Your holiday wishlist

11-18-2004, 06:24 PM
So far I've been pretty good at fending off my desire to buy all sorts of new equipment. I'm probably looking to buy myself a 2nd set of goalie pads (leg, blocker, glove) for my outdoor ball hockey league. I've been using my ice hockey stuff out there, so my white equipment has been getting a little dirty outdoors.

My primary wishlist:

CCM10 Roller Hockey Leg Pads (Black/Red) ($99): For the price, these pads are quite awesome as a set to play outdoors with. Same graphic design as the Heaton 10's, except the pad color is black. The width is only 11" apparently, but I probably wouldn't have even noticed if I hadn't seen the specs online.

Mission Motion Lite Blocker (Black/Red) ($89): Again, a pretty nice product for the price range that it's in. The matching CCM10 blocker/glove are kinda flimsy.

Mission Motion Lite Glove (Black/Red) ($89): My conscience is pulling me back from buying a new set of ice gear, and using my current pads for outdoor use.......this glove is shaped differently than others I've tried, but I have trouble catching balls with gloves designed to catch pucks. This one feels like something in between a regular goalie glove and a baseball mitt.


Gifts for others:

CCM 452 Radioactive Gloves (Blue/Silver) ($49): Sadly I ordered these for my ex-girlfriend, and it took me awhile to find somebody that sold these discontinued models with custom colors to match her favorite colors. Unfortunately there's a voice in the back of my head that thinks she's still worth caring about.

Itech goalie neckguard ($29): For a goalie buddy who is about to try out ice hockey for the first time.

Easton Z-Carbon blade (Iginla?) ($49): Dunno why, but I felt a noticeable change in weight going to a Z-Carbon blade from an Ultra Lite. My cousin already has a couple of nice shafts, so I figure I'd hook him up with a nice blade since all his other gear is practically new.

11-18-2004, 06:48 PM
I've ask for 2 things

- Baueur 8000 helmets : My old CCM helmets is getting so dirty (I've had the brilliant idea to buy it white)

- Baueur Vapor XX gloves : I've tried them, and they are AWESOME! Light, good protection, great freedom of movement, I love them.

And i've bought only one hockey items

- A synergy si-core blade, Iginla pattern for my little cousin. I've bought him a V-120 shaft at the begining of the season, and now his old Vector blade from a previous shaft is getting kinda scrap.

11-18-2004, 07:38 PM
I would get a Bauer 8000....if it fit my huge head :cry: .

I'm hoping to get...

Easton Synergy Shoulder Pads - I dont really need shoulder pads, but I'd rather have some in case I give a better shot at another league.


Nike V-10/V-12 Shoulder pads.

Easton Synergy Gloves - Sure I already have a decent amount of gloves, but you can never have too many.

A CCM Vector Stick - They are running a promotion when you buy a Vector v110, v 120 or new v130, you get a pair of Nylon Vector gloves. These gloves are pretty flimsy looking, basically a nylon Tacks 652, but hey, free gloves with a stick? I'm down.