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  1. Bagels appreciation thread
  2. You're wrong
  3. French Toast Crunch returning to USA after 9 year hiatus
  4. Where dey at doe
  5. Why do people eat painfully spicy food?
  6. What is BAE
  7. Let's count to 1 backwards starting from 10!
  8. Calgary's Worst Driver
  9. The Sound of Carl's Jr
  10. Google was originally called "Backrub"
  11. Do you plan to party on New Years eve?
  12. come with me
  13. Best Day/She Came home!!! 12.13.14
  14. man throWS snake over Tim Horton's counter in Saskatoon
  15. Tapatalk?
  16. Backyard Rink Dismantled After Complaint
  17. I have a headache on the right side of my head and have blurry vision
  18. Birth control for men
  19. Put The Bone In
  20. McDonald's to slim down U.S. menus, ingredient lists
  21. Always get extra chicken at KFC
  22. Useless Thread MCCLXXXIX: Strava Appreciation Thread
  23. Best refillable lighters
  24. Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon
  25. Franck Gervais Video
  26. Dimes vs Quarters
  27. Life flashed before my eyes today
  28. Was Bernier right or wrong?
  29. Public Breast Feeding: Yay or Nay?
  30. Favorite morning drink
  31. Possible Side Effects of Being Vegan
  32. Kangaroo GOAT animal
  33. We talkin' 'bout napkins man
  34. Anyone move to a different metro area and have their life change very positively?
  35. Explain your username
  36. Rate the poster above you Thread
  37. secret Santa
  38. Useless Thread MCCXC: The Dating Thread
  39. The Unhealthiest State in the US is...
  40. Anyone here ever sell their car before?
  41. One Vine to rule them all
  42. Favorite card in a deck
  43. AMA, I Am Sarcastic
  44. Let's have a hoedown
  45. Anxiety attacks
  46. Useless Thread MCCXCI: Blank Space
  47. Caption This.
  48. Happy birthday, Taylor Swift!
  49. get set
  50. English words you have trouble pronouncing
  51. Anyone use Nair?
  52. Squirrel Appreciation Thread
  53. LIGHTS singing national anthem (lock thread)
  54. ottawa appreciation thread
  55. I almost got arrested last night for doing nothing.
  56. Useless Thread MCCXCII: Tim Erixon Depreciation Thread
  57. Football in high school
  58. Sylvan or Kumon
  59. Does your city have light rail and/or a subway system?
  60. #SydneySiege
  61. what's the difference between a moped and a scooter?
  62. RIP Angalifu
  63. Compost after death?
  64. So...
  65. Going to Wales in UK : Suggestions ?
  66. Useless Thread MCCXCIII - The arrival of [redacted]
  67. Water + Milk
  68. Cow leads cops on lengthy chase, gets shot
  69. Useless Thread MCCXCIV - Watch The Interview Here!
  70. Since we're already talking milk
  71. Christmas Discussion Thread
  72. Roses are red
  73. Theatre Subscription Service
  74. Menthol cigarettes Vs. Regular cigarettes
  75. Sad Story
  76. What can I do to win poster of the year?
  77. How do you pronounce the letter H?
  78. Useless Thread MCCXCV: **Victorious Intensifies**
  79. Hey RayP....
  80. Prior to this NHL season, have you ever heard of anyone having the mumps?
  81. Man Spends over 150K to look like Kim Kardashian
  82. Need a Gift Idea
  83. Scientists discover Walking Fish
  84. Twin sister gets revenge on cheating sister and husband
  85. My Merlin cat
  86. Santa Claus Tip
  87. Monkey Tasered after chocolate-fuelled bender
  88. Useless Thread MCCXCVI: Degrassi Discussion
  89. I miss you more than Michael Bay missed the mark...
  90. Look at me. Look at me.
  91. Let it go
  92. Peanut Butter Sandwiches
  93. you're out of touch
  94. Your Christmas haul 2014
  95. Next Friday
  96. If you were forced to pick
  97. this is a bad start to the night
  98. I just died in your arms tonight
  99. Shoenice quits drinking again!
  100. Post a google birds-eye of your city
  101. What is the perfect size for a steak?
  102. Useless Thread MCCXCVII: Useless Thread MCCXCVI: Salty foods deprecation thread
  103. You know how you kill a circus?
  104. Ninja Turtles make wrapping Christmas gifts fun...
  105. Need Help with a Display Adapter
  106. Your Perfect Burger
  107. High heels
  108. Fitbits
  109. Useless Thread MCCXCVIII: Oh!
  110. What's your breakfast routine?
  111. Your Favorite Christmas Songs
  112. What do you know about black widow/rattle snake bites
  113. Happy Festivus!
  114. I've got Pericoronitis
  115. Useless Thread MCCXCIX: RayPissed and irate over video games!
  116. I need a backiotomy
  117. Roast Beef sandwiches are GOAT
  118. Are you in need...
  119. You Better watch out, you better not cry, you Better not Shout Im telling you why...
  120. Women in they wedding dress
  121. Spartans or Vanguards
  122. Removing a blackhead after 25 years
  123. Thread
  124. Movies by myself
  125. Girl you are thicker than a bowl of oatmeal
  126. It's Christmas Eve!!!
  127. Useless Thread M(erry)C(hristmas)CC: Merry x-mas
  128. What do YOU want for Christmas?
  129. who's working on christmas day?
  130. I am Christmas drunk AMA
  131. 100 years ago...
  132. I am moderately Christmas drunk AMA
  133. Question for Canadians
  134. McDonald's Buffalo Ranch Mcchicken is the GOAT sandwich
  135. Egg nog, gross or delicious??
  136. Useless Thread MCCCI- Post your Chirtsmas haul
  137. So, I made a chicken-cooking video...
  138. New Year's Eve Plans?
  139. Need Help Deciding Between Two Laptops
  140. I'm coming home
  141. Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch Appreciation Thread
  142. Useless Thread MCCCII: Barkov is NOT A BUST
  143. Do you use an alarm clock during weekends?
  144. Remember Spirograph?
  145. ANOTHER plane belonging to an Asian-based airline has gone missing
  146. Copy That
  147. As of this moment...
  148. Do you won bunny slippers?
  149. maxmoefoe - greatest youtuber?
  150. How to have a baby soft face
  151. Don't use Paypal with a gift card
  152. Useless Thread One Thousand Three Hundred Three: NFL Postseason is here. Get HYPED.
  153. 2014: Good or bad?
  154. Got HF Goin' Up on a Tuesday
  155. New Year 2015 Resolutions!
  156. Take me to church
  157. toddler accident with gun
  158. Play Doh? You mean Play DO'H
  159. You are locked up in an out house with no means of escape
  160. Useless Thread One Thousand Three Hundred Four: DUCKS! BUCKEYES! OH MY!
  161. Happy New Year, y'all!
  162. Taking a Break from HF Boards
  163. Happy New Year, y'all!
  164. What do you usually sleep in?
  165. Do you buy used books from online?
  166. Problem with "some Diners" in Denver
  167. Bath Bombs
  168. Embarrassing/Worst date stories
  169. The Best Thread of 2015
  170. How does one move to Finland and other related questions?
  171. what was your 11:11 wish
  172. everyone's favorite state strikes again
  173. Useless Thread MCCCV: RIP Capgeek
  174. 13-Year-Old Girl's Weightlifting Record
  175. Happy Birthday VaughanBender72!
  176. UPS delivery stupidity
  177. US hunter 'shoots dead' historic first grey wolf seen in Grand Canyon for 70 years
  178. Which pill do you take?
  179. 7 Year Old Survives Plane Crash; Family Dies
  180. What's the most you ever bet in gambling?
  181. Useless Thread MCCCVI: Whatever happened to Smashmouth?
  182. #BellLetsTalk
  183. If you were a dog
  184. Useless Thread MCCCVII: BOOYAH! CANADA... as cool as the other side of the pillow
  185. Rate the music of what the previous member is listening to (Part V)
  186. Do you ever say "Yeah/Yes" then "No" when responding in the positive?
  187. Last book you read and what are you going to read next?
  188. Picture of your significant other
  189. vCash all in game thread (all gone!)
  190. Medical Help: Swollen Lymph Nodes
  191. never wear BLACK
  192. Advice to people on Facebook
  193. Happy birthday, Pavelski2112!
  194. What's your people's unique food?
  195. Useless Thread MCCCVIII - Let's all have fun! Hehe.
  196. Why do teenage girls always walk in odd groups?
  197. I DESPISE Jimmy Fallon
  198. Best Promotion at a Sporting Event EVAR!!!!!
  199. Have you been working on your night moves?
  200. How many posts per page do you have?
  201. Never ever have I ever felt so low.
  202. Happy birthday
  203. What the **** did I Just Watch?
  204. Monster Taco Appreciation Thread
  205. YouTube Documentary Thread
  206. Free things thread.
  207. Best Root Beer
  208. Useless Thread MCCCIX: It's Always Sunny
  209. 4th Graders Hatch Plot To Kill Teacher
  210. How to know if your job interview went well? (Edit:References have been contacted!)
  211. Do you wear matching socks?
  212. Useless Thread MCCCX: Don't Mess With Paris.
  213. Shawty Thread 94: Beat the Hawks
  214. Are you a man or a woman?
  215. Are you human...
  216. Free Vegan items at Chipotle on January 26!
  217. Have you ever licked a plate clean?
  218. How fast can you type?
  219. How's NHL shop's jersey customization?
  220. Banning Tobogganing?
  221. Giant wasp triumphs over tarantula
  222. DBU's 20k Celly Thread
  223. Are man buns hot?
  224. Useless Thread MCCCXI: Colchester Utd Appreciation Thread
  225. Yeahh!! Just bought an apartment with my fiancee!
  226. Bring me Solo
  227. Thirty Day Wellness Challenge
  228. You can buy MAD ladybugs for $3.50
  229. I am looking at Life Alert is there something better ?
  230. Today I saw 2 people in class on HFboards...
  231. Sesame street does movie parodies
  232. Searching for exact phrases
  233. Profs that can't speak English
  234. Insanely cool video of lava pouring into ocean
  235. Did a time traveler visit Great Basin National Park?
  236. Update to Previous "Girl Thread"
  237. Model builder to car designer
  238. Herp
  239. Useless Thread MCCCXII: Rural Sprawl Appreciation Thread ‎
  240. American Dream: The Biggest Waste of $3.2 Billion Ever?
  241. R.I.P Target Canada
  242. You can't start a fire
  243. Why won't my automobile dealer text me back
  244. Troy Aikman: Being gay 'is not my lifestyle'
  245. Fargo likes to drink
  246. A love story.
  247. Groomsmen Gift Idea
  248. Letterman
  249. Any guys use mascara/guyliner here?
  250. UPS Delivered Package To My House That's Not Mine