I'm going to game six! (Seattle Vs. Kelowna)

Victory Ali*
04-17-2005, 01:31 PM
This is so cool, I've only been to two other hockey games in my life and I get to go tonight to what may be the deciding game in the Seattle/Kelowna series. I'm gloating a little bit but it's just because I'm so excitied. I'm also posting this here because I'll do my best to report what the atmosphere was like and how certain players did. I'll already have my eye on Durand, FitzGerald, Jackson, and Bridges but if any of you would like to hear how anyone else does let me know so I can take notes.

I'm so excitied this is going to be awesome :yo: :D :)

04-17-2005, 03:44 PM
I have to go to Seattle this afternoon and I'm considering going to the game while I am there. I just hope that tonight the T-Birds will show up and play before their home fans like they have played in Kelowna.

Could be a good one. Have fun.

04-17-2005, 05:19 PM
Have a great time. What's going on with Durand anyway? 1 point in 10 playoff games.

Jared Ramsden
04-17-2005, 09:31 PM
The road team lost AGAIN.......so that means Seattle will win in 7 right? :dunno: :biglaugh:

Canadian Chris
04-17-2005, 09:54 PM
the funny thing is....seattle hasn't scored a goal on home ice this series, and yet they have a chance to win the series...

As was mentioned on the WHL white board....has a team ever won a series without scoring at home in 3 games? I'd have to say it's doubtful.

I think Shaw should show that game - although I know they won't...I'd love to be ableo to see it.

Not sure who to cheer for....the BC team...or the Tbirds whom I enjoy watching...oh the humanity!

Victory Ali*
04-17-2005, 10:14 PM
Sigh... I'll post a game report in a little bit.

Victory Ali*
04-17-2005, 10:54 PM
Here's what I saw in the game tonight... please realize this is going to be slanted to focus on the T-Birds since I'm a T-Birds fan but I try to be objective.

It looked like child's play tonight for the Kelowna Rockets as they played an extremely physical game and captailzed on their powerplay oppotunties. Seattle looked like zombies out there, they lacked energy and heart all night. There were some laughably bad calls from the refs (grrrrr...) but Seattle just gave this game away. Seattle lacked a leader and no one seemed to step up or have any kind of clutch ambitions. Seattle would just not battle it out in front of the net and tried to finesse what looked like a very good defensive team. They played a dump and chase system against a trapping team :help: It was almost laughable how Kelowna owned their d-zone all night. The T-Birds just looked tired out there.

Players that stood out tonight

Scott Jackson - Horrible horrible horrible... sweet lord this kid needs to learn how to play in big game situations if he wants to make it. Looked out of place and timid all night. Blew several passes and was out of position many times in the d-zone. Missed a key scoring oppotunity by buggering up the puck when no one was around him. I've seen Jackson at his best (a strong positionally sound D-Man with a lot of potential and upside) but after tonight I've seen him at his worse. I don't hate the player, I hate the game. After his game five performance, I'm not down on the kid at all but he was terrible tonight.

Chris Durand - I've never been impressed with his offensive upside and tonight he was nearly invisible. He did contribue in the physical game giving as good as he was getting in the corners and along the boards. Granted his teammates didn't seem to be doing much to help him but he certainly wasn't creating anything. I'm really not impressed with Durand as a player.

Aaron Gagnon - Impressed with him, the kid has heart but he seems to have a lack of size that really hindered him in this game. He was out there plugging away all night though really trying to get something started.

Derek Couture - Really impressive out there tonight, tried to create several chances and was physical. I really like this guy and I think he's a good player. Fits, hits and isn't bad offensively. One instance that stands in my memory is him creating a turn over and getting into the offensive zone and sitting there for several moments while his team was trying to get back on defense not realizing what happened.

Zack FitzGerald - This guy is pure heart man... he really busted his ass out there tonight and was physical and imposing but not over the top. I really like this kid and look forward to seeing him as a Blue. Strong positionally and really tried to make a effort in the offensive zone. The only problem with Zack is that he has an extremely weak shot but he still managed to get about three or four on net tonight. From the first period to the last he was hitting everything that moved. This kid is going to be the real deal.

Bryan Bridges - Extremely jumpy in the first period but gradually settled down. Strong positionally and a real gamer. Terrible puckhandling. I had no idea how small he was until I saw him tonight. I think wherever Bryan's career takes him, if he plays in league where the players are capable of getting the puck up on him, he's going to get shelled. Still this guy really stayed in the game and didn't give up. I really like his compsure and attitude. Needs to learn to be calm in big games.

Kyle Fecho - Not really much to say about him, he's not the best skater or the best defenseman, but he really put forth an effort tonight.

Ryan Gibbons - I thought Gibbons did alright tonight but you could tell that he was just keyed up on adrenaline. He was flying around the offensive zone when I wished he would just have stayed put in front of the net. I think this kid could do alright in the future if he'd just get some compsure and a new set of hands.

So I think that's what stood out for me tonight. I'll add my game notes as well.

First Period


- Scott Jackson out of position
- Chris Durand playing physically
- Seattle playing streaky
- Trouble getting puck out of zone


- #24 (Troy Ofukany) impressive on physical game
- The team played extremely aggressively
- #27 (Brent Palin) impressive, really led team.
- #14 (Blake Comeau)impressive in front of net

2nd period


- Scott Jackson looks lost and terrified
- Mathew Hansen looks great on D
- Zack FitzGerald was on the ball
- Scott Jackson horrid on offense
- Bryan Bridges terrible puckhandling


- #14 (Blake Comeau) looks good causing problems and agitating
- #17 (Brent Howarth)strong on PK

I stopped taking notes about halfway through the second period though because I was too into the game, sorry :( But thought you guys might be interested.

04-18-2005, 12:35 AM
Thanks for the report. I also wonder about Durand's offensive upside.

Should be a good game 7.