NFL Week Three Thread

09-22-2004, 08:30 AM
Might as well get one started. Got some time to kill before my next meeting...

Saints at Rams. Two teams not meeting expectations thus far. Saints are missing McAllister, Rams are missing an offensive line. Safe money is on the Rams (home team and all), but I like the Saints with an upset here. I think the McAllister injury will get them to rally and play up to expectations (albeit breifly) and their d-line is too much for the Rams to handle.

Steelers at Dolphins. Lets get something out in the open: Dolphins offense sucks. Badly. Trainwreak horrid. Steelers secondary is poor, but the Dolphins don't have the QB to exploit it (or RB to keep them honest). That said, Rothlisberger faces a tough defense in his first start. It is going to be an ugly, painful game to watch. As bad as the Dolphins offense is, I think it is enough to keep pace and beat the Steelers.

Chicago at Minnesota. Offense versus defense. Minnesota is rapidly losing key players and Ogunleye is going to have a field day at whatever poor scrub they plug in at RT (if they don't move Liewinsky anyway). That said, Culpepper and the offense still moved the ball effectively even when facing the Eagles pass rush. Chicago is almost as banged up, and didn't have as much talent to start. I think the Vikes will be out to make up for Monday Night's blunders and bury the Bears.

Browns at Giants. Bad versus worse. Browns are dropping like flies too, and had a bad team to start. Giants are so bad that they get 7 turnovers and still can't put a game out of reach. I think Strahan and the Giants are going to take it to Garcia and have what may be their only winning record of the season.

Cards at Atlanta. Cards stink everywhere, not a single discernable strength on the roster. Atlanta is still learning on the job, but this is a good team to tune-up on. Falcons in a romp.

Ravens at Bengals. Ravens passing game is horrific, but they live and die on the ground anyway. I think the Ravens defense will be a tough challange for Palmer to face, even at home. Bengals defense is fairly leaky against the run, so I expect the Ravens to grind out a win.

Jags at Titans. Jags offense has been just barely treading water. Titans defense has some leaks, but this isn't Manning, James and Harrison they are facing. Titans offense matches up well against the Jags defense, Jacksonville just doesn't have the pass rush or CBs to stop McNair and the passing game. I look for Tennessee to avenge last week's collapse while the Jags luck runs out.

Houston at KC. If the Texans offense is ever going to have a big day, it will be this week. It is odd to say this so early, but this is a make-or-break week for the Chiefs. They will be without Priest, so the defense needs to step up. If they fall to 0-3, they could very well spiral to oblivion. Vermeil was always a good X's and O's guy, but rallying the troops when moral was low was never his strong suit. I think Houston beats the Priest-less Chiefs.

Chargers at Denver. Broncos lost Pryce for the season, hurting was was supposed to be a stand-out defense. Now the front-7 look quite suspect. Broncos would have won last week if not for a Griffin fumble, that may give Shanahan reason to give Hearst and crew an opportunity to carry the ball more. Chargers are looked more Charger-esque last week. I expect that to continue. Broncos in a rout.

Packers at Colts. Green Bay is pissed, they have not lost to the Bears at home in years. You just know Favre will have the team out for blood. Manning showed just how good he can be while leading the Colts from behind to win. However, James is out. That is a big blow, because Packers are most vulnerable on the ground and running the ball is key to controlling the clock. I think this has the makings to be the best game of the week, but I like the Packers chances.

49ers at Seahawks. 49ers have been surprisingly competitive. They are still a bad team. Seahawks are off to a great start, it won't end this week. Even without Alexander, this has the makings of a blow-out.

Bucs at Raiders. Bucs are in total turmoil. Gruden is looking more like a mad scientist than a genius this year, forgetting that even the best coaches still need talent to work with. Raiders are an also-ran team, but are not push-overs. Sapp is going to have one of the best games of the season making a 'you shouldn't have let me go' statement to a marginal line. Raiders take it. Simms era begins in Tampa.

Cowboys at Redskins. Battle of two great coaches. Cowboys have put on some great air shows thus far, but the pass defense is where the Redskins have most of their talent and money. I think Gibbs and the Redskins get their TO problem under control and contain the Cowboys passing game enough to ride Portis to a win.

09-22-2004, 09:40 AM
I have finally come to terms with the pathetic loss Tennessee suffered on Sunday. I would of preffered being blown out 35-0 then to completely dominate the first half yet only have a small lead and eventually collapse. The game was in the bag. Then Bennett dropped a *very* easy touchdown pass and Mason had a major brainfart in the 4th quarter and litterally gave the ball up to Harper. Brown was outstanding, however, but he couldn't get going on the short yardage pickups. Defensively, I'm not gonna put more blame then I have to on them. They had the Colts shut down completely through the first half. If the offence had given them the 17-20 point lead that they weren't able to, then the Colts would of had to drop the running game and it would of been game over. But lets be realistic, no team can keep the Colts offence in-check for 4 quarters if the running game isn't taken out completely.

It sucks that Calico wasn't able to dress but he should have his breakout game this week at Jacksonville... Which isn't as easy a game as I thought.

Big McLargehuge
09-22-2004, 04:25 PM
The outcome of the Steelers-Dolphins game will pretty much be decided by one key player.

Duce Staley.

If the Steelers are able to establish the run, something they were unable to do last week, they should be able to win. Otherwise the Steelers will be forced to play the passing game with a rookie QB against one of the best secondaries in the league.

On the Dolphins side of the ball...the Steelers defense should be able to hand anything the Fins throw at them handidly.

The Mighty Duck Man
09-22-2004, 05:37 PM
I've heard James isn't out just yet. He thinks he feels fine, and while he's doubtful(last I heard, anyway), he still make try to play. And if he doesn't, it'll still be decent enough, and Rhodes is a decent backup.

09-22-2004, 08:29 PM
I haven't been a huge fan of the new "no contact" rule on WR's so far... and niether has this guy:

09-23-2004, 09:45 AM
I have a feeling the Raiders-Bucs game is going to be awesome...

09-23-2004, 10:15 AM
I haven't been a huge fan of the new "no contact" rule on WR's so far... and niether has this guy:

Very good article

I think the Ravens will win Sunday but not much, maybe by a TD or field goal.

09-23-2004, 11:59 AM
I have a feeling the Raiders-Bucs game is going to be awesome...

Probably, but only if the Tampa OL decides to stop sucking, and the Raiders OL begins run blocking a little. Otherwise, it could be a 6-3 game with 4 first downs.