EJHL All-Star/Future Stars game

Oilers Chick
01-13-2005, 01:04 PM
It's tonight at Walter Brown Arena (yes, THAT Walter Brown Arena), is anyone going?

If so, can you please post a report, specifically the guys that are college-bound (or likely college-bound)? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

01-13-2005, 01:48 PM
It's tonight at Walter Brown Arena (yes, THAT Walter Brown Arena), is anyone going?

If so, can you please post a report, specifically the guys that are college-bound (or likely college-bound)? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I am probably going. I'm a BU season-ticket holder(formerly at WBA, now at Agganis Arena) who lives just a bus ride away from the arena. Since I'm getting two games for $10, as well as a chance to watch a future Terrier in Chris Higgins, I figured, why not try it?

The Eastern Junior Hockey League is proud to announce the rosters for the upcoming All Star Games on Thursday January 13, 2005 at Walter Brown Arena in Boston, MA. The rosters are as follows:

-All Stars North-
Forwards: Ryan Ginand (Junior Bruins), Pat Kimball (Junior Bruins), Alex Berry (Junior Bruins), Mark Roebothan (Valley Junior Warriors), Joe Cucci (Valley Junior Warriors), Jeff Pappalardi (Capital District Selects), Nikita Kashirsky* (Walpole Jr. Stars), Matt Gilroy (Walpole Jr. Stars), Ben Wahler (Bridgewater Bandits), Mike Thomson (Boston Harbor Wolves), Mickey Rego (New England Huskies), Chris Donovan (Junior Bruins)

Defensemen: Jim Driscoll (Junior Bruins), Topher Bevis (Junior Bruins), David Strathman (Valley Junior Warriors), Drew Reynolds (Capital District Selects), Steve Coon (Capital District Selects), Nick Jillson (Walpole Jr. Stars)

Goaltenders: Nevin Hamilton (Junior Bruins), Charlie Lockwood (Bridgewater Bandits), Chris Rossi (Junior Bruins)

Coaches: Peter Masters, Jr. (Junior Bruins), Andy Heinze (Valley Jr. Warriors)

-All Stars South-
Forwards: Chris Higgins (New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs), Scott Crowder (New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs), Joe Milo (New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs), Mike Karwoski (New York Apple Core), Rich Purslow (New York Apple Core), Bill Keenan (New York Apple Core), Kevin DeVirgilio (Bay State Breakers), Robert Nowinski (Bay State Breakers), Chris Margott (Bay State Breakers), Paul Worthington (Green Mountain Glades), Will Ryan (Green Mountain Glades), Alec Kirschner (New Jersey Hitmen)

Defensemen: Matt Duffy (New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs), Jamie Fritsch (New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs), Andrew Linard (Bay State Breakers), Barry Goers (Green Mountain Glades), Tim Kunes (New England Jr. Falcons), Matt Generous (New England Jr. Falcons).

Goaltenders: Brian Foster (New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs), Mathias Lange (New York Apple Core), A.J. Drago (New Jersey Hitmen).

Coaches: Sean Tremblay (New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs), Henry Lazar (New York Apple Core)

-Future Stars North-
Forwards: Dan Bartlett (New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs), Jason Williams (New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs), Ian O'Connor (New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs), Austin Mayer (Walpole Jr. Stars), Dan Rossman (Valley Jr. Warriors), Sergio Somma (Capital District Selects), Tommy Lange (Boston Harbor Wolves), Timothy King (Bay State Breakers), Nate Bostic (New England Huskies), Vincent Grana (New England Huskies), Ken Brandt (Valley Jr. Warriors), Ryan Leary (Valley Jr. Warriors)

Defense: Mike Cornell* (Walpole Jr. Stars), Nick Petrecki (Capital District Selects), Jesse Williams (Valley Jr. Warriors), Eric Scovill (Valley Jr. Warriors), Andrew Stevenson (Walpole Jr. Stars), Brett Noll (Bridgewater Bandits)

Goaltenders: Ryan Simpson (New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs), Mike Spillane (Green Mountain Glades)

Coaches: Jim Salfi (Capital District Selects), Jack Sweeney (Walpole Jr. Stars)

-Future Stars South-
Forwards: Garrett Peters (Junior Bruins), Kory Falite (Junior Bruins), Bobby Butler (Junior Bruins), Barry Almeida (New England Jr. Falcons), Tyler Fernandez (New England Jr. Falcons), Patrick Cannone (New England Jr. Falcons), Matt Fitzgibbons (Junior Bruins), Brian Haczyk (New Jersey Hitmen), Josh Newburg (New Jersey Hitmen), John Morea (New Jersey Hitmen), Bryan Potacco (New Jersey Hitmen), Cass Buttafuoco (New York Apple Core)

Defensemen: Cody Wild (Junior Bruins), Mike Harr (Junior Bruins), Gerard Heinz (New York Apple Core), Ryan Stelzer* (New England Jr. Falcons), Mike Mortimer (New England Jr. Falcons), Jan Svrcek (New England Huskies)

Goaltenders: D.J. DelBuono (Valley Jr. Warriors), Justin Wakefield (New England Huskies)

Coaches: David McCauley (Bay State Breakers), Brad Holt (Green Mountain Glades)

The Future Stars Game will start at 7 PM and consist of two 25-minute halves. The All Star Game will start at 8:40 PM and will have three 20-minute periods.

*Notes: Ryan Stelzer was added to the roster after Falcons defenseman Mickey Dudley suffered a concussion and had to be scratched from the team. Nikita Kashirsky was added in place of the injured Jordan Virtue (Walpole.) Finally, Tim Geverd (New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs) will not be competing due to a lacerated ankle. His replacement will be Mike Cornell of Walpole

Oilers Chick
01-13-2005, 02:32 PM
If you do go, please give us a report back here, will you? Would love to see your opinion on Higgins and any others that seem to stand out.

Thanks in advance

01-13-2005, 02:39 PM
Was their some sort of imaginary age cap? Jon Dryowitz-Burek is a buddy of mine and he's got the 6th best GAA in the EJHL, yet he's not on either of the teams. He's also 18, is this a reason why he's not been selected?