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  1. In a galaxy far far away, somebody is sitting in your chair, surfing hfboards
  2. Mullets.
  3. Virtual murder means real jail time
  4. Rap Battle (No Rules Edition)
  5. Ever dated an older woman?
  6. Winter Tires Help!
  7. Proof: The Internet is Taking Over
  8. Memories Selectively, Safely Erased In Mice
  9. Rate picture above then post your own
  10. Sex Ed in kindergarten. Yay or Nay?
  11. McDonalds Monoploy
  12. Gas prices
  13. HFboards limerick thread
  14. working out, the gym, and supplements
  15. Anybody else write the Canadian Public Service tests today?
  16. The Next Big Invention
  17. Is this cool or worrisome ?
  18. Seriously?
  19. Question about "Game Theory"...AHHHHH?!
  20. Patti Labelle Disgraces America
  21. Buying a new Bass
  22. Murderer eat's victim's brain
  23. Strange powder sent to Ryerson in the mail
  24. With Halloween is fast approaching...
  25. Your Evil Plan...
  26. Maybe he's hanging out with his cool neighbors
  27. Hostage escapes after 8 years in jungle
  28. Facebook Page
  29. Just Set it
  30. Miracle Manna
  31. Cat Problem
  32. Things that annoy you
  33. What tattoo should I get?
  34. Question About 2010
  35. You know you're a confirmed bachlor(ette) when
  36. Snow!
  37. Shiba Inu Puppy Cam
  38. Help Please !
  39. Russell's Paradox: Class-R
  40. My sex is on fire
  41. Shaving your beard with the same blade as your crotch
  42. Interview Help Please!
  43. Got a ticket for no seat belt - ADVICE NEEDED!!
  44. Can movies and TV sghows predict events? UNCANNY
  45. Don't lie to your boss!
  46. Trades men
  47. Halloween Candy?
  48. Winter Tires
  49. Been bugging me for a while...
  50. Moneymaker to share with you
  51. So it's 5 minutes to midnight...
  52. Looking for a Speech
  53. Rockets
  54. Friday Afternoon Youtube Jukebox
  55. Vacation question
  56. Sirius Scream Ch 113
  57. Would you volunteer to have a "lojack" type device in you?
  58. All my friends have **** to do for Halloween
  59. Would you accept a "Finder's fee"(Reward)?
  60. is MSN down for anyone else?
  61. My halloween´s costume
  62. Applying for an out-of-state job
  63. Morality and Ethics
  64. My friends underappreciate me
  65. Do you smell what The Rock is cookin?
  66. North Korea
  67. He died doing what he loved
  68. Riddle...
  69. National Novel Writing Month
  70. Caption the pic...
  71. Do you believe in second chances?
  72. Is it ironic that UPS uses a song from the Postal Service?
  73. Ukranian Translation
  74. Help... Stove... won't stop...
  75. I just had the greatest idea ever
  76. Funny Commercials
  77. Have you ever won anything?
  78. Good songs for a 21st
  79. Should we preserve Languages?
  80. Roll your own cigarettes
  81. Beware Best Buy's Bad Business!
  82. ontario residents- MPAC
  83. New Driving Song
  84. What's the grand total of everything you have on when you walk out the door?
  85. Hilarious!
  86. This video will leave you feeling sooo ackward
  87. Do we anticipate our immanent demise?
  88. Congrats opus and BCNuckBunny
  89. OT: R.I.P. Old Fido (cellphone company)
  90. Cats & Dogs - Help
  91. Friggin' Cool.
  92. In what field do you study or want to study?
  93. This is How Japanese Take Photos
  94. How long could you survive chained to a bunk bed with a Velociraptor?
  95. Good Parents or Bad Parents?
  96. CNN Hologram TV First
  97. Michael Crichton dies
  98. Need Help, is this a scam, what the HELL IS THIS!!!!! lol
  99. Undead fllies and their loud buzzing
  100. Funniest Ebay Feedback Ever!!
  101. Lifes biggest ironies
  102. I just ate moldy this ok?
  103. Your worst date EVER?
  104. The Story of Brandon Crisp
  105. What is beauty?
  106. Answer the question above then ask another one
  107. The Morton Downey JR Show
  108. I'm the Cash Man
  109. Caption the baby.
  110. Any tips for selling on Ebay?
  111. What's a good gift for my bosses?
  112. Where to go for a week
  113. Weird Picture Thread
  114. Musicals and high school.
  115. Last minute travel
  116. Favourite Quotes
  117. Favorite winter memory
  118. Favourite Poems
  119. Guarana?
  120. Edward 40 Hands
  121. International taxes/Tax free shopping
  122. What Type Are You?
  123. Affliction Clothing.
  124. problem with hf settings (size changed)
  125. Cheat or not to cheat
  126. Turning down colleges
  127. I Found a Macbook Pro
  128. Lamps
  129. Currency Conversion
  130. skating speed
  131. Canada's own automaker
  132. DHL = shutting down domestic operations
  133. Ever been the third person in a relationship?
  134. Youtube Challenges User To Do The Impossible
  135. Moonman, 2 HF legends in one.
  136. I don't work for a charity, I just wanted to belong
  137. Armless thief steals TV
  138. Got my girlfriend to model for my car
  139. What should the Z in ZOMG stand for?
  140. Lest We Forget
  141. How often do you post new threads?
  142. "Be my concubine" on craigslist
  143. I could use the help of a Finn
  144. Because a 40-person Beer Bong screams I'm responsible
  145. My cat hates everyone but me - Suggestions?
  146. Canada's Worst Driver 4
  147. So I turned 24 today....
  148. It doesn't get any better than this
  149. Barackroll'd
  150. Cheating (In School)
  151. Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
  152. Lamp or not
  153. Fav Websites That No Longer Exist
  154. Superstitions of yours?
  155. my blood
  156. Feet continue to wash up near Vancouver
  157. "Doctors say marrow transplant may have cured AIDS"
  158. Live Puppy Feed
  159. If you're asking Hfboards for advice on women you're hopeless.
  160. Chicken police break up a fight...
  161. Best Date Ever
  162. The Official Greg Millen Fan Club Thread
  163. The Revenge of the Noodles
  164. This looks (nearly) impossible!
  165. Anybody here write the CFP today
  166. How do I pronounce this? (Finnish)
  167. Promo Code for Columbia House DVD
  168. Bill O'Reilly Strikes Again
  169. Advice on buying a new router
  170. Throwing Snowballs at Cars
  171. I need your advice, my Canadian friends
  172. Epic Thread... (Good Read)
  173. Mama
  174. Math Errors
  175. Electronic/Techno Music software
  176. The All-Bear Hockey Team
  177. Christmas wish list...
  178. Hazing in Sports
  179. Help out a virgin
  180. Talks Break Down With Attractive Girls Union
  181. Lady Advice Part 2
  182. If you had the #1 pick in the Mighty Ducks Draft, who would you choose?
  183. The BEST Barack Obama impression you've heard...
  184. Class Rings
  185. Who live in/near Concord, Ontario?
  186. Getting in Trouble
  187. Rate the avatar of the poster before you (ctd.)
  188. New type of cow tipping
  189. Karaoke Song You dominate?
  190. The Revenge of the Noodles #2
  191. New to the Boards
  192. OMG Paying a Bill
  193. Do you hate cops?
  194. why are my hands so cold?
  195. Adventures in Engineering...
  196. How old were you when you had your first girlfriend
  197. I think I am getting the flu
  198. The Procrastination Thread
  199. Amazing discovery, Furby
  200. Braces!!!!
  201. Bad First Dates: What is the shortest time a first date lasted.
  202. Zombies or Possesion?
  203. OT -the NHL could play outdoor game on Mars
  204. What qualities do you look for in a girl most?
  205. Are you a snitch?
  206. Swedish private parts - Bad week
  207. Meteor Strikes Edmonton?
  208. OT: Life in Montreal for an Anglophone?
  209. polygamy
  210. Sequel to "OMG Paying a bill" thread
  211. New Car Warranty?
  212. Pringles Shart Story
  213. Google Chrome!
  214. Look thoroughly
  215. This Just Makes Me Want To Puke
  216. Florida teen commits suicide with live Web audience
  217. Wow.....failure
  218. Funniest Youtube Video Ever
  219. Where does evolution go from here?
  220. Worst Invention in the History of Mankind is...
  221. Biggest Pet Peeves
  222. Interesting Stats About HFBoards, Check it Out!
  223. The Mantie: A short story about a bad date/eHarmony experience
  224. Lost at Sea
  225. Is it still possible to make money from hockey cards?
  226. The pig-man!
  227. whats the name of the song they play at arena that has a greek/middleeastern theme
  228. At least he's honest
  229. Who's the next player to date a celebrity?
  230. Kick-a-Ginger Day
  231. Why?
  232. Finals
  233. Simple Photoshop Help!
  234. Why did Stahl go glove side on Julie The Cat?
  235. Any witty insults or quips?
  236. Best 3rd Jersey Ever
  237. Drawings done by children
  238. US Military has regrown fingertips
  239. Florida Boy Arrested for Passing Gas
  240. Manties
  241. favorite on-screen performances
  242. What are your Black Friday plans?
  243. An Inspiring 11 year old....
  244. this is insane
  245. Party's That Got Out Of Hand
  246. Funniest Name I have ever seen... (PG-13)
  247. Youtube Wide Screen
  248. How to get a girl off your mind?
  249. Drinking after giving blood
  250. Asking a girl out?