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  1. Where will you be on St. Patties?
  2. Halifax Bus Driver beats toy seal with stick
  3. Longest distance you've walked in a day
  4. Looking for a specific Cabbie on the Street episode
  5. Need help with revenge
  6. Brain Buster
  7. College virginity rates by major
  8. Lazy Fat Family "Too Fat To Work" claim "Not enough benefits to put food on table"
  9. Pretty funny.
  10. Which banks offer good high-interest savings accounts?
  11. Goodwill
  12. Where to go on a vacation?
  13. Actual Complaints Made By Travelers
  14. Why we love sport?
  15. Dancing/Pulsating/Dry-heaving Big Mac Burrito
  16. Words that drive you nuts when people say them
  17. In a fight...Mayor McCheese vs Ronald McDonald
  18. Classic St. Patties Day Video
  19. Well, She's Blind Soooooooo
  20. Fun with Tesla Coils
  21. omg Fox News mock Canada badly
  22. The St. Patties Day Drunk Thread
  23. E-mail scams
  24. vegas nhl award show
  25. donating blood/platelets
  26. Best Remedy for a Hangover
  27. Your band and CD cover game.
  28. Pictures that affect you
  29. man uggs?
  30. Predator X
  31. Tutus and pointy shoes for men, yes or no?
  32. "The Man" Tourny: Round of 24: The Swagger Group
  33. Big Mac Wrap
  34. I think we all saw this one coming
  35. Electives
  36. Ryanair air hostess exposed as pr0nstar, men everywhere do research
  37. Words That Are Constantly Misused
  38. New Charles Manson picture released
  39. Just found out I am colour blind
  40. Sewing needles found in hot dogs (Guelph, Ontario)
  41. Anyone have personal experience with electronic bug repellers?
  42. the DUMBEST Price is Right contestent ever! {lol!}
  43. so I have a ton of older (1995-2001) hockey cards ... ?
  44. Brutal Policy By Palin-Please Speak Out Help
  45. Plan gets thwarted on HF-like forum, by a Canadian!
  46. Just when you thought you had heard it all..
  47. This kid is hilarious hahaha
  48. As If This Hasn't Ever Happened Before...
  49. Which media do you consider reliable?
  50. Happy Birthday I Miss Nieds
  51. Prank Calls
  52. Tribal Wars
  53. There's whipped and then there's....
  54. An Ebay Etiquette/Ethical Question - RE: re-selling
  55. Have you made any friends from HFBoards?
  56. Avatar Help... PLEASE!?!?!?
  57. What are your favorite vegetables?
  58. Anybody Had Problems Deleting Private Messages
  59. Driving Laws: USA vs UK
  60. Plane crashes into cemetary in Montana. 17 dead.
  61. Getting Into Shape
  62. Michigan boy, 15, killed by taser from cops
  63. Splitting Pants. Sharing Stories.
  64. Reppin' the middle east
  65. Working out
  66. Sick Stories
  67. Lightning Fire VP marketing, video link
  68. Adventure time!
  69. honesty
  70. Ingrown Hairs Suck!
  71. If it were you in that sandwich
  72. Is there such a thing as a
  73. Stores you refuse to shop at
  74. Bad hockey card trades...
  75. How many bones have you broken in your lifetime?
  76. Your favorite cringe-worthy Saved By The Bell moments!
  77. What would the world be like with unlimited energy?
  78. 114 Year Old Nigerian Arrested
  79. "The Man" Tourney: Round of 24: These Guys
  80. 130 years old?
  81. Need a Root Canal
  82. What did you eat today?
  83. Yellow Drum Machine - Youtube video
  84. Masao, eat your heart out
  85. i'm beginning to think my chiropractor does n't like his job
  86. Beat it, snow!
  87. How can you get back into cegep (montreal) and start with a fresh new start?
  88. Multi-Page you read the whole thing before you post?
  89. Do you buy store brands?
  90. Finance Class Presentation
  91. Ok, whose "nice" computer gave mine a virus?
  92. Bob Barker returning to the Price is Right for one show!!
  93. Problems with HF
  94. I'm 18, do I have potential?
  95. Hockey Jerseys
  96. School Threatens Dead Girl With Attendance
  97. For all the auto junkies out there
  98. Cop pulls over and pulls gun on NFL RB in hospital parking lot as mom in law is dying
  99. The Duty-Free shop at the border
  100. Got a wisdom tooth pulled out today.
  101. Photoshop request (I'll probably need a failatar)...
  102. I think I just got scammed
  103. Red River flood of 2009
  104. Remember that 12 year old boy Alfie who had a kid with his 15 year old girlfriend?
  105. How bad do you want to punch this kid in the face?
  106. Asian women - Chinese marriages etc.
  107. Fart vs Burp
  108. Do something bad? Here's your chance to confess.
  109. Ever sneeze and your body immediately hurts elsewhere?
  110. Funniest YouTube Videos
  111. ShamWhat?
  112. April Fools' Day
  113. Is your favourite teams board bi-polar?
  114. So I typed the wrong PIN 3 times and the ATM ate my card
  115. Question about Canadian Colleges
  116. Ever washed mayo off your chest hair?
  117. "The Jenny Jones" Killer..
  118. Full Time Jobs
  119. "Put it in me, Scott."
  120. In need of rbk 5k 2007 inline skates
  121. what
  122. Jeans
  123. Earth Hour - Am I going to hell?
  124. What In the Hell is redbull thinking?
  125. LOL at the king
  126. Twitter
  127. The three headed giant of the internet
  128. Hockey Card questions.
  129. I think I broke my finger....
  130. If you watch the Lord Of The Rings backwards...
  131. Newscast Failure
  132. Man re-grows cut-off finger!
  133. Agony and apathy
  134. If you won the lottery.......
  135. Where do find these
  136. UofT owns China online
  137. Hockey .gifs
  138. I love Redbull commercials
  139. Cologne?
  140. It Came In The Mail Todayyy
  141. LG Versa
  142. Need help posting videos, etc.
  143. I had several Earth Hours today
  144. Can we get rid of that ****ing McDonald's wrap?
  145. Chainsaw suit
  146. Sushi
  147. AC/DC in Moncton NB??
  148. World's most powerful laser
  149. To Make My Bad Day Worse... (Now a topic about weight. xD )
  150. EBay Question
  151. Watching my Weight
  152. sandwiche sauces
  153. Aliens Within Our Governments and Society ?
  154. Who is the coolest person ever?
  155. where can I get jersey T-shirts for cheap?
  156. April Fools Day Virus
  157. Who's the most un-cool (celeb)?
  158. Cardboard coyotes harass woman in Ontario
  159. How hard would you slap this kid?
  160. Jesus is a Friend of Mine
  161. fashion question
  162. "The Man" Tournament: Round of 24: The Dudes
  163. The yousendit Thread
  164. Bands / Artists with food...
  165. Fix HFBoards
  166. I knew it, I think like a man
  167. Lady Advice for: Yeah women have issues
  168. Porch door-1, Burglar-0
  169. I had another nightmare last night.
  170. What business to sell portable air conditioners to?
  171. Let's Write a Book
  172. 8 month pregnant woman caught drunk driving
  173. Breast Implants - Channel 4 show
  174. I can't stand people who write their lives in their MSN nickname
  175. Dumbest Man Alive???
  176. Your favorite type of Lounge Thread
  177. Do you have the guts to reply to this thread?
  178. Support Environmentalism
  179. Masao... this one is for you!
  180. What would you rather see happen?
  181. WWIII America Vs. Britain
  182. Researcher healthy 21 days after Ebola accident
  183. POLL: rod hockey table or air hockey
  184. My Brute - game
  185. Tearing down a brick wall with a hammer in order to make another brick wall
  186. Which dip is best?: Hummus vs. Baba Ganoush
  187. Dina Lohan Tries Sneaking 15yr Old Daughter Into Bars
  188. Another Meatless Friday
  189. is diet dr.pepper the only good diet soda?
  190. What's the grossiest/unhealthiest single meal you've ever had?
  191. What's the stupidest thread you've ever seen on HFboards?
  192. What punishment from your parents do you remember the most?
  193. Huge hostage situation in Binghamton, NY: 12 dead, 40 hostages
  194. Padma Laksmi + Hardee's Western Bacon Thickburger = Best Comercial Ever
  195. TEDtalks need more love
  196. Don't do drugs, guys!
  197. Ugh Seriously FML
  198. Lady Advice 5: Yeah... we've got women issues
  199. Speaking to yourself
  200. Your "huh"? Sports moments
  201. What's more manly than bullfighting?
  202. For fans of Mega Man
  203. Dogs or Cats?
  204. Japanese Dream Machine
  205. Global Survey Group
  206. Spoil Rate of Food
  207. A good laugh
  208. Does this "guy" have a pro-hockey record?
  209. PEST Analysis
  210. Career Ideas
  211. Fat Guy Nation
  212. Scum Of The Earth
  213. First Ever Big Mac
  214. Napping and Drooling
  215. I think I've hit the lowest of the low.
  216. Allusion Help
  217. The perfect face - who is yours?
  218. If you were me, what would you do?
  219. So I'm wearing a Tux to school today
  220. What's worse? Hockey non-calls or school non-snowdays?
  221. 'A Night at the Chill'
  222. Twitter
  223. Women, LOL!
  224. Man Dies After His Wife Set His Genitals On Fire For Cheating
  225. Car Problems...any mechanics here?
  226. Who would win in a fight?
  227. 3000 posts
  228. My Dog is acting weird after anesthesia
  229. The 'Make Your Ultimate Sandwich' Thread
  230. I'm rich!
  231. Old Dutch Bbq Chips
  232. Do you like square butts?
  233. don't get the attraction - the 'unbabe' thread
  234. Bare bones Bicycle Repair tips in a pinch
  235. Hijacked U.S. crew turns tables on Somalia pirates
  236. Engineering at Carleton
  237. I just stole a car...
  238. Dog question
  239. Women refused ILVTOFU license plate.
  240. What a night
  241. Playoff Pool Questions
  242. Is Hotmail broken?
  243. Guy stabs roommate for farting
  244. Upon being called out...
  245. Billy Bob Thornton Wants More Gravy
  246. The Dark Side of Dubai
  247. Pimping your shopping-cart!
  248. So I just incited a riot
  249. Sports Hecklers
  250. Bedrooms