most hockey talent in it
  164. The GMs must have read my posts about GOALIE PADS
  165. 2013-14 NHL Center Ice/Gamecenter Discussion Part I
  166. Hall of Famers playing right now?
  167. Scott Howson - vindicated, or deserving of his reputation?
  168. Mike Green is roaring back
  169. Strongest player in the NHL
  170. Best hockey books
  171. Jersey Retirement: Colorado Avalanche Retire Adam Foote's #52
  172. Anyone annoyed with videos on
  173. 1st Round of the Playoffs: Best Time of the Hockey Year?
  174. TSN reports a slew of potential outdoor games for 2013-2014
  175. Is Cam Barker the worst player in NHL?
  176. Who Do You Think is THE Worst Player To Play In The NHL In the last 20 years?
  177. How Good Can Jamie Benn Be?
  178. Which team has the best pipe organ in the league?
  179. 2013 CBC Hockey Night In Canada music montage collection (all in 1st post)
  180. polls
  181. Is TSN streaming the games on their website?
  182. What's the best name in the NHL?
  183. Zajac doesn't cut it as a #1 center
  184. New "Bench" Idea.
  185. Vancouver needs to blow it up & start over
  186. What The Hell Happened To...Petr Nedved?
  187. PK Subban, the most exciting player in the league?!
  188. Best Arena in the NHL
  189. Why hasn't Selanne announced his retirement yet?!
  190. Pascal Dupuis, underrated and underappreciated?
  191. New or Repeat Champ?
  192. Are the Blackhawks overrated?
  193. Which player position will take home the Playoff MVP?
  194. Some Illustrations Of NHL Scoreboards (mostly past) And Present
  195. Joel Quenneville - Most overrated coach ever?
  196. New to which team should I support?!
  197. Will Gary Thorne ever come back to the NHL?
  198. Best Anthem Singer . . .
  199. Photoshop Thread Part III (Mod Warnings in OP and Post 68)
  200. Who will be the last without a visor?
  201. Does anyone actually have some constructive ideas for improving the "product"?
  202. Teams that need new jerseys
  203. Evgeni Malkin > Sidney Crosby?
  204. Andy McDonald Retires Due to Post-concussion Syndrome
  205. Pics that really show how big goalies are compared to the net
  206. Glenn Healy is a moron...
  207. 2003 NHL Re-draft
  208. Is the winner of this series considered the undisputed best team in the NHL?
  209. Chara vs Blackhawks offence
  210. Recurring people you see in the crowd at arenas
  211. PK Subban Wins 2013 Norris Trophy
  212. Best mobile apps for hockey?
  213. Marian Hossa and his playoff reputation
  214. New York Islanders Captaincy
  215. The Stanley Cup Finals and Doc Emrick
  216. Don Cherry & Coach's Corner '13 Version | Part III
  217. Thank you Hawks and Bruins
  218. Stanley Cup Final Ratings - NBC wins the night
  219. The Hockey News - Always Behind The Times
  220. HockeyWebCaster: Shut Down by the NHL.
  221. How good will Yakupov be next season?
  222. Do people still believe that Corey Crawford isn't a #1 goalie?
  223. Patrice Bergeron
  224. Best young big men in the NHL.
  225. Alex Ovechkin Wins 2013 Hart Trophy
  226. Stanley Cup Final: (1) Chicago Blackhawks vs (4) Boston Bruins Part III
  227. What goes around, comes around: Joe Sakic and Seth Jones
  228. The finals need Bob Cole
  229. Calgary's goaltending
  230. Alexander Ovechkin's Hardware
  231. Subban on Team Canada...?
  232. Finals format
  233. Top 10 players at every position
  234. Thomas 2011 vs Quick 2012 vs Rask 2013
  235. Jonathan Toews has four goals in his last 41 playoff games
  236. Which Conference is better overall, comparing teams 1 to 15
  237. Will Wade Redden get a ring?
  238. The "What the Hell Happened To..." Thread
  239. Blackhawks playoff secret? Mario Kart
  240. Who is the NHL's Lebron James?
  241. Will Jagr score?
  242. Why doesn't every team have a sports psychologist?
  243. Who is the least hated player in the NHL?
  244. Anyone else more excited about the buyout window than the finals?
  245. Who is the best skater in the league?
  246. Game 3 vs Game 4
  247. Best finals since . . . ?
  248. Who has the largest head in the NHL?
  249. European coaches in the NHL
  250. Jagr is truly the greatest player since Mario Lemieux.