Alpha Beta Gargoyle

Ric Flair
09-19-2003, 09:18 PM
Unfortunately caught a few minutes of mtv's sorority life today. Damn I can't believe that even the sorostitutes at the lame college I went to were hotter than the beasts that they found for this show. I had to actually turn away from the screen a few times.

09-20-2003, 06:43 AM
I hate to be superficial, but I can't believe how many ugly girls have been in this series.

Not that I really care, if they weren't on tv parading around trying to be on a cool reality show I wouldn't judge them. But damn.

Ric Flair
09-20-2003, 03:15 PM
Exactly. If you are gonna be a sorority chick on a tv show you shoul dbe hot. They have had some real slamhogs on there.