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  1. Irish Pride Thread
  2. Proust Questionnaire
  3. The Official Loungetrack
  4. Trailer Park Boys-Season 4
  5. In a Battle between a Flying Shark and a Flying Crocodile
  6. OT: Sex Vs Hockey
  7. Amazing picture story...
  8. Do you consider yourself overweight?
  9. Need math help!!!
  10. Deck hockey equipment
  11. Protein shakes
  12. Best of Rush Thread
  13. um....Greek pride thread
  14. Mike Hall on Sportscenter?
  15. Orgoglio Italiano (Italian Pride)
  16. Current Canadian University Students...
  17. 'Who' do you love?
  18. Mongolian Pride thread
  19. Would you..?
  20. Who's more grizzled?
  21. American Mutt Pride Thread
  22. Blazzing Saddles Appreciation Thread
  23. The Appreciation Thread Appreciation Thread
  24. Happy Birthday Hitman!
  25. Top 4 Fantasy Baseball Keepers
  26. The official ScUke pride thread!
  27. The American Idol/bash KF thread . . .
  28. New Smilies
  29. Quick Question about a song....
  30. Your favorite Warcraft Two sayings
  31. Gunbound(great free game!)
  32. Preference: Brunettes or Blondes?
  33. The Masters ( golf )
  34. Quebecois pride thread!
  35. Selecting a Webcam
  36. I have no damn heritage.
  37. Imesh/ Corel Word Perfect
  38. Where is the Cydonian Region?
  39. What do you think about this quote. . .
  40. The Greeks, the Irish, the Italians etc. had it. Who has German...
  41. Things You Hate Being Rushed To Do
  42. Top hockey-related Canadian provinces and US States?
  43. Ever run into an EX
  44. Where have you been...
  45. Trendwhore Pride Thread
  46. My nephew
  47. A mUst have CD (for burning)
  48. Speakers in the parking lot scam
  49. Paul Hornung: Wrong on so many levels
  50. Start Walking, OPEC cuttting output
  51. Windows XP Question
  52. This Is Just Wrong
  53. Incubus vs. Deftones
  54. Posters you had (or have) on your bedroom walls
  55. Online music swapping is legal in Canada
  56. ZeroTheHero=Spiffy aka Matti?
  57. For those who know anything about computers
  58. Powerball
  59. My house
  60. South Park The Passion
  61. Mxc
  62. I am back! FOREVER.
  63. Your Favourite Day of the Week
  64. Any Russian speakers here?
  65. Best April Fools Jokes
  66. I hate april fools day
  67. Song Game
  68. I just want to let all of you know, I love you. (PROPERTY OF DARZ since 4/1/04)
  69. Zoidberg is male!
  70. Nasty yet Hilarious
  71. Question about a playground toy
  72. Brides of Destruction - Here Come The Brides
  73. Suggest a Song thread
  74. GH's Favorite 100 Horror Films of All Time
  75. "The Simpsons" Voice Actors on Strike
  76. best 80s cartoons
  77. Narcolepsy
  78. Most annoying thing
  79. Talkin' bout things that nobody cares
  80. The Divison Bell
  81. The Offical Useless Thread
  82. Your Team
  83. Cereal
  84. I won't be here again til Monday, so.......
  85. Opie & Anthony
  86. Last one to post in this thread wins
  87. Got a cat problem?
  88. Anyone else sick of the dancing bananas yet?
  89. The Biggest Time-Waster of your Life..
  90. How long will I be stuck at work?
  91. Favorite G 'N' R song
  92. Your top 5 Pink Floyd tunes?
  93. Hey North America! When do yo change the clocks to summertime?
  94. Canadian geography
  95. Mockingbirds suck
  96. Anyone ever been to Africa ? (uganda and tanzania in particular)
  97. Who's your favorite Transformer?
  98. Eric Clapton Poll
  99. I'm Never Gonna Dance Again
  100. Favorite SNL Skits?
  101. Hell Boy
  102. MP3 DOWNLOADING Problems!!!
  103. pick ONE song.
  104. 26 days to go after tonight...
  105. Top ten Zeppelin songs
  106. Trilogies Battle! Dr.Evil vs. Dr. Ian Malcolm
  107. some Windows help please
  108. Smoggies
  109. Guitar - Computer Programs
  110. Impressions of the Person above you
  111. Refused - The Shape of Punk to Come
  112. I wonder if PETA seen this...
  113. Home Movies Series Finale
  114. Impersonate the Poster Above You
  115. Robert Ludlum
  116. Today is 04/04/04
  117. Best Iron Maiden Album
  118. the unofficial "It's Monday, Darz returns today" thread
  119. A pretty sad story...
  120. Hyundai Elantra VE
  121. Cherish your children
  122. For Nickelback fans
  123. Happy Birthday PEli !!!!
  125. Car Trouble/Help/Chat Thread
  126. Your favourite meal?
  127. I got compared to....
  128. Passover...Lechem Min Ha Aretz
  129. 100% finished w/ Vice City!!!!
  130. Alanis Morissette mocks the Janet incident
  131. this has GOT to be the most cramped city in the world
  132. The Official Jimi Hendrix Appreciation Thread
  133. Plasma or Projection
  134. Fave Message Board/Forum?
  135. Happy birthday Porn*!!
  136. Why does your day suck?
  137. I need an essay title
  138. Criminology
  139. Best make out songs of all time...
  140. this weekend in Michigan with Kira
  141. Damn it, Did I get Banned??
  142. Rollerblading tips?
  143. Greetings from Tibet
  144. Do you like sports
  145. Happy BELATED B-day GEE WALLY!
  146. Still with your first true Love
  147. Top Ten Aerosmith Songs...
  148. Have you told a lie in your life?
  149. The Gman Appriecation thread (sp) (PROPERTY OF DARZ!)
  150. Body Modification gone wild?
  151. All Our Avatars Are Belong to Darz!! (Property of Darz says I)
  152. Best Typographical Errors you have ever seen?
  153. Does anyone know if this is good or not?
  154. Which would you rather be?
  155. The Japanese are great...
  156. Greetings from Tibet
  157. Are You Lazy
  158. Happy Birthday sveiglar
  159. Orlando Fl Theme Parks - Disney Quest Theme Park?
  160. Hello gang
  161. Hoobastank
  162. Party Animal!?!?!?
  163. The Anti= Darz thread (yes, even this thread is PROPERTY OF DARZ)
  164. Tool working on New Album
  165. Joss Stone, please stop.
  166. A Maze to end all Mazes(Really hard)
  167. In Flames - Countdown to Your Escape
  168. Program to Modify Audio
  169. Velvet Revolver First Single
  170. Graphic Design
  171. Happy Birthday, eSabre
  172. The Name of That Ottawa Senators Song
  173. Melody Pops
  175. So did you really miss me.
  176. Happy Easter!
  177. Reefer Madness
  178. Best and Worst performance from these actors?
  179. eBay question
  180. Guitar/Bass Help.
  181. What's Your Favorite UB40 song?
  182. Ten Worst Album Covers of all time
  183. The Official Winter Semester's Almost Over Thread
  184. Why the Jihad against Babe threads?
  185. Nickelback
  186. If you are drinking tonight post here
  187. Stillmatic lyrics.
  188. Doesn't matter if men listen....
  189. It's past your bedtime!!!
  190. Question about Golf
  191. The Matrix: Ping Pong
  192. Greatest Canadian?
  193. X-Files 2 movie?
  194. nifty new tune
  195. The All Time Band Thread
  196. I'm getting married what songs should/should not play at my wedding?
  197. All time Rock stars draft
  198. Best. Dog. Ever
  199. your top 5 songs of the moment
  200. 20 Best Debut Rock Albums
  201. Any final exam superstitions?
  202. My favourite playoff beer commercial, RUINED!
  203. Bob Dylan and Victoria's Secret:
  204. Parents or "Weird" Al found dead
  205. Dear Gee Wally revived
  206. Last Night A Record Changed My Life...
  207. the Strange Brew appriciation thread
  208. The Omen
  209. Dear Kira
  210. Online Meteor Impact Calculator
  211. Favorite Ramones song
  212. What do you want to be when you grow up
  213. The nature of Man
  214. Corner Gas
  215. Computer Help (Parasite Related)
  216. If you were a fighter, what music would you choose for your ring entrance?
  217. Interesting "double standard" by MTV/VH1
  218. Rebecca Romijn.....Un-Stamos'ed!!!
  219. do you have a life?
  220. The Dangers associated with having a shiny car
  221. Should I learn to play guitar
  222. Fox has officially scrapped the bottom of the barrel
  223. What happened to Matti?
  224. Lesser Known Songs
  225. Greed: Not just for Americans anymore
  226. Jesse Palmer throws an interception
  227. What to do?
  228. Damn my apartment!
  229. name that song
  230. Which one of these 3 Canadian actors do you prefer?
  231. Computer Help Neeeded
  232. My favorite site of all time
  233. Based on your current condition, what should your name be?
  234. HFBoards for President!!!
  235. First Time Living On My Own - Apartment Furnishing Help Please
  236. My cousin's daughter is my...?
  237. guaranteed to make you change the station
  238. College - You went to or are going to
  239. Adobe Acrobat/Reader Problems
  240. Hypothesis on Human Behaviour
  241. Any XBoxers Out There?
  242. Someone remind me why I pay income tax
  243. PS2 Help
  244. Law and Order
  245. Teenagers nowadays...
  246. ~OFFICIAL Zach Morris Appreciation Thread~
  247. My avatar
  248. Greatest website ... EVER.
  249. MY 6,000 post
  250. Oh my god! Happy Birthday Sturminator!!!