National Hockey League Talk

  1. Repost! Your 10 predictions before the CBA expires....
  2. Alright, let's get the trivia going again...
  3. NHL Cities with Local Sports Radio Internet Listening List
  4. Question for Avs Fans
  5. Players Religions (Or Lack There Of)
  6. Yzerman Leaves Practice With Sore Knee
  7. All-time draft needs a manager
  8. Sens lines for tonight - Interesting
  9. NHL facing record financial losses
  10. Preds at Hawks: GNT
  11. Fedorov
  12. Mario Lemieux style?
  13. Blues-Bluejacket GDT
  14. Alumni rosters announced for heritage hockey game.
  15. new dallas goal song
  16. Which team will play the 'trap' this season ?
  17. "There's Something Magical About this Sejna Kid"
  18. Calgary Flames game from 1989 on the NHL network in a few hours
  19. Brewer vs Mara
  20. GDT: Blues vs. Stars
  21. Kristian Huselius
  22. Dallas new 3rd Jersey
  23. What's the best save you've seen?
  24. What system does each team play?
  25. need your help guys...
  26. Worst goals ever
  27. Weekend HF Chat
  28. Who do you think is the most one-dimensional player in the NHL?
  29. Biggest Hit
  30. Help Wanted
  31. Is Mike Dunham over rated?
  32. 2003-2004 Challenge...
  33. Guess who got injured...again
  34. Eric Cole
  35. Someone See M-A Fleury'S Game vs Isles?
  36. Tippet emerges top guns.. "MAGnum" line gets born
  37. The NHL's worst managed team
  39. Wild Defeat Rangers 9-1
  40. Retirement list
  41. Sweet Pic:
  42. A generation of NHL SUPERSTARS nears it's end.....
  43. Why do you think the scoring is down in the NHL?
  44. NHL MVP in 2004?
  45. What makes a "TOP SIX" forward?
  46. Got a site with pre-season stat totals?
  47. Shootout lineups
  48. Retired Jersey #
  49. The best Soviet team ever?
  50. colorado goaltending?
  51. My Projected Standings
  52. It's 2005-2006, who dumps season to try and get Crosby?
  53. When will LA's PP quarterback be back ???
  54. Molson Canadian Heritage Classic alumni Game: Montreal VS Edmonton
  55. For those who have NHL 2004 (PC)
  56. What are your team's 5 most valuable assets?
  57. Moderator election
  58. Most marketable personalities in the NHL?
  59. Detroit's D
  60. Iginla or Kovalchuk ???
  61. NHL heads are thieves......
  62. Arbitration - How to Improve It
  63. Pretender or Contender? How do these teams rate?
  64. penguins win total
  65. Every NHL Uniform ever
  66. Most appropriate combinaison of name and jersey #
  67. Marty Brodeur calls out Brotheren
  68. Direction for TV Deal
  69. NHL pain, WHA's Gain?
  70. Can Ron Francis do it again - one last time?
  71. Markus Naslund to the Sens for a mid round pick? (No, it didn't happen, settle down)
  72. The infamous "loser point"
  73. Bobby Hull look alike?
  74. When is Comrie going to sign??
  75. Rick Nash help!
  76. Hockey Pool on Yahoo
  77. Antti Miettinen!!
  78. Pavel Bure
  80. What is the shelf life of Jason Allison?
  81. Biggest rumour or practical joke on HF boards ?
  82. Owner CBA Leverage
  83. Is Heatley the best player in hockey in 2-3yrs
  84. Best or Worst Trades that Never Happened.
  85. An All-Russian NHL team?
  86. Who will replace Prospal in Tampa???
  87. surprises still in camp?
  88. Frolov vs Svitov vs Chistov
  89. 2003-2004 Impact Rookies
  90. Intangibles; Who's #1?
  91. Injured and hold outs/unsigned players?
  92. Gretzky to return to the ice!!
  93. The Ovechkin Derby: Is there a worse team out there than Carolina?
  94. Best powerplay this upcoming season?
  95. Rodney Dangerfield's Favorite Team
  96. HF Game Night Chat
  97. Help with some past drafted hockey players!
  98. Goldorak strikes back
  99. Revisionist History of your NHL Team
  100. Solution for save error for NHL2004 for PS2
  101. Favorite team other than your own
  102. a visor ? no way ! - Geogre Laraque
  103. I NEED YOUR HELP!!---Great sayings in hockey
  104. Ovechkin?
  105. #1 Pick in the 04 Draft...Tradeable?
  106. Shame on the Leafs Managment.
  107. Before they were stars.......
  108. ESPN NHL HOCKEY question.
  109. 2003-04 regular season predictions version 1 (feel free to criticize)
  110. Caron or Fleury? Who gets the job in Da 'Burgh
  111. Offensive Sayings in Hockey
  112. Waiver Draft: Who is exposed?
  113. question about NHL 2004?
  114. Goalie Masks
  115. Fact or Fiction?
  116. McKenzie:rookie$ will take it on the chin
  117. Your toughts on different players.
  118. Breakout year for Zubrus?
  119. Websites to see preseason video recaps
  120. List of 55 fastest players in the NHL
  121. NHL Custody of Stanley Cup
  122. Which team will be most improved?
  123. Rookie contracts.
  124. 2003-04 Milestones
  125. Most Active Team Boards at HF
  126. Nhl 2004
  127. Question for the Non-Leafs Fans out there...
  128. Fastest players in the NHL (uptaded list, plus 10 fastest from each team)
  129. help
  130. All-Magazine Name Team
  131. One defenceman for a shootout
  132. The Random Old Goalie Name Thread
  133. Good For Gainey/brisebois
  134. A Salary Cap Primer
  135. Who would you rather have on your NHL team?
  136. Who is Zidlicky?
  137. Preason scoring??????
  138. Devils Pat Burns linked to Hells Angels...
  139. "Those who are booing Brisebois are the English fans" -- A bunch of Habs fans
  140. Blackhawks backup
  141. HF Sunday Chat
  142. Brian Burke calls press conference
  143. Injury Prone Player
  144. points per game leaders?
  145. top 3 teams of the west
  146. Hockey books you read as a child
  147. a new idea for a cba
  148. Bobby Smith offers brilliant solution to restore excitement to the NHL game!
  149. Jim Carey
  150. Language, how important is it?
  151. the west
  152. Who do you boo?
  153. The Devils to the White House : What if it was a canadian team
  154. Which goalie to take this year?
  155. Is there a waiver list out there???
  156. Anaheim Third Jersey
  157. The New Shop NHL Catalog
  158. Does potential mean anything in Ea NHL 2004 series??
  159. Dallas 3rd Uni
  160. Software to design an arena
  161. Top five goalies of all time
  162. Who would you rather have, defensive combo's:
  163. NHLPA files grievance for goalies
  164. lockout and 2005 draft order
  165. Heatley and Snyder injured in Car crash!!!
  166. ESPN - Terry Frei email address?
  167. What are the best rivalries in the league?
  168. Who are the most courageous players in the NHL
  169. Best 3rd line in the league
  170. Jason Allison is damaged goods
  171. Brad Stuart Out 2-4 Weeks With Seperated Shoulder
  172. How many players still left in your camp?
  173. Seeking an agent !
  174. Shocking?...Yes. Surprising?...No.
  175. Brian Berard
  176. Does Dallas deserve to be mentioned with Detroit, New Jersey, and Colorado?
  177. CBA thoughts...
  178. I Swear To God.....If Anybody Brings It Up Again I'll Kill Them
  179. Norton suffers serious arm injury
  180. what time today will waiver lists go public?
  181. Henrik Sedin emerging into a very good player
  182. Talks Begin!
  183. NHL, NHLPA begin CBA talks
  184. CBA talks begin!!!!
  185. Complete Wavier List
  186. With the Waiver Draft list finalized...Draft for your team!
  187. Did the Florida Panthers draft Alexander Ovechkin???
  188. heatley's immigration status
  189. Joseph and/or Hasek?
  190. Waiver Draft Game
  191. team lines
  192. team injuries
  193. Help on T. Fleury, please
  194. new look
  195. Mario Lemieux to make 10 million next season, and Penguins selling land for new arena
  196. Hockey Players and Car Accidents
  197. Players in Negociations
  198. Best Division in the NHL
  199. Are the sens in trouble without Havlat?
  200. whatever happened to?
  201. Teams with the most leadership/heart
  202. Bad Captains?
  203. Heatley & Snyder Updates
  204. Sirius to broadcast NHL games
  205. Hlavac/Nedved/Kovalev really cooking
  206. EA sports NHL 2004
  207. Sportsnet West. Conference predictions
  208. Do NOT feel sorry for Heatley!! Feel sorry for Synder & his family!!
  209. We Want You...
  210. When are the Waiver draft results available?
  211. TSN player stats
  212. Pelle Lindbergh
  213. Caps Nylander breaks his leg
  214. Goaltending study? - looking for help
  215. Evaluate your team's camps/pre-season...
  216. CBJ pick Green
  217. Flames new jersey
  218. Who's your team's enforcer?
  219. Who will score most points? Betting(ladbrokes)
  220. Agent Walsh on radio right now
  221. With Heatly gone....
  222. Heatley will be out for awhile
  223. back up goalies that should be starters
  224. Best Players 23 and under?
  225. Teams that would benefit from bigger ice surface
  226. Apparently the Leafs.....
  227. Raymond Giroux
  228. Help with Pre-Season Scoring Stats
  229. Dupuis rejects offer
  230. Predict the Top 5 goal scorers this season...
  231. Eric Staal scores #7 in game 7
  232. list of injuries and hold outs
  233. Ceiling for Kotalik?
  234. NHL online play can someone please help?
  235. Hecht out again
  236. Best Online Site for Updated #'s?
  237. Can Daigle replace Gaborik ?
  238. cdm hockey pool
  239. Will Shvidki be picked up on waivers?
  240. injury site
  241. When's the dealine for...
  242. when it's all said and done...where does Sakic rank in history?
  243. Ironic video game ad
  244. Give Aebishcher a chance?
  245. how will all this affect heatley??
  246. Daley the next stars zubov, oppinons
  247. Would Gretzky still be called the "Great One" if...
  248. Ryan Miller scores!
  249. Snyder passed away
  250. Fastest NHLER??