National Hockey League Talk

  1. Repost! Your 10 predictions before the CBA expires....
  2. Alright, let's get the trivia going again...
  3. Brewer vs Mara
  4. Guess who got injured...again
  5. Most marketable personalities in the NHL?
  6. Pretender or Contender? How do these teams rate?
  7. 2003-2004 Impact Rookies
  8. Revisionist History of your NHL Team
  9. Top five goalies of all time
  10. Best 3rd line in the league
  11. Prediction time again
  12. Caption This
  13. Caption This
  14. San Jose still licks?
  15. worst headcoach that coached in the NHL?
  16. best undrafted player
  17. Atlanta's toast.
  18. Fix the Flames
  19. Most improved player?
  20. Best player never to win a Cup
  21. Would the "Great One" be as great today?
  22. Incorrect pronounciations.
  23. Prettiest Saves
  24. Mario Lemieux highlight video
  25. Best bang for your Buck?
  26. Flames are on Fire!
  27. Best/Worst Jersey ever?
  28. Datsyuk Ties League Lead..
  29. Mt. Rushmore of Hockey
  30. How do today's dmen stack up to the Orr/Potvin/Robbinson era?
  31. Favorite Hockey writer?
  32. Best hockey names
  33. Goal Horn History
  34. Al MacInnis
  35. Miracle
  36. Senators-legends
  37. Your Dream Lineup
  38. Worst player to ever play for your team?
  39. Clint Malarchuk injury (video herein)
  40. The game best young players...
  41. Whats the worst and best +/- in NHL history?
  42. Best Enforcer in NHL History?
  43. Best Goal Calls Ever
  44. Worst call/non-call by an official?
  45. Your favourite player team
  46. If the NHL had to eliminate 5 teams from the league....
  47. Teams that have won the SC- From most Northern to most Southern
  48. Where is Bobby Orr today?
  49. Idea For Original Six Inner-Season Tournament
  50. NHL launches CBA Web site for fans
  51. Stern to NHLPA on Levitt:"can't imagine a person of more reliability on economics.."
  52. Most symbolic goals ever scored...
  53. Most underpaid player in the league
  54. Ugliest NHL Player
  55. Best Looking Player in the League?
  56. Best Pest in NHL History?
  57. my idea to solve the cba
  58. Worst cheap shots
  59. best player from your town
  60. luongo and his size/equipment
  61. Worst Ref in the League
  62. If Boston wins the Stanley Cup...
  63. Best injury reporting site?
  64. Ban Hits to the Head
  65. Re-open the wound...Brodeur or Stevens: Who's more valuable to the Devils success?
  66. Christobal Huet or Roman Cechmanek?
  67. Is montreal a bonafide stanley cup contender? #2
  68. The Southeast division franchises, and their futures
  69. UH, wheres Bucci?
  70. Is Sean Avery targeted by NHL officials?
  71. BCHL Playoff Game to be Re-played, the final 1:20 at least:
  72. Mark Bell or Brendan Morrow?
  73. your nhl award winners...
  74. A completly positive thread
  75. Hockey's popularity (in the US)
  76. Nice letter to the USA Today written by Eric Weinrich
  77. NHL arenas that you have been to.
  78. Mattias Ohlund - Norris Candidate?
  79. Lineups
  80. Has Daigle managed to erase the bust image this season?
  81. Banning Leafs jerseys at the Corel Centre?
  82. NHL's most improved player?
  83. The Calder race should be a two horse race
  84. Best Potential Playoff Matchups
  85. All-Time Russian NHL captains and Assistants
  86. Best defenseman not to win the norris yet?
  87. Luongo vs. Islanders
  88. What would the NHL be like if...
  89. The Great Dissapointment
  90. Who's the best enforcer this year?
  91. Players' Goal Songs
  92. Daigle nominated for Masterton Trophy
  93. Fall out of an all Canadian final.
  94. St. Louis for Selke
  95. Reasons why The Leafs wont win the Cup this year
  96. Good Article on CNNSI about Iginla.
  97. NHL2NIGHT to be cancelled after this year :(
  98. pay the players less
  99. What if Don Cherry became prime minister of Canada?
  100. garry betman says
  101. Canadians are bad for the game, says this journalist...
  102. I guess the AV's are finding out
  103. look at this rangers destroyed hockey
  104. Ranking national TV broadcasts of NHL games
  105. One hole in the salary cap argument
  106. Slapshot on Turner Classic Movie channel right now!
  107. TSN's Dave Hodge plays the Blame Game:
  108. Lemieux is skating again
  109. Kari Lehtonen gets first NHL start tonight.
  110. Malakhov breaks jaw
  111. Atlanta ownership article
  112. I find it ridiculous how 'the trap' is blamed for slow pace of today's game
  113. Last Stanley Cup winner with a less than amazing goalie?
  114. Hockey Gods find new team to hate?
  115. Marketing the NHL
  116. A New Twist to the Jersey Ban in Ottawa
  117. Canadians who are fans of American teams...
  118. in the USA does Hockey = Country Music?
  119. TSN's Top 25 European Players
  120. According to this poll, the Penguins have more chances to win the Cup than Tampa Bay!
  121. Can the Penguins please start sucking again?
  122. Calgary this year's Anaheim?
  123. Things are getting fun at the bottom of the west...
  124. Why do you hate the Leafs?
  125. Every first round matchup looks to be AMAZING
  126. Moore Update?
  127. naslund spazzes (yes naslund)
  128. Which team(s) do you not want to see play your team(s) in the playoffs?
  129. Chara will take faceoffs for Sens
  130. Teppo Numminen's season over, possibly career!!
  131. 2004 nhl draft??
  132. HF Saturday Night Chat
  133. Worst injury you've seen?
  134. How many games will Belak get
  135. Michael Ryder Dominant again tonight!!
  136. Avs...grrr!
  137. Belak Better be Suspended
  138. Inconsistent refs
  139. Transactions that broke our hearts...
  140. Hockeytown??
  141. Your team's all-time Roster
  142. Hockey on National TV next season?
  143. Michal Rozsival ?
  144. Steve Moore - Press Conference
  145. Worst Website?
  146. Question to all fans!
  147. *Under the Radar* Performances
  148. Luc Robitaille most points by a left wing
  149. Tampa loses again/Isles win
  150. Ruutu, it's getting to the point...
  151. Sleeper Picks for Next Year's Hockey Pool!
  152. Need West All-Stars Info
  153. Double Standard
  154. Sutter suspended for 2 games...
  155. Garret Burnett -- Worst Heavyweight this year?
  156. MacFarlane Legends of Hockey figures
  157. Dowbiggin says lock-out will not happen, Sens, Oilers in trouble
  158. Which two non-contenders scare you the most!
  159. Dave Schultz writes article on hockey violence
  160. Anaheim and Detroit in defensive struggle
  161. I'm a believer- Oilers can do it...
  162. Canucks Blow Another One
  163. Number of GP to classify it as a players Rookie Season?
  164. Fans need a voice in the new CBA
  165. Worst All-Time Roster...
  166. Nikolai Zherdev - a four point game
  167. Why do we have to "Clean Up" Hockey
  168. Roenick to return on Saturday 3/27
  169. what's trap?
  170. The Ovechin Sweepstakes as of March 22
  171. NHL 2004 - Your Custom Teams
  172. HFboards official playoff pool challenge
  173. holy crap it IS all lemaire's fault!!
  174. best....sarcasm.....ever
  175. Who's got the Goods?
  176. Messier gets two games
  177. Rank Canadian Teams in Playoffs
  178. Leetch named offensive player of the week.
  179. Ever notice this?
  180. Standings?
  181. Contacting the NHL (
  182. 8 Games for Belak
  183. Plus and Minus Real Stats
  184. Pictures from the Wings/Kings game
  185. How much money do the owners make from the arenas?
  186. Newsflash: Nothing Is Killing Hockey!!
  187. need 9 more posters for...
  188. Rules question - injured players
  189. Vezina race update.
  190. Luuuuuuuuuc!!!
  191. Oilers Win Again
  192. Dryden for commish?
  193. Your Country's All Time Roster
  194. Some rule change suggestions
  195. Rank the American teams heading into the playoffs..
  196. Foppa, Stevens and Thibault returning
  197. Referee punched down by slovakian player!
  198. nhl risking becoming wwe of pro sports
  199. Simon's knee on knee with Zubov
  200. Bobby Orr/Pat Quinn Videoclip
  201. Referee Questions
  202. Which teams will be contenders in 5 years?
  203. Patrick O'Sullivan story...
  204. for those whose teams are out - whom do you now want to win?
  205. Interesting facts about contending team records
  206. Toronto Roadrunner a part of Oilers drive to Play-off position.
  207. Team relocation game
  208. Age limit dropped for World Cup
  209. Which current players have had the BEST careers?
  210. The Pens' Powerplay
  211. Which of these defensemen would you rather have?
  212. Interesting Selänne comment.
  213. Possible rule change
  214. Brodeur Reaches 400 Career Wins
  215. Congrats to Wayne Gretzky!
  216. steve thomas
  217. NHL Success Stories 2003/4
  218. World Cup rule Dropped?
  219. Dallas writer critiques hockey players
  220. CuJo out yet again...
  221. Luongo set to break record!
  222. The Bolts remind me of the mid-90's Wings
  223. The 2003-04 Final Standings
  224. NHL Network to televise live games
  225. Bill Watters calls P. Worrell a "gorilla"
  226. Story in the NY Post about the Rangers "cheerleaders"
  227. Who are your finalists for the Hart?
  228. Andrew Raycroft for...... Norris?
  229. Näslund to retire...
  230. Russians clamping down on prospect exports
  231. Niedermayer sets record for OT goals
  232. Best Rookie Defenseman
  233. "Ban" Fighting?
  234. Sanderson back to the Jackets
  235. Turco Situation
  236. Nash, Iginla and Kovalchuk Scoring race..
  237. Reporters and post-game press blitzkreigs.
  238. Ryder scores is 24th and 60th point in a 2-1 lost
  239. The Ovechin Sweepstakes as of March 25th
  240. Bettman's Memo to Control Tempers
  241. Dryden's ticking off his own team
  242. Where is Tim Connolly?
  243. 2003-2004: The season of mediocrity?
  244. Stat Update
  245. Roenick to return a game early
  246. Turco gets 4 games
  247. Jody Shelley's suspension
  248. Luongo on pace to break record
  249. League personel and changes in the game
  250. Just saw the old DET/COL highlights on TSN