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  1. Have you got the Right Stuff?
  2. Who would win a fight between...
  3. I didn't know Hillary Duff even had a sister...
  4. Marlon Brando Dead??? (YOU BET HE IS!)
  5. The amazing Origami Boulder
  6. Tim Horton's coffee
  7. Rate The Poster ^ you
  8. Encourage Kerberos to go to the gym today
  9. I'm back
  10. NHL EHM Released
  11. What is your favourite kind of peanut?
  12. In Need of Some Assistance
  13. Subservient Chicken: This site is crazy!
  14. Turning Auto Complete Off...
  15. Jfont = Zoidberg?
  16. Velvet Revolver - Contraband
  17. Uncle Sam's Jam in Buffalo
  18. Favorite album from each year since 1970
  19. Can someone resize this for me please?
  20. I'm Finally Un-Banned!!
  21. These 14 year olds ROCK!!!
  22. what does KJAY look like
  23. laundry
  24. I Need A Duffman Avatar
  25. Crazy car accident
  26. Chiquita to mix other fruits with banana
  27. Multi Effect Pedals
  28. Rock paper scissors
  29. For the Video Game Geeks
  30. Down's Syndrome
  31. How long are eggs good for?
  32. Canadian fast food chains?
  33. The OFFICIAL Darz Inc. thread
  34. Know any cool bar tricks?
  35. Happy Bday George Harrison
  36. Stan finally finds the perfect at-home margarita
  37. Stan's new archenemy: self-checkout lines
  38. why are fire engines red?
  39. Stan contemplates: What's it like to be a girl?
  40. How to get rid of fruit flys?
  41. Porn* Corp.
  42. Plato
  43. Splinter Cell 2
  44. My company kicks Darz's company's ass
  45. OFFICIAL Porn* Corp. Roll Call
  46. The HF Communist Manifesto
  47. Pearl Jam fans:What's your fav PJ album?
  48. Darth contemplates: What's it like to be a Stan?
  49. Happy 4th
  50. My, how the Dutch have grown...
  51. Need Some Help
  52. Fridge or Zeppelin?
  53. Favorite HF Quote
  54. The International thread
  55. Blog Websites (need some help)
  56. Government anti-trust organization
  57. Neighbors
  58. MACTV: Breaking NEWS!!
  59. Paypal Question
  60. top 5
  61. Platforms games for PS2
  62. name that poster
  63. If you were a video game character
  64. !daerht sdrawkcab etirw ehT
  65. Happy Birthday Go Kim Johnsson!!!
  66. Battle of the HF companies
  67. 5 Years ago Today....
  68. Join the 'Douggy Incorporated' team!!!
  69. So, Who doesn't want to join Darz, Porn, etc.?
  70. Company challenge
  71. Most Haunting Songs Ever
  72. Junior Hockey Bible
  73. Strange dreams
  74. Parents of captive boys sentenced to nine months
  75. Life and a couple of beers...
  76. Spit or Swallow?
  77. My kid's science project blew up and maimed the butler
  78. Question for Thursday Fans
  79. Two teens seriously injured while making pipe bomb
  80. Bands That Could Have Been
  81. REM vs Tragically Hip
  82. Pierre Bernard's recliner of rage
  83. MVP Baseball 2004
  84. Cure for Cancer
  85. Why do Lucky Charms turn the milk gray?
  86. Recommendations for an RPG (PC)
  87. If you owned the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile how would you change it?
  88. Happy Birthday cycle.
  89. Are you the Perfect guy? Check inside and see
  90. about the 'ol official useless thread
  91. What's Yur Screename?
  92. Positions needed at Darz INC
  93. Porn*Z Inc. - Merger of Darz Inc and Porn* Unlimited?
  94. Bench press
  95. INcubus@ACC
  96. As If
  97. Big Brother 5
  98. Is it a bad idea to inject soda into your bloodstream?
  99. Did Kerberos REALLY inject soda into his/her bloodstream
  100. Is Kerberos still alive?
  101. Ya know, we REALLY shouldn't be joking about this.
  102. I Am Batman
  103. goodie
  104. hmmm
  105. Nirvana Sucks
  106. Who has the coolest avatar?
  107. What kind of hockey player are/were you?
  108. The Amazing Race Thread
  109. Pick my new avatar!
  110. Can you beat this game? (very difficult)
  111. THE most annoying song ever?
  112. I Need a Duffman Avatar!!!!!!!!
  113. Out of curiosity....
  114. Rock Paper Saddam
  115. :lol: vs :lol
  116. Ontario to spend $1 billion to restart nuclear reactor
  117. 20
  118. Does Size Matter?
  119. Celebrity Crushes:
  120. What was your Senior thesis?
  121. Danzig sez: "Did I win?"
  122. *Hockey* white or black stick tape?
  123. ****emergency News Bulletin****
  124. Any American fans familiar with Gob?
  125. Canadian bands/artists fame in the States?
  126. Ciao for Now
  127. Pros & Cons of Leasing a New Car?
  128. Cat feces in the closet!
  129. What's your occupation?
  130. HF Kill Darz Inc
  131. Websites that make videos
  132. Friend having computer problems
  133. Your High School's Name
  134. "nearby winnipeg"???
  135. Oh My God. Let It Die!
  136. ahagijagjgajl THE REAL LA RESISTANCE
  137. Thread for People who hate Darz Inc.
  138. Does Sex Sell for you
  139. ***UNOFFICIAL HF Lounge Support Group***
  140. My Friend has a Problem
  141. I have a kanker sour
  142. Cell Phone = Sex
  143. Automotive question:
  144. shut eye
  145. NCAA Football 2005
  146. What is the stupidest expression there is?
  147. Whos at fault here? WHat a B****!!!
  148. Martial Arts Instruction
  149. Hattrick
  150. Post stoopid George Bush quotes here!
  151. Your Favorite Quotes:
  152. do you haiku
  153. did he or didn't he?
  154. Post a cool lyric thread
  155. How many have you had?
  156. One Question: Would you use it?
  157. interesting name I happened to stumble across...
  158. Best/Funnest City?
  159. Generation Kill
  160. What's your chocolate bar of choice?
  161. White Milk or Chocolate Milk?
  162. I think Canadians will get a kick out of this.
  163. Anchorman
  164. What's on your desktop?
  165. Best Comedy movie you`ve ever seen?
  166. Rate the song
  167. And I'm supposed to be a role model.
  168. Attractiveness
  169. Bad movie that you LOVED!
  170. Man raised as a chicken?
  171. Rate The Band: Stone Temple Pilots
  172. 2 for 1
  173. NHL:EHM Trading??
  174. Free Two Year Sporting News Subsciption
  175. Where Do We Go From Here?
  176. Getting a credit card.
  177. Puppetry of the ...
  178. Handtop computers
  179. G'night HF boards.
  180. PLEASE HELP(Screen Upsidedown?)
  181. Share your favourite Photos
  182. final definite proof that old people shouldn't be allowed to drive
  183. Todays your birthday (Sat july 10)
  184. Post Your Comings and Goings
  185. My uncle's unbelievable story
  186. Favorite James Bond movie?
  187. Rename The Poster ^ you
  188. Which hockey game should I buy?
  189. civic engagement
  190. ear candles
  191. The Surreal Chinese Takeout Place
  192. Rate the Band: the White Stripes
  193. Iranian woman gives birth to a healthy frog:
  194. Sunglasses...
  195. Late Night Hit and Run.....well so she thought
  196. I got six ducks outside
  197. T-shirt Designing
  198. (NHL) Cities you most like and least like to live in
  199. Top 5 songs of the week
  200. ITunes question
  201. Inter-racial dating
  202. The #1 Reason not to have an online relationship
  203. break it down
  204. A Brita Ceremony
  205. Movie Cameo you'd like to play
  206. EHM help: roster editor
  207. That tramp!!!
  208. Prank calls or Crank calls
  209. Finch
  210. Reprazent
  211. Power Door/Windows question
  212. Why did God Invent Sorround Sound?
  213. Pat Quinn hero?
  214. So what are everyone's plans for this week/next weekend?
  215. The HF Drinking Song
  216. TiVO help needed!
  217. Van Halen
  218. Best Movie Soundtrack
  219. Its gorgeous outside...
  220. Napoleon Dynamite
  221. MTV, FOX trying to get Maddox as writer
  222. Stacy's Dad
  223. Movin' On up
  224. Halle Berry or Jessica Simpson?
  225. Best One Liners
  226. And I wonder, day to day
  227. best country
  228. 1:1
  229. Pantera appreciation thread
  230. pants on fire
  231. who is in toronto
  232. has anyone here ever gone to africa - last minute tips
  233. Jump the Shark
  234. any level of hockey
  235. NHL:EHM Voice Chat
  236. Predict the occupation of the poster ^ you
  237. AO Assassins Inc
  238. Nike Air Ninety FG
  239. Say hi to the poster above you
  240. Guess what kind of shoes the poster above is wearing.
  241. Guess the middle name of the poster above you.
  242. The ongoing battle of things that are similar: Dar vs. Darz
  243. HF Improvement
  244. Too many "...poster above you" threads?
  245. Argue with the Poster Above you
  246. Have you ever wondered...
  247. My wisdom tooth's coming out...
  248. Engage in oral sex with the poster above you
  249. Leno in SAP
  250. How to block a website?