The Lounge

  1. 5% of babies have a Facebook account
  2. Is JPavs8Clutchy's poll idea good?
  3. Is The Joker's poll about JPavs8Clutchy's poll idea good?
  4. How do you take your coffee?
  5. This Or That Game
  6. If I was rubber, and your were glue?
  7. 5% of people go on zombie pub crawls
  8. Cheerful coffins
  9. How often do you get a haircut?
  10. Question about Blogspot
  11. Word Chain Game
  12. Chilean miners.
  13. Theremin!
  14. I Like It
  15. cause i was jekyll jekyll hyde jekyll hyde hyde jekyll
  16. My dead homies
  17. What was the defining moment that changed the 1960s?
  18. 4th high schooler kills self over bullying in 2 years at 1 school
  19. Embarassing Moments?
  20. Some stuff I've been thinking about
  21. Ice, Ice Shawty: Detroit & 1st for Yukon
  22. 4 year old cusses his mom out(and camera guy too)
  23. 10/10/10
  24. Grover rocks!
  25. Boy stabbed repeatedly in New York restaurant
  26. My belt holds up my pants and my pants have belt loops that hold up the belt.
  27. I have created the best Subway sandwhich ever.
  28. Marijuana Raid Has Astonishing Results
  29. Mlib
  30. The world will always be a sick place
  31. Do You Vote?
  32. Overused terminology
  33. Nobel Prize Thread
  34. Happy Thanksgiving
  35. Eh... looks like that was a little bit too extreme
  36. Great commercial - Thai Life Insurance
  37. Sesame Street spoofs Old Spice
  38. Grilled Cheese
  39. Athiests
  40. No more Bieber hate please!!
  41. Alternatives to University IE: trades
  42. The Power of 10
  43. Useless Thread LXXIV: Official Adoption Discussion Thread
  44. Allergies
  45. The Dirty Word Game
  46. Someone please make a gif of this at 0:26 to 0:32
  47. Justin Bieber is truly a 51 year old pedophile.
  48. Solo trip to Europe
  49. International Suit Up Day
  50. Drunk Jenga suggestions
  51. Repeat After Me
  52. The McRib.....
  53. Fiji Water
  54. Amateur space exploration
  55. Stay Classy, Scott & Jennifer Petkov
  56. Just blew the mother of all fuses
  57. Kids : Those are ballons, not spaceships.
  58. Awaken your body
  59. What it's like to be in prison
  60. Call Display
  61. My favorite Star Wars character
  62. Cancer 'is purely man-made' say scientists after finding almost no trace of disease
  63. Ever tried wiping your *** with a sprite bottle in your hands?
  64. Shhh
  65. Average teen sends 3,339 texts per month
  66. "Apocalypse" Bag
  67. Any Climbers Here?
  68. One year anniversary
  69. Add a smile and have a nice day!
  70. Question Regarding
  71. House of Leaves
  72. The Boss
  73. Fortune Cookie...
  74. 3000th post!!
  75. Do you own a 3D tv ?
  76. Montreal Nascar Store???
  77. Funny Cop Encounters
  78. What are you going as for Halloween?
  79. Target or Wal-Mart
  80. Bouncer Owns Guy Without Fighting
  81. I'm sorry for what I am
  82. Favourite Cliche Lounge Thread
  83. The Ultimate Thread of Pizza
  84. Michael Myers > Jason , Freddy Kreuger.
  85. Greatest toy ever ...
  86. Starin' at my sandals
  87. Finally in Canada!
  88. How much on Average do you Text in a DAY?
  89. Mobility scooter breaks national speed limit
  90. Why can't I find the signature option?
  91. Shawty Thread #5 : This is the Title. Deal with it.
  92. Which type of music do you like the most?
  93. Anybody know anything about coins?
  94. Useless Thread LXXV: Official Cody Webster discussion thread
  95. Trillion Dollar Bill
  96. In searching for Waldo, do we find ourselves?
  97. Here comes
  98. Father and son launch balloon into space
  99. I Like Coke Zero
  100. We All Came Out to Montreux on the Lake Geneva Shoreline
  101. TV Commercials
  102. Is the law just completely powerless to protect people from this stuff?
  103. Why aren't Masao and Octopi in a relationship?
  104. Hey, how was your date with Phil Tatola
  105. And to think I didn't consume any weird substance.
  106. Favorite Soft Drinks/Pops/Sodas (a thread for everyone ;))
  107. 50 Facts From Pilots
  108. And can I get a hot tub?
  109. If I leave here tomorrow...
  110. The Rent is Too Damn High
  111. Lady Advice 13: I don't need advice, cause I'm bawse
  112. CERN scientists eye parallel universe breakthrough
  113. Shouldn't you be working right now?
  114. Facebook try's to heal wounded hearts
  115. Anyone in the Canadian Air Force?
  116. Scary Stories
  117. Full Tilt Poker
  118. Traveling to Hong Kong
  119. Favorite Type of Halloween Candy
  120. Facebook Tetris
  121. Halloween
  122. For those of you who remember "Oregon Trail"
  123. Husky dog says i love you
  124. R. Williams = Jail
  125. Teeth Whitening Kits
  126. Study: Americans Get Majority Of Exercise While Drunk
  127. My Name is Del Scorcho. I Want to be Inside Your Taco.
  128. Zombie Costume Ideas
  129. Life After HF
  130. How do you affect other people?
  131. Not you fat Jesus
  132. Coffee Maker?
  133. The Dead Sea Scrolls On Google Books
  134. Ritz Bitz With PEANUT BUTTER or CHEESE?
  135. Posts Per Day Average...
  136. Please explain something to me
  137. Are english muffins gay?
  138. Happy Caps Lock Day Everyone
  139. Newsroom: Scientists Successfully Teach Gorilla It Will Die Someday
  140. Why Are Aliens Almost Always Naked?
  141. Colombia
  142. I remember my first beer
  143. How ****ing old are we???
  144. Randy Quaid
  145. Players You Would/Wouldn't Want Dating Your Daughter
  146. Junk Food Or Booze
  147. I went out into the night
  148. Tipping
  149. Do you know anyone who stutters?
  150. North Face jackets online?
  151. I just made a grilled cheese with cheese bread
  152. Powerful $115 bottle of beer set for Canadian debut
  153. HF Peace Prize
  154. Useless Thread LXXVI: Free Rypien
  155. Looking to buy a good camera
  156. Grandparents
  157. Shawty Thread #6 - HF Blindside Post Rule strictly enforced!
  158. So pick me.
  159. Cat of the Year
  160. rofl you mad world?
  161. Everything I do
  162. $1 mil to buy small town
  163. Thought you'd always be mine..
  164. Something about you is so addicting
  165. I'm so good at sleeping..
  166. If a ghost walks into a fog..
  167. What's brown and sticky?
  168. Looking for a youtube video
  169. Really cheap houses...?
  170. Least Favourite Dog Name
  171. RIP Walkman
  172. This needs to be watched every few months
  173. Talking With Americans
  174. How do you sleep?
  175. canadians and denim shirts/jackets
  176. We Lost to Oaklaaaaannnndddd!:(
  177. Definitely the Weirdest Thing I've Seen Today
  178. Cloverfield
  179. Danzing!!!!!
  180. What is the definition of philosophy?
  181. Free Mason Roll Call
  182. Useless Humorous Youtube Videos
  183. Charges after penis tattooed on man's back
  184. Fireworks on Halloween
  185. RIP Paul the Octopus
  186. Woman pushd and STOMPED on at Derby
  187. Lions
  188. Billy and the Cloneasaurus
  189. Game to teach London Ontario teens....
  190. Do you have a tattoo?
  191. The Radio
  192. Useless Thread LXXVII: Rally to Restore Lounge Sanity™
  193. Smoking Inside
  194. Any Online Stock Traders?
  195. If you were a hot dog vendor
  196. Rock kills 17 year old girl
  197. People are Awesome
  198. Learning Languages
  199. CPP Changes
  200. whoa
  201. What kind of license plate do you have?
  202. Is this a time-traveller in a Charlie Chaplin film?
  203. What if Obi-Wan had used Force Speed?
  204. I want me some feinting cats!
  205. 8888
  206. Farmville: The Silent Killer
  207. Sorry but I have to admit it..
  208. I want my Shake! I want my Sheets! I want my Sheath! I want my Shin!.....
  209. WTB: Puberty
  210. Which Sugar Ray would you prefer to live with?
  211. More Wifi BS
  212. Dittos (the Pokemon) are real.
  213. Range Rover extreme off roading
  214. 4Loko
  215. Orangutan
  216. Whats the best thing....
  217. need funny SFW url's
  218. The Wiccan community is up in arms...
  219. What's a good bDay gift for a girl?
  220. 17 players get two games, 6 get indefinite suspension
  221. Fight at McDonalds
  222. Favorite British Invasion Bands?
  223. What do you put on your toast?
  224. Got a pic of TJ
  225. Seen this Town & Country commercial?
  226. Delivery confirmation but no package
  227. How not to test a airbag.
  228. Rocket Launcher found beside Victoria highway
  229. This is why I am glad the internet was invented
  230. Egg Salad Sandwich
  231. Iphone Help???
  232. Best Buy doesn't give rain checks.
  233. Does anyone else loathe Halloween
  234. Forehead Tittaes
  235. The murder of Kim Proctor
  236. Why do people who have a Bachelor's degree think they are better than everyone else?
  237. RIP MoMo
  238. Prague Astronomical Clock 600th Anniversary Show [[AMAZING]]
  239. Post Your Whip
  240. Atlantic City
  241. Police misconduct
  242. Funny travel directions
  243. You down with OPP?
  244. Google have gone crazy!
  245. Canadian Bank Battles!
  246. Do you still get the cold-shoulder if you can't speak French in Montreal?
  247. Look how good this dog mind me
  248. Zach Galifianakis Smokes Weed on National TV
  249. Did anyone see the movie Tron?
  250. Sweet Onion Sauce