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  1. Favorite Current and Classic Ocean Liners?
  2. what ive learned from tv
  3. Is there any reason why a single tile in my kitchen floor would be hollow underneath?
  4. So, what's your "status"?
  5. Next Life: Be a Man or Woman?
  6. The Official Unofficial Thread of Officialness
  7. Company Christmas Parties
  8. Disgusting
  9. Question for parents...
  10. Opinions on Hooters?
  11. So i started a "blog"
  12. everyone should know
  13. proposed animal protection law
  14. Guess the song...
  15. Are you hungry?
  16. Eav
  17. Culture shock...funniest or strangest differences.
  18. University students, what is your program?
  19. I can't stop eating green olives
  20. my puppy ate baby jesus
  21. Political Correctness (Christmas)
  22. Finally, a pet you won't trip over at night
  23. sunglasses
  24. US senate bill 1959 - criminalizing freedom of thought
  25. Happy Festivus!
  26. Car Luck (all bad)
  27. Are prices better now...or January?
  28. Flyer fans hugging.
  29. Winter vacation anyone?
  30. Sea Monkeys
  31. Klee Irwin and Dual Action Cleanse
  32. Car Insurance Over $100,000
  33. Rogue's Den???
  34. Raw Fish
  35. gift ideas for my gf
  36. Chicken Wings: What's your favourite flavour?
  37. Futon frames...easy assembly?
  38. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal
  39. Vote Here
  40. Yvan Eht Nioj... Yvan Eht Nioj
  41. black people and getting "disrespected"
  42. Watching TV online
  43. Who are your favorite posters?
  44. What Am I? [video, NSFW]
  45. Statement
  46. Santana Shreds
  47. How many videos have you watched on youtube?
  48. British Columbia or Alberta?
  49. Generic Christmas gift ideas
  50. Best phone on the market?
  51. Lasik or Laser eye surgery?
  52. Nice face?
  53. excellent editorial against cockfighting
  54. One more week till Christmas
  55. I'm Hungry...
  56. Love these emails...
  57. Annoying TV Commericials
  58. Like all things Spanish, it is dangerous.
  59. Facebook is lame.
  60. Britney's sister Pregnant
  61. Mice in my ceiling!
  62. Taking my gf out in New York
  63. NYE: How are you going to celebrate it?
  64. Boxing Day/Week Sales thread
  65. First time snowboarding
  66. The Lakota Indians have seceded from the United States and formed their own country.
  67. Judge McBee stings cockfighters
  68. Xmas music : effective sales tool or not ?
  69. more toxins in cannabis than tobacco? so says Health Canada
  70. A dilemma
  71. Niagara Falls in the winter
  72. What is a good musician forum?
  73. Tell; the enterprise to not bother time traveling
  74. Happy Birthday Northern Dancer!!!
  75. Is Santa Real?
  76. If the world was a village
  77. The Oldest Living US WW1 Vets dies at 109
  78. Merry Christmas everyone!!!
  79. Christmas Bonus?
  80. It should have been the most difficult time of my life
  81. The most viewed video on Youtube is...
  82. I can't dance...
  83. song help - ta na na na na na na ta na na na na na na
  84. Christmas Horror stories?
  85. I am the worst gift wrapper in the entire world.
  86. The eroding cola can of doom
  87. Absolutely Epic Rofls
  88. Canada
  89. so, who's working today ?
  90. Happy Birthday nic29+
  91. What Chrismass Music do you Love/Hate
  92. what did u get for christmas
  93. It's a Wonderful Life
  94. Midnight Mass with the Pope
  95. ahh crap (stocking stuffers)
  96. Favorite Christmas Movie?
  97. Christmas,Without Apologies
  98. Time to look at the most dumbest threads on HF
  99. The Whistles Go Woooooooo!!!
  100. OT - Ear/Headphones
  101. iTunes help
  102. What's new,*****cat?
  103. Boxing Day stuff that you bought.
  104. Expired beer?
  105. Ipod input for the car
  106. Guitars?
  107. What is the National Sport of Canada?
  108. Next big technological leap?
  109. The Vancouver Island Appreciation Thread.
  110. How many five year olds could you take in a fight
  111. Comfy Dress Shoes
  112. new years plans
  113. Jersey Case?
  114. Moderator of the Year
  115. My last day of work
  116. phony mahony protester photo
  117. Advice on getting a used car
  118. Hanging out in the Lounge
  119. Anyone Ride Sportsbikes here
  120. How do you plan on making 2008 better than this past year ?
  121. Whats your IQ?
  122. New Year Resolutions
  123. Almost crashed....funeral brigade?
  124. The Dead Pool 2008 (Jan 7th 08)
  125. I feel like an Idiot - Help me out.
  126. Which city is worse?
  127. Someone selling a Time Travel machine on eBay
  128. Happy Birthday to The President
  129. Live the life of a crook
  130. Which city is worse?
  131. Avatar Guessing
  132. Crushes
  133. Happy New Year
  134. How did you discover this site?
  135. Happy Birthday jfont!!!
  136. Zen monk: "LSD, MDMA = meditation"
  137. Spanish help
  138. Animal cruelty in China
  139. The USELESS Thread - 2008 version
  140. Trail of the Screaming Forehead
  141. Online degrees...
  142. why do we procrastinate?
  143. Youtubers on HF, Watermark your Videos / The Hockey Herald Is Ripping Others Vids
  144. Popped my firefighting cherry last night...
  145. I can be your hero baby!
  146. Need Help with phones
  147. Anyone else here work at WalMart
  148. your heating bill in the winter?
  149. paternity fraud=robbery
  150. Anyone here shop at the Brick?
  151. Is anybody having problems with youtube?
  152. Threads of 2007
  153. Hangover relief
  154. Wow this is one of the worst news stories I've ever read
  155. Where to get Helmet Decals?
  156. I divorce thee x3
  157. Little Kid Singing Good Old Hockey Game
  158. 2007 Posts Of The Year!!!
  159. Things that suck about living in apartment buildings
  160. Signature Question
  161. What The.......
  162. Quick Alcohol question
  163. Help, for the love of, gah.
  164. Dating and the Formula
  165. toilet paper roll up or down?
  166. Where are the public toilets in Montreal?
  167. Food Poisoning is a BIATCH!
  168. I feel ashamed to live in Toronto with fools like this...
  169. mario playoff used stick
  170. late night yahoo! news makes me lol
  171. Anyone own a 05'/06' Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart?
  172. Applying for the O.P.P. - Becoming a Cop
  173. Animal Shopping
  174. Dear Diary
  175. Best golf clubs?
  176. Why do people just leave the HFboards?
  177. Happy Birthday Smirnoff!
  178. What American influences you the most?
  179. Are stretch boots made out of Shar-peis, or what?
  180. What's the second sport? (Peyton and Eli Manning)
  181. Which spice girl would you...
  182. Competitve sports for kids
  183. Multiple injuries in emergency plane landing in Calgary
  184. I think I`m going to
  185. Bad Celebrity Babysitters
  186. Sweden vs Denmark - Student Exchange
  187. Begging the Question
  188. Grown up?
  189. Separated-at-birth twins get married
  190. Need help- Classical music piece
  191. What Do I Do?
  192. ignore, i replicated a thread
  193. Where is the direction in life?
  194. 3,000 Marines headed to Afghanistan... and I'm one of them
  195. Buying a new tv
  196. Do Dogs Dream?
  197. Mmmmm!
  198. My Last Post from Chile
  199. 2007 Darwin Awards
  200. End of the World
  201. Help!
  202. True or False
  203. Did you have this when you were little?
  204. How do I apply a custom avatar?
  205. Do you burn wood in the winter?
  206. I saw a cat just now
  207. How to win "Guess Who?", in only one move!
  208. as if there's a need for more incentive to drink beer, now comes this news
  209. Anyone here used Hydroxycut Hardcore?
  210. Newest Maxim
  211. Getcha Popcorn Ready
  212. Wikipedia help
  213. Sleeping aids
  214. Does anyone know what "lasha tumbai" actually means?
  215. Great Australian kid
  216. Jeff Foxworthy on Canada
  217. What should I do?
  218. new group for veterinarians
  219. Nick gets pwned..
  220. Words that you think sound funny.
  221. Simple you like your job?
  222. Recession - Any other traders losing sleep?
  223. Avatar- Should I change it?
  224. Injury stories
  225. The Lounge CAPTION THIS Vol. 1
  226. Last public restroom you've used, and rate it ;)
  227. British woman triggers sea rescue after film confusion
  228. Vibrating sex toy triggers bomb scare in Sweden
  229. The Downfall of HD-DVD...
  230. Guinness Surger
  231. Poll
  232. Ever been abducted by an Alien?
  233. aw, nuts...I just Burnt Dinner!
  234. HBO Hard Knocks
  235. I like the Winter Thread
  236. Turn Your Music Down Commercial
  237. Bring back the old teach smilie !!!
  238. Meet your meat
  239. The full version of the Tom Cruise Scientology video
  240. How many countries.....
  241. James and Daddy on Myspace
  242. Funniest Slogan You've Seen on a T-Shirt
  243. Golfweek: Two wrongs don't make a right
  244. I can't help it....
  245. I'm having an anxiety attack
  246. Rest In Peace, Bobby Fischer.
  247. Your favorite catch phrase
  248. New Orleans....two and a half years later.
  249. Question about Wi-Fi on cell phone
  250. American Universities - Tuition