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  1. Happy Birthday CMP!
  2. My name is Ser Woof, Ask me Anything!
  3. So this is what's happening in my neck of the woods
  4. Best electric shaver
  5. Tea
  6. Useless Thread MCCLXII: #IsItOctoberYet?
  7. Cigarette smoke coming through my air conditioner
  8. I'm drinking a Grande Zen Tea from Starbucks
  9. Russian Litter Vigilante!
  10. If I said you had a beautiful body...
  11. I wanna be like Kanye!
  12. How can I cash a cashiers check?
  13. a spiderman thread
  14. Cool new $1 million playground in Vancouver area
  15. Getting Teeth Removed
  16. Kid B is a R00DNYK
  17. Idiot newlyweds almost hit by train
  18. Hot Fries and Headaches
  19. Getting around...for the sick youg adult
  20. Bench Appreciation Thread
  21. HF local meetups?
  22. Shaving cuts
  23. Happy Birthday TJ
  24. Which "Canadian Artist" Songs Could You Do Without?
  25. Useless Thread MCCLXIII: Iroquois Nationals Appreciation Thread
  26. withdrawal symptoms
  27. Working Retail
  28. Pick Up Lines Thread
  29. What's your opinion of Mike Tyson?
  30. Voices
  31. Can anyone guess what this object is?
  32. White Castle BOGO
  33. stood on the edge, tied to the noose
  34. What's the most interesting costume/mask you wore at Halloween?
  35. Which do you prefer?
  36. I ate a bowl of Nails for breakfast
  37. 5K
  38. Happy Birthday LPH!
  39. Burger King Closing Restaurants In Ontario
  40. Weird Food you like to eat.
  41. There Was A D2: The Mighty Ducks 20 Year Reunion
  42. Hero Burger
  43. Greatest Lounge moments ever?
  44. Useless Thread MCCLXIV: This thread still isn't dead
  45. Thank you SUKHPAL / Nilay is NOT SUKHPAL/ Neither is VENESSA
  46. Shopping retail
  47. Charge your new iphone in a microwave.
  48. TIL Snails eat Shrimp
  49. Yummmm Mackers.
  50. References to real life scenarios in Harry Potter books
  51. English Vocabulary Quiz
  52. Who was Jesus?
  53. The zombie apocalypse has begun
  54. Can you defend this police officer's actions?
  55. I cant get the tsn radio to work on the new tsn page?
  56. India Gets Satellite Into Mars Orbit
  57. happy birthday krishna
  58. My new favorite website
  59. Lounge search function is back
  60. Useless Thread MCCLXV: Love in the Time of Cholera
  61. Create your own party mix
  62. now that I know what I'm without
  63. Can there be a healthy bacon burger??
  64. Would you pick up a hitchhiker?
  65. Hilarious Pictures Thread XIX
  66. Mr.Spooky's Virtual Haunted House!
  67. This is so ****ing cool
  68. Gelato > Ice cream
  69. If someone came up to you and handed you a book......
  70. Happy National Coffee Day
  71. 37,000th post (edited for autocorrect because fat thumbs small phone)
  72. Useless Thread MCCLXVI: #TheChallenge2014 #FIFA15 #GetOnPs4
  73. Who are you?
  74. Cause you are a peace of meeeaaat
  75. Prisencolinensinainciusol
  76. pneumonoultramicro-scopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
  77. Preparation H Appreciation Thread
  78. My second son was born Monday
  79. Grow Hair For Cancer
  80. How do you get hot girls off of POF?
  81. I'll have a coffee please
  82. List your HF username changes
  83. Just learned you can change thread title while viewing threads by 2x clicking title
  84. Guess the next poster II
  85. Pig in Australia Steals 18 Beers from Campers, Gets Drunk, Fights Cow
  86. What a legend
  87. Do you feel like someone is always after you?
  88. Useless Thread MCCLXVII: Car Appreciation Thread
  89. Heading to Germany, what should I expect?
  90. It's October 3rd
  91. National Trichotillomania Awareness Week
  92. TJ on Money
  93. TJ on Health
  94. Shawty Thread 93 - Hyvää joulua
  95. yes we can
  96. I Did It
  97. I backed into a cop car the other day
  98. MonahanForCalder 4k celebration thread
  99. Accidently ate wax
  100. TJ on Love
  101. Choose your lord
  102. Gas prices...
  103. What is the closest thing to you
  104. Happy Birthday Juzmo!
  105. Look at me
  106. TJ on Adventure
  107. Useless Thread MCCLXVIII: Frig off
  108. Redneck Engineering
  109. Favorite Flavor of Mcdonalds Frappes
  110. TJ on Religion
  111. Meet Dream Dog
  112. how can i match with hot girls on tinder
  113. I'm going to Stockholm for a week, what should I do?
  114. TJ on Nature
  115. Need a medical diagnosis - Can't find it on WebMD. HELP!
  116. 16 men named ‘Darth Vader' are running for parliamentary elections in Ukraine
  117. TJ on Yoga
  118. TJ on TJ
  119. It's 1:50am and I can't sleep.
  120. Question about TJ
  121. where is ixcuincle now
  122. What is the most important ingredient in pizza?
  123. Has anyone here tried eHarmony or or other dating sites?
  124. Omar vs DBU
  125. Girl went to daycare with 249 bags of heroin in backpack
  126. Just got home
  127. TJ on Family
  128. Useless Thread MCCLXIX: Hockej Returns
  129. Chili: beans or no beans?
  130. TJ vs TJ
  131. Extreme Hammock
  132. Epic Nintendo collection for sale.
  133. Horse Yoga
  134. Jalapeno/Balsamic Vinegar&Sweet Onion Miss Vickies Appreciation Thread
  135. Jumpoline
  136. IKT:College Tuition in Germany Abolished
  137. The players gonna play play play play play and the haters gonna hate hate hate hate
  138. TJ on Investing
  139. how good is your color perception?
  140. I like all of these people
  141. nights like this it seems are slowly fleeting
  142. Favorite dipping sauce for chicken nuggets
  143. Dwarf stripper gets bride pregnant on her hen night
  144. Rate the member title above you
  145. Pizza Hut Korea's Ridiculous New, Star-Shaped Pizza is Dessert & Dinner in One
  146. Werewolves of London
  147. Happy Thanksgiving
  148. My selfie just hit a hundred likes
  149. I think we all have
  150. Popular foods you hate?
  151. What a wicked thing to do
  152. Thanksgiving Dinner
  153. Useless Thread MCCLXX: Have TJ Brodie on your fantasy team
  154. Animal sounds are fun to make. Let's make some animal sounds together :)
  155. Man's mug shot goes viral - The craziest ever tattoos from sports fans
  156. Does anyone own an inversion table?
  157. Pizza and Fries
  158. 3 Countries in 4 Days!
  159. Lock please
  160. Worlds guest-friendliest people. Albanians?
  161. Happy Birthday RainbowDeathBunny!
  162. Family adds cat to house sale: price ups by 140k
  163. Randy Orton RKO's the internet
  164. Beer brewers thread
  165. Do you like going to Irish pubs?
  166. Hummus vs Tzatziki
  167. Going to a LIGHTS concert this Thursday
  168. Extra Live Hockey Video Game Marathon!!
  169. Why do embedded youtube videos play automatically and how can i disable that feature?
  170. hey ottawa
  171. I stay Out too late
  172. Vegan Roll Call
  173. Molf.
  174. Laws/Rules your country has that are weird
  175. Hard Cider anyone?
  176. Ha Ha! Time for...
  177. Happy Birthday TherapyforGlencross!
  178. Boba
  179. Are there car dealerships in New York?
  180. I hate when you get kicked out of a restaurant
  181. Best cookies?
  182. Deadmau5 found in cup of coffee
  183. Do you gamble?
  184. I hate it when you get kicked into a restaurant
  185. whats the most food you ate in one meal?
  186. I don't quite know how to say how I feel
  187. Iggy Azalea appreciation thread
  188. RIP Mitch Hedberg
  189. Useless Thread MCCLXXI: Mischa thinks i'm a friendzoning doodyhead
  190. Little Caesars Pizza Appreciation Thread
  191. RIP Abe Lincoln
  192. Do you brush your teeth with hot or cold water?
  193. RIP squirrel
  194. my toddler screwed up my keyboard
  195. Your investing style/preferences
  196. Rate the Avatar of the Person Above You Part 17
  197. Egoraptor
  198. Interviewing a Police Officer
  199. wild food appreciation thread
  200. A question about police
  201. Cake vs. pie
  202. corporate consumer product or service appreciation thread
  203. Meet the Babysitter
  204. Polar Bears force Canadians to move Halloween indoors
  205. vBookie thread: ottawa's rise to fame (part II) UPDATE #142
  206. Something that changed your life?
  207. The Invincible Spider
  208. How does Canada Post stay in business?
  209. My Neighbour has the Worst Visitors
  210. Everyday Horoscopes
  211. Why does the DMV get a bad rap?
  212. Useless Thread MCCLXXII: Don't get a tattoo of a band you've listened to for 3 months
  213. Exam got cancelled
  214. Chinese Woman Spends Week At KFC After Breaking Up With Boyfriend
  215. Let's build a city!
  216. Eggo Appreciation Thread
  217. Beer
  218. If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future?
  219. Who Else Wants A Hoverboard For Christmas?
  220. Pick one youtube channel you would recommend for everyone to follow
  221. Tomorrow is Caturday
  222. In general: Should there be an IQ test in order to vote?
  223. Count from 1001 to 2000 (part ii)
  224. Wait, another school shooting? Near Seattle this time it seems.
  225. How fast can you type?
  226. Ebola Pt. 2: Seeking A Friend For the End of the World
  227. Please help me understand why...
  228. TherapyforGlencross Time- A Talkin' Blog
  229. Famished flock feasts on cannabis plants
  230. Woman Has To Be Rescued After Getting Stuck In Ex’s Chimney In Thousand Oaks
  231. Police hunt man in spotty onesie
  232. Russia: Man fights off bear with old computer
  233. 11 of the World’s Creepiest Places
  234. Appreciation Thread Appreciation Thread
  235. I can't write love songs when I'm on these things
  236. oops.. spending 2.5 hours on a train accidentally
  237. Rapper’s wife shuts down show after he gives cocaine to chicks in the crowd
  238. Useless Thread MCCLXXIII: Pingudreau
  239. Happy Birthday fan75!
  240. I Was on the Jumbotron at the Flyers game tonight...
  241. We are in a hockey forum and we don't say "gratzky" in celebration threads
  242. I am unable to hold down relationships with women
  243. moving to Pa
  244. The Elite 50, 000 Club
  245. HF or GF
  246. Jian Gomeshi Sex Scandal
  247. Post your favourite TED talks in here
  248. Should DBU hook us all up with free Gamecenter?
  249. If you had the chance.......
  250. Sour Patch Kids Appreciation Thread