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  1. Useless Thread XXXVI: A Lounge Odyssey
  2. Happy Canada Day!
  3. Canada Day Trivia
  4. My Dad Won't Pay Me My $5
  5. Disneyland vs. Disney World
  6. Lounge Messiah Makes Triumphant Return to Calgary
  7. Do You Share Your Name With Anyone Famous/Infamous?
  8. Stole my Hockey sticks: What should I do?
  9. Useless Thread XXXVII: 37 Times Better Than Shakespeare's 37 Plays
  10. Study Abroad - in Canada
  11. Cherries = crack
  12. Has anyone seen my phone?
  13. Bazooka Joe Comics vs. Laffy Taffy Jokes
  14. Zombies!!!
  15. You are what you eat, so what are you?
  16. Damn, that was close!
  17. Summer Plans
  18. Neat things you run into surfing the net
  19. The Wikipedia game
  20. Caramilk Keys
  21. There's always that one guy that...
  22. Are all women really bad drivers?
  23. I am in possession of a vuvuzela.
  24. Sleep in, relax, get fat
  25. Lady Gaga: Illuminati Puppet
  26. Google VS Mac
  27. Post 95?
  28. What do you call your grandmother?
  29. What do you call your grandfather?
  30. Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest GT II - Chesnut by a mile
  31. One Man Band
  32. Surviving in Zombieland, How Would YOU Do It?
  33. Summer of Man
  34. "On the 4th of July we celebrate our independence from... uh..."
  35. Advice for a writer seeking to get published
  36. Contact Lenses
  37. Overly sensitive people.
  38. Interior crocodile alligator
  39. So, Ive been up for 36 hours straight and dont feel sleepy at all, is this normal?
  40. What if Brock Lesnar messed with Sasquatch?
  41. life changing experience
  42. Don't Mess With People on WoW
  43. The Ultimate Fad - - Tattoos
  44. What Piece of Memoribilia or Artifact Would You Like to Own?
  45. Favorite way of preparing potatoes?
  46. Useless Thread XXXIX: +1 post count
  47. "Your fly is open"
  48. Illusions of Terror: Internet bait and switch
  49. When you die: burial or cremation?
  50. What Kind of Deodorant Do You Use
  51. Pictures of Your Pets
  52. Kippers for breakfast Aunt Helga
  53. Shopping for a new car...
  54. Biking to work
  55. Drag racing, horsepower, and etc: The Car Enthusiast Thread
  56. Today is the day that....
  57. My Dog is Dying...
  58. Your most recent dream
  59. Double Rainbow
  60. Thief!
  61. Favourite Rocky Movie
  62. Ever Wonder How Certain Things Work?
  63. HELP! -Cellphone in washer-
  64. Useless Thread XL: Im Back, Im a Man, Im 40
  65. How long can a baby go without eating?
  66. When you die: organ donation?
  67. Longest you have gone without sleeping
  68. Today's going to suck because......
  69. Are you male or female?
  70. a question of ethics - part 2
  71. the longest amount of time you've gone without bathing/showering?
  72. a question of ethics - part 1 revised
  73. A question of ethics - part 3 (BETTER THAN THE OTHER TWO)
  74. Does the Lounge need another poll??
  75. Post On Other Forums?
  76. What really grinds my gears is....
  77. Man gang-***** by 3 women
  78. I just want to win the lottery once....
  79. Mountain Dew sucks.
  80. Suggest Artwork for my Room
  81. What's your number?
  82. Rate your day
  83. What would you do?
  84. Tell me...
  85. Lounge Sticky Threads
  86. Alright Lounge -- The Perfect Wife
  87. We are not regular HF posters
  88. Struttin' that ass
  89. Rainbows make me cry
  90. True or False: (Help)
  91. a question of ethics - part 4
  92. Bottles that glue themselves shut
  93. Can you launch the cruise control while...
  94. You can only have one child, you gte to pick, boy or girl?
  95. Kids working in Stores
  96. Useless thread XLI - It just doesn't make sence
  97. Computer Duster and Conquering the World
  98. Dylan's vision of America
  99. The Vuvuzela: Will It Blend?
  100. Make Me a Poster of My Missing Cat
  101. Soccer = Evil
  102. well this sucks!!!!!!
  103. Noisebot, or other variations
  104. Value of: Randy Marsh
  105. Monopoly
  106. This cat used up a few lives
  107. OFFICAL: "The Internet's completely over," says Prince
  108. HFboards feature request.
  109. Lets here it guys. Describe your perfect girl!
  111. **** my neighbours.
  112. Free slurpees on sunday at 7-11
  113. your favorite carrie fisher?
  114. Race War! Which Ethnic Community Has the Best Food?
  115. Barefoot Bandit Caught?
  116. Sex offender asks cops for directions to kiddie pageant
  117. Cults
  118. Double Rainbow..SONG
  119. Forum Malfunction?
  120. Hypothetical situations
  121. Another Hypothetical Situation
  122. Thank You Lounge
  123. Musical Instruments
  124. I came across this old thread
  125. Rockstar Citrus (Green)
  126. Rate the Avatar of The Poster Above You (#5))
  127. Two days in New York City
  128. Naughty Employees
  129. Texas school rewriting history
  130. The sky was falling
  131. Lets Hear your Best Joke
  132. Lounge, help me stay awake!
  133. Tomtom + Yoda = Comedic Gold
  134. Worst Beer Ever
  135. Mind = Blown
  136. Tax Question (TD1 Form)
  137. What's a Finger?
  138. Nuoh my god
  139. Lady Advice 12 : Welcome back Pauser
  140. Dogs, cats' best friend
  141. The epitome of sloth
  142. Halifax, Nova Scotia
  143. Happy Bastille Day!
  144. Do you Recycle?
  145. Woman charged with DWI twice in one night
  146. Useless Thread XLII : Welcome back MoMo
  147. Dental work you have had done in your lifetime?
  148. Stay At Home Moms
  149. Going to the Vending Machine
  150. Are we alone?
  151. Rock Band Drummers *Sigh*
  152. Pornistan
  153. Best place to buy retro NHL gear online
  154. Breakfast
  155. Just found a very addicting game - HIGHSCORE: 17296 by Korpicowski
  156. The worst things in the World
  157. How many friends do you have?
  158. UFO in China
  159. How do I build up my arms?
  160. Cramp under my right ribs
  161. You done goofed.
  162. Microwaving ****ing bacon
  163. What should I eat ?
  164. trololololo
  165. Which buttons to keep buttoned on a suit?
  166. Hey, baby...
  167. MySpace rolling out a new profile design....5 years to late
  168. Silver Fish Hand Catch!
  169. Sather's 2/$1.00
  170. Childhood Now Ruined
  171. Gmail Users! How much space have you used?
  172. Score this round/fight
  173. Coughing/Sneezing up stinky balls of something
  174. Macbook audio.
  175. Mudringing
  176. The Shake Weight! Seriously?
  177. 64 year old Florida man has sex with Christie Brinkley
  178. free healthcare
  179. The Oldest Bumpable Thread Is...
  180. Could BP be responsible for the end of human life?
  181. Stormtroopers arrest Princess Leia on the subway
  182. Who do you work for?
  183. My watch got broken!
  184. My dinner last night
  185. Next Semester! (Back to School!)
  186. Ihop
  187. Personality Disorder Test
  188. Canadian consumer law - travel agencies
  189. How many X-ray visits have you had?
  190. Guess How Much HF is Worth?
  191. Top trending baby names
  192. Playing the Lottery
  193. Useless Thread XLIII: Peace and Love
  194. Strut That
  195. New username
  196. Slick Hair
  197. Falling out of Chairs
  198. Cloning for cheap
  199. The Opposite Game
  200. Can I use my Vcash
  201. The "Miracle Baby"
  202. BP's Photoshopped 'Command Center' Picture
  203. I have an addiction
  204. Worlds Happiest DJ
  205. Meanest Prank
  206. Which Literature Or Text Do You Consider Sacred?
  207. Anyone ever work/volunteer abroad?
  208. Google Images
  209. Internet meme, what does it all mean?
  210. What was the last fast food you had? And Rate
  211. Going to a concert, alone
  212. How do you feel about this game show?
  213. Contact Lens Removal, Tips
  214. Cyanide and Happiness roulette
  215. Lounge Safety
  216. Chef Vader
  217. Basil Marceaux
  218. What is the most highly used picture on HF?
  219. Fess up... What do you collect?
  220. Useless Thread XLV: Cliff Clavin Approved
  221. British undergraduate degree system
  222. The End of History - best beer ever?
  223. -- First Annual HF Boards Award Thread --
  224. Costa Rica's Catholic Church Asks Black Metal Band MARDUK For Respect
  225. Voting: Why isn't there a "none of the above" option?
  226. Should there be a "None of the Above" option on Government ballots?
  227. Type your username with your eyes closed & 1 finger
  228. William Shatner - serial killer/sick bstrd
  229. Your face when....
  230. DUI's?
  231. What is your draft year?
  232. Free Willy Gets his Revenge
  233. Zippo Question
  234. Chocolate Milk
  235. Dream interpretation?
  236. Useless Thread XLVI: Cliff 'em All
  237. Is Beer/drinking more common today than yesteryear?
  238. Worst Variety of Potato Chips Ever?
  239. Do whitening toothpastes actually work?
  240. Indonesian 2 year old smokes 40 a day
  241. Heinz Green Ketchup
  242. Potato Chips vs Tortilla Chips
  243. Where Is My Mind???
  244. Erik Johnson on Twitter will donate 5k to charity
  245. Prohibition: Will it ever come back?
  246. Which NHLer would you brave the Zombie Apocalypse with?
  247. Which HFer would you brave the Zombie Apocalypse with?
  248. Twitter
  249. Clubbing
  250. Jake Byrd