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  1. Useless Thread MDXXVI: Trivago Guy Appreciation Thread
  2. Check-out ladies at grocery stores
  3. The History Channel
  4. Sausage Party Movie
  5. Useless Thread MDXXVII: White Women
  6. Exploring Your Mind
  7. Jaywalkers
  8. Why are restaurants so skimpy with sauce?
  9. Whoppers
  10. GDT: St. Patrick's Day
  11. rihanna work
  12. Useless Thread MDXXVIII: 🐶😍
  13. How many people would order a Big Mac without the meat?
  14. Team Samoas or Team Thin Mints?
  15. Have you ever been to a KFC buffet location?
  16. have you ever gone no sleep for 3+ days?
  17. Man with knife allegedly hijacks Toronto bus to go to Tim Hortons
  18. RIP RayP
  19. Favourite Flavour of Ice Cream
  20. ottawa or Jangling Man
  21. Useless Thread MDXXIX: Try Cherry Garcia
  22. Old Country Buffet
  23. since we met I feel a lightness in my step
  24. Any firearms fans here?
  25. Once again, I did it : tremendous omelette
  26. Your Favorite Energy Drink
  27. Useless Thread MDXXX: Christian Pulisic Appreciation
  28. New Zealand Robot delivers Dominos pizza
  29. Iced Tea
  30. Doland please come back we need you
  31. Paying for things by card
  32. British government pooh-poohs winning 'Boaty McBoatface' name for ship
  33. Industrial hydrolic press vs hockey puck
  34. Taking Escalators and Elevators
  35. Math Coincidence - Incredible!
  36. Useless Thread MDXXXI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow
  37. HFBoards Needs an Overhaul
  38. RIP Rob Ford
  39. Announcement: The Return of Doland
  40. When I was a young boy
  42. Shawty Thread 100: 100 THREADS OF SHAWTY
  43. GDT: Jungle Jim's Wednesday Wild and Wacky Wing Nite!
  44. Traffic ticket question.
  45. Useless Thread MDXXXII: RIP Grand Old Man, #7 Aarne "Dynamo" Honkavaara
  46. What's the point of having car insurance?
  47. Watch This Tokyo Zoo Hold an Emergency Zebra/Rihno/Tiger Escape Drill
  48. Happy anniversary to me :)
  49. Unwanted Gift Cards
  50. Yesterday Was World Water Day
  51. I'm going to my first concert
  52. HFBoards: A Full Time Job
  53. Useless Thread MDXXXIII: Guatemala 2 - USA 0
  54. Are U Eating MEAT TODAY?
  55. Happy Birthday Fire Sather
  56. It Really Sucks to Be Named Jennifer Null
  57. And I'm gonna love you Like I'm gonnnna lose you
  58. Jungle Jim's Chickn WING DOLANd AMA: Part III
  59. Nominee for Idiot of the Year
  60. Are you all real or just a dream?
  61. if I could choose a place to die
  62. Do You Sit in the Shower
  63. Useless Thread MDXXXIV: Is Jenrry Mejia elite?
  64. Whatever happened to Ron Propeil?
  65. New Tim Hortons Commercial: The True Story of a Man Who Hoards Timmys Cups
  66. Happy Easter 🐇
  67. It's been a long time....
  68. Useless Thread MDXXXV: i have returned as YOUR LEADER
  69. Your Staple Dinner
  70. Useless Thread MDXXXVI: Note 5 Appreciation Thread
  71. Eat 10 raw eggs per day
  72. If Shaggy didn't do it, who actually did it?
  73. Looking for an old TSN Hockey song
  74. Twix Spread has arrived (The Nutella Killer)
  75. Study: People Who Point Out Typos Are Jerks
  76. Questions for Canadians
  77. Did the real Slim Shady ever stand up?
  78. Useless Thread MDXXXVII: this is the next one.
  79. American looking into moving to Canada
  80. Feeling Blue
  81. GDT: April Fool's Day 2016
  82. First Graders Plot To Kill Classmate
  83. Useless Thread MDXXXVIII: WhiteMandingo 10,000th Post Jamboree!
  84. got pulled over for being on my phone.....was on hfboards
  85. Snoopavision
  86. Seven am, waking up in the morning
  87. When drinking from an aluminum can, I...
  88. Have you ever heard of Republic Wireless?
  89. Welcome to the game
  90. Useless Thread MDXXXIX: Tibetan Jockey appreciation thread
  91. Official what is my ctrl v thread
  92. love may come and tap you on the shoulder some starless night
  93. creating a password
  94. List things you love
  95. if you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms
  96. Describe yourself in three words
  97. McDonald's Monopoly
  98. Useless Thread MDXL: So fierce. So feared. I am Tibetan Jockey.
  99. `Quote of the Day` is absolute ****ing garbage
  100. Ketchup vs Mustard
  101. What's the worst pain you've ever felt?
  102. Today is the first day
  103. Useless Thread MDXLI: Another Dash of Tea Jay
  104. Make The Lounge Great Again
  105. Go on, Mojo
  106. Crushing a hockey puck?
  107. Hello VEGAN ALERT!!!!
  108. Let's Be Real Here
  109. Celebrate Success RIGHT
  110. Uber Insurance
  111. GMU Forced to Rename Law School After Awkward Acronym
  112. Useless Thread MDXLII: Cigarettes After Sex
  113. you are $0.01 of eligible items to your order to qualify for FREE Shipping
  114. Useless Thread MDXLIII: Happy 52nd Birthday Biz Markie (please see post 578)
  115. Quinoa Appreciation Thread
  116. Official Lounge Ultimate Team (LUT) 2015-2016 Season Pt. III - Playoffs
  117. Hockey fan scores $100K shot
  118. Did you know Guinness Draught is Vegan?
  119. Today is gonna be the day
  120. [Semi-Serious] what time did you woke up today?
  121. Cable cord-cutting numbers soar in Canada thanks to Netflix, high prices, says report
  122. Useless Thread MDXLIV: Paige Spiranac Awareness Thread
  123. Coca-Cola Freestyle
  124. Looks like I picked the wrong week... To make LNGE great again.
  125. I'm wicked mad to KNOW!
  126. Help me get to 900 posts !
  127. Random Rants!
  128. Useless Thread MDXLV: Welcome Back Michel Therrien!
  129. [Serious] The State of the Lounge
  130. When did Doland give up his chicken wing addiction?
  131. Compare a lounge poster to an NHL player
  132. Mr. Sub Appreciation Thread
  133. HF Lounge NHL Playoffs Bracket
  134. self glorified posters who think they're hot **** making every post about themselves.
  135. [Serious] what time are you going to sleep tonight?
  136. [Serious] Gardein Holiday Roast Appreciation Thread
  137. [Serious] The Lounge is at it's Peak of Greatness
  138. [Serious] Have you ever heard another HF member on mic
  139. woke up stomping the bed by trying to kill a spider in my dream
  140. [CEREAL] of the LNGE
  141. Anyone here make things out of used hockey sticks?
  142. [Serious] I'm not very mechanical as I usually use my horse to get around town
  143. Save a horse
  144. Slither
  145. Why are there so many fictional characters named Frank or John?
  146. [Serious] Couple things I would like to talk about
  147. Useless Thread MDXLVI: [Serious] Lounge EASHL discussion 4/11/16 (1-4-0)
  148. [Serious] State of the Lounge
  149. Do you refer to Toronto as "The 6"?
  150. [Mysterious] I am graduating and stuff.
  151. [Serious] Shiitake mushrooms are absolute ****ing garbage
  152. Parked Car Hit and Run
  153. Maps
  154. [Serious] Hotel question
  155. Useless Thread MDXLVII: There's tanking by having an awful team
  156. [Serious] Worst poster in LNGE history hitting 4000 posts
  157. Ask Jangling Man
  158. [SERIOUS] help me pick a bandwagon team
  159. [Sirius] Banana Toffee Crunch Trail Mix
  160. [super cereal] Walmart unappreciation thread
  161. [SERIOUS] Is FyC the greatest LOUNGE poster of all time?
  162. Best Prank Ever?
  163. Useless Thread MDXLVIII: When Guerszey hops in >>>>
  164. Hockey
  165. “millennial friendly” theaters coming to a place near you!
  166. what's it like having 100,000+ posts?
  167. [Serious] Share your favorite recipes
  168. Theif ditches stolen police parking lot.
  169. Water + Soda
  170. Just imagine
  171. Dufresne party of two!
  172. Tea
  173. Ice Water
  174. Useless Thread MDXLIX: JonTron and AVGN Appreciation Thread
  175. [SERIOUS] For those who continue to complain about the lounge every day
  176. [Honestly] Did you ever fantasize yourself heading a boy-band as a kid?
  177. Almond/Cashew Butter
  178. [Serious] Average house price in Canada jumps 15% to $508,567 in March
  179. [SERIOUS] Question
  180. What is most likely to bring about the extinction of the human race?
  181. What are your biggest goals for your life? What progress have you made.
  182. What is holding you back from being the person you want to be?
  183. Is what we perceive reality or just a construct of our minds?
  184. What is the most uplifting thing happening in the world right now?
  185. If you had to sum up the whole human species in 3 words, what would those words be?
  187. McDonald's Considers Customizable Desserts and All-You-Can-Eat Fries
  188. [PSA] Announcement: Please Stop Posting
  189. Useless Thread MDL: Go Blueshirts
  190. Eerie fact
  191. Post a pic of your latest purchase
  192. [Serious] Tire pressure indicator malfunction
  193. [desperate] can't sign in google chrome [solved-ish]
  194. Sasquatch Is Real
  195. [SERIOUS] when u ...
  196. [Serious] People are selling bags of air from Kobe Bryant's Final Game on eBay
  197. How Long is your typical work week ?
  198. Amount of Subs/Person before it gets annoying
  199. [Serious] Insomniacs
  200. Useless Thread MDLI: Show Some Class
  201. Public Service Announcement
  202. Oh no, not again, it claimed another.
  203. Milestone thread, thanks for the support
  204. Special Announcement
  205. I just got my driver's permit
  206. [SERIOUS] FyC's Daily reminder thread
  207. [SERIOUS] Things we now know
  208. [Serious]
  209. Get back to work.
  210. MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way)
  211. Live puppy cam to cheer you up!
  212. still cant figure out how to get the exact 4 gallons out of 5G jug and 3G jug
  213. Favorite type of fart?
  214. winter tires
  215. Lounge president 2016!!
  216. Useless Thread MDLII: The Panthers/Isles series is the best this round
  217. What's the hottest peppers you've eaten and casually eats?
  218. I know when that cop light bling
  219. [[i][b]SERIOUS[/b][/i]] EARTH DAY (Fri 22 April) Tips and Discussion OFFICIAL THREAD
  220. A woman is 90 years old
  221. Happy 6th Birthday to my Dog
  222. Suh doo?
  223. 29 Yr Old Posing As A High School Student
  224. [Serious] Chimpanzee attempts escape in Japan
  225. What a time to be alive...
  226. Useless Thread MDLIII: Only Jabronies Sell Chel
  227. Thief
  228. They drank up their wine
  229. Happy St.George's Day!
  230. In the cab Iím wearing a double-breasted cashmere and wool overcoat...
  231. Blue raspberry Lemonade
  232. What do you think of the puppy/monkey/baby commercial? Please discuss.
  233. How do I log out?
  234. GDT: The Lounge Spring BBQ (Closed in preparation of the Summer BBQ)
  235. The Five Guys Scam
  236. Useless Thread MDLIV: RIP Hank, Panthers, Flyers, one of Blues/Hawks
  237. NEW YORK ClTY
  238. [Serious] Attire shopping
  239. The Patty Winters Show
  240. Lounge president 1st stage of voting
  241. Beefy Crunch Burrito Discussion/Appreciation Thread
  242. What happen?
  243. [Serious] Happy Birthday Mantis Toboggan
  244. Texas Lawyer Suing Restaurant Over Not Receiving Free Bowl Of Soup
  245. Useless Thread MDLV: Any good golf courses in Chicago?
  246. Tic Tac Mixers
  247. Styrofoam noises are the worst!
  248. Stunned, feverish, feeling empty, I contemplate the next move.
  249. Tennessee resident ordered to remove zombie statue from his lawn
  250. [DEAD SERIOUS] Biggest Regrets