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  1. Share if you believe in Santa Claus
  2. Safety Razors - best blades
  3. Your tan line is showing :O
  4. Useless Thread MDCLXXV: It's Friday Boys We Made It
  5. Go to avatar settings and select santa hat
  6. It's the most wonderful time of the year
  7. The Friday Thread
  8. My Face When
  9. Superfluous
  10. Weber Appreciation Thread
  11. How many jobs have you had?
  12. That's what you get
  13. How big does a gingerbread house have to be, before it counts as real estate?
  14. Do you condition your hair?
  15. Useless Thread MDCLXXVI: Pittsburgh Penguins Appreciation Thread
  16. I am a gambling addict...
  17. share your unpopular opinions
  18. Ix - pls put a satna hat on ur avatar pls
  19. HFBoards The Lounge Theme Song Vote
  20. Waiting For My Flight - AMA
  21. Stay LNGE
  22. Amazon Go, the Grocery Store
  23. Kangaroo rumble
  24. Useless Thread MDCLXXVII: '07 changed my life
  25. The 2016 Lounge Awards
  26. Lounge Mannequin Challenge
  27. Whose laptop/pc/chromecast can play this video without stuttering
  28. Meat Pies for the boys
  29. Guy Forgets How to Microwave Oatmeal
  30. strangeness of the time
  31. Useless Thread MDCLXXVIII: Everclear and Kool-Aid Packets
  32. What is your favorite shape?
  33. Stop and chats
  34. Can you break your hair?
  35. What Other Sub Forums of HF boards are you active on
  36. I'm stuck
  37. Would you be able to spend six months here?
  38. How often do you wash your hair?
  39. Useless Thread MDCLXXIX: Cider Appreciation Thread
  40. How often do you wash your beard?
  41. A U ready for HF Apocalypse? will G F O P live to post another day?
  42. If I Listened Long Enough to You
  43. Happy Human Rights Day
  44. Hello, this is your propane tank.
  45. whats your favourite colour
  46. is the lounge overrated
  47. what will you do during tomorrows shutdown
  48. hermione granger or emma watson
  49. The most important question ever
  50. Give me the water
  51. Chicken wings
  52. how much wood
  53. Whitemandingo
  54. Value of Zaide + Oogie Boogie
  55. Are you a snapchat user?
  56. is weber a elite hf poster
  57. my computer is about to die
  58. fugu
  59. happy birthday
  60. Ser Woof
  61. Picture of ixcuincle
  62. Joe Thornton or SoupyFIN
  63. Chance the Rapper Appreciation Thread
  64. GDT: #TeamMeat vs #TeamVegan
  65. G F O P - what does it mean
  66. wasnt me
  67. What is your favourite beer?
  68. The Ultimate Challenge
  69. HisIceness
  70. My friend Finnish your Czech
  71. do you prefer the bauer nexus 1n glove or the bauer supreme totalone mx3 glove
  72. Just a Thread That wasn't Started by Weber
  73. jeff skinner and winona ryder look eerily similar
  74. We got a Weber problem
  75. What do I do when a girl gets flirty with me?
  76. Dog visits dying owner in hospital to give heartbreaking goodbye
  77. How do I skate
  78. Useless Thread MDCLXXX: We Can Fix HF We Have The Technology
  79. bork
  80. I don't like any of you
  81. what do i do when a boy gets flirty with me??
  82. Would you pay $45 US DOLLARS for this PIZZA?
  83. pls advice
  84. How old do you think you fellow loungers are?
  85. How do you decide which end of the burrito to start from?
  86. the sooner you fall behind the more time you will have to catch up
  87. Petition Against Guerzy
  88. embrace the cold
  89. Useless Thread MDCLXXXI: Mods are Asleep-Post Ducks
  90. If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me? (I'm dying)
  91. Jacket off
  92. Happy Birthday, Taylor Swift!
  93. Santa Claus grants dying boy final wish, dies in Santa's arms.
  94. Ixcuincle's dream job ! Company hiring an emoji translator
  95. Pour one out
  96. Guy gives a cringey shoutout to his "supermodel" girlfriend
  97. Boys, The
  98. The Official HF LNGE Dream Journal
  99. Thank you to the HFBoards moderation team
  100. What is your favorite firewood to burn
  101. I am hatred, darkness, & despair
  102. We are spirits
  103. Post a Picture of a Woolly Mammoth if this is the Lounge
  104. *VERY* important dating question
  105. This is the Return
  106. Lounge Secret Santa (send an anonymous thoughtful message to an HF colleague)
  107. GDT: ATTN SoupyFIN - Panthers vs Jets • One of us gets exiled •
  108. hummus appreciation thread
  109. Olli Guacamole VS Carolinas Identity
  110. Useless Thread MDCLXXXII: Can you tell me how to get How to get to Sesame Street?
  111. Do you keep your cellphone on while you sleep?
  112. Post a story about a time when something stupid happened to you
  113. GoPro`s are absolute ****ing garbage
  114. Everybody in the USA
  115. Scared money don't make no money
  116. Do you guise kno where cartoon vampires come from??!
  117. Ixcuincle, Shrimper, Zaide and Peener milestone watch
  118. Useless Thread MDCLXXXIII: friendship appreciation thread
  119. Just played a 4 player game of Sorry by myself, AMA
  120. Squirrel-Spiders are real
  121. My opinion on the Harry Potter series
  122. @Guerzy
  123. "Plant" and "Animal" Among Given Names Chosen For Newborns in 2016.
  124. Post in this thread
  125. Guy is afraid to jump, fears he might die.
  126. Useless Thread MDCLXXXIV: Salty
  127. In just 850 post`s
  128. [Petition] The official LNGE "Stop Ix from Ubering in the morning" petition
  129. Is honey mustard the best condiment?
  130. Would you be able to defeat Darth Vader in a fight?
  131. Dave's Killer Bread
  132. Natural Peanut Butter
  133. Giant panda wrestles with snowman at Toronto Zoo
  134. Crazy Weird Sky Things Thread
  135. Anyone remember the name of the movie where Michael J. Fox goes back to the future?
  136. suineg a er'uoy siht dear nac uoy fI
  137. How many teaspoons of sugar in your coffee/tea?
  138. Illinois Man Sues McDonald's over "Extra Value Meal"
  139. Guy drives a Zamboni through a Tim Horton's Drive Thru
  140. Batdance
  141. Store bought OJ is absolute ****ing garbage.
  142. question about moonlite
  143. My password is 12345
  144. i found this humerus
  145. Gabe the Red-Nosed Doggo
  146. The Ultimate HF Struggle....
  147. train hopping
  148. I know this shouldn't be a lonely time
  149. Christmas Eve 2016 GDT
  150. Official Christmas Gift Thread
  151. you don't have to ask why?
  152. I have found the worst person in the world
  153. All I Want for Christmas
  154. Gabriel Iglesias (decent?)
  155. Christmas *****
  156. christmas thread for star trek nerds ONLY!!!
  157. Birthday candle`s are absolute ****ing garbage
  158. How is basketball considered a real sport?
  159. Useless Thread MDCLXXXV: 2016 Is Almost Over
  160. Russian Deep-Sea Fisher Shares His Monster Discoveries on Twitter
  161. if there is a mouse in your house what are you going to do
  162. Frozen Pizza Thread
  163. GDT: ixcuincle is in Portugal (UPDATE: Now in New York City)
  164. Missing person ALERT! Strathroy ON, Canada
  165. So I just quit my job...
  166. I own one of the Seven Dwarven Rings of Power from LOTR
  167. What Each State googled more than any other State in 2016
  168. America's TOP spelling mistakes
  169. Is competitive eating a sport?
  170. Do you "Preview" your posts?
  171. Worst Potato Chips
  172. Carnegie Deli to close!
  173. Which of these Ice Cube projects was better?
  174. Run-DMC Sues Amazon & Walmart For $50M
  175. What is the best hot sauce in the world, and why is it Cholula's?
  176. I'm tired of seeing pictures on a screen
  177. New Year's Eve GDT
  178. 2017 New Years Resolution Thread
  179. Useless Thread MDCLXXXVI: Party like it's 2017
  180. How does Ix have so many posts when he is never online??!
  181. An Irishman walks into a Canadian pub....
  182. 2017 travel thread--where are you going this year?
  183. I think the function of suffering is to let me know that my perception is skewed
  184. How is golf considered a real sport?
  185. Post your EDC
  186. Dried Fruit
  187. Happy Birthday Weber
  188. how is hunting considered a sport
  189. Useless Thread MDCLXXXVII - Eh Oh Canada Go
  190. How do you answer rhetorical questions?
  191. BEST Potato Chip
  192. I have come bearing gifts
  193. how many girls have u kissed
  194. Canada Goose jackets
  195. should I tell her, or should I be cool?
  196. Siblings
  197. Hey Fellas, how much vCash would you spend on a date?
  198. Why would you ever ****ing get a neck tattoo?
  199. Tidal waves don't beg forgiveness, crashed and on their way.
  200. G f o p???
  201. Plant-based diet
  202. Fence or lake
  203. I am one with the Force.
  204. Useless Thread MDCLXXXVIII - TJ Hooker Appreciation Thread
  205. Mine is....
  206. Resting heart rate
  207. What happens when you put two robots in the same piece?
  208. Why would you ever ****ing wear a man bun?
  209. [Serious] Visiting Sweden this summer
  210. Vape Nation Means Never Die
  211. New Hat
  212. Useless Thread MDCLXXXIX: Let Uber Take You On A European Vacation
  213. Blue Apron
  214. First Kiss
  215. Captain Canuck vs Guardian
  216. Post your outfit of the day
  217. Useless Thread MDCXC: Reminiscing about the old LNGE
  218. Applying for Moderator
  219. Toronto
  220. Where is she
  221. 12-Year-Old Boy Points Gun At Classmate's Head For Chicken McNugget
  222. Can someone direct me to the nearest bathroom?
  223. [SERIOUS POLL] Which HFBoards Poster Is Depicted In This .gif?
  224. Water Appreciation Thread
  225. McDonald's All-Day Breakfast Being Tested in Canada
  226. Restaurant worker wards off knife-wielding robber with soup ladle
  227. Useless Thread MDCXCI: Antoni Gaudi Appreciation Thread
  228. what (legal) medication and supplements do you take daily
  229. they're dying to shake you
  230. I never wanna get so I high that I can't come back down to real life
  231. A quarter of a million
  232. Checking if car locked
  233. Post Your Netflix "Continue Watching" List
  234. Useless Thread MDCXCII: Harris Wittels Remembrance Thread
  235. Useless Thread MDCXCIII: 1 Post = 1 Kiss
  236. For $8,000 this startup will fill your veins with the blood of young people
  237. Useless Thread MDCXCIV: ME IRL
  238. LNGE Overwatch Crew
  239. no one knows what it's like.... to be the bad man.... to be the sad man.....
  240. Should bathing in Skittle`s be allowed?
  241. BIG Congrats to Mitch and Kara
  242. McDonalds Canada (Now With More Nuts) !
  243. have you ever tried fusion cooking?
  244. Coconut Water Sucks
  245. Flash
  246. Is a Big Mac with bacon really a Big Mac?
  247. Useless Thread MDCXCV: Tsss wut about MENS JULY?
  248. RIP Gabe the Doggo.... :'(
  249. Fast Food Deal`s
  250. So... Here is the thing...