What are your Top 10 Predictions for the Pens this Season?...........

09-24-2003, 05:38 PM
I like to visit this Forum from time-to-time just to check up on what the Pens' fans think and have to say about their favorite NHL team...............What are your Top 10 Predictions for the Pens this Season?...........

Robert Paulson*
09-24-2003, 05:42 PM
I doubt many of these will hold true.. but just quick thoughts

1. They will make the playoffs :handclap:

2. Mario will be in the top 10 in the scoring race

3. The Pens will win at least half of their 1st 10 games

4. Morozov will do well if he plays with Mario, bad if he doesn't

5. If Mario is indeed in the best condition of his life, he has a chance to play all 82 games for the first time in his career - we'll see as the season progresses

6. Hopefully, many young'ns will step it up and have good seasons. If so, we could have at least 2 solid lines.

7. The Defense will do considerably better than last season. Goodbye Jonsson, Moran (good defenseman who made good plays BTW ;)), and Pushor.

8. Fleury may or may not stay all year in Pittsburgh. If he gets to start the 1st few of the year and impresses, I'd bet on him staying. He's already impressed in preseason.

9. We won't do as bad as non-Pens fans believe. I was reading a thread on here (HFBoards) talking about predictions of the Penguins win total this year. I've read some inconsiderate fools who say none, who say 5-10. I say 30-45. We could make the playoffs from that, right?

10. The Pens will do well enough to stay afloat this year and kick behind after the CBA issue and get a new arena soon and stay in Pittsburgh! :bow:

09-24-2003, 10:01 PM
11. Pigs will learn to fly, and hell will freeze over on December 13th.

john g
09-25-2003, 02:16 AM
The only one I could think of (repeating last years end of the season)

1. They will get out to an early 1-0 lead and end up losing a lot of games by the scores 4 - 1 and 5-1

09-25-2003, 03:00 AM
1) Penguins wont make the playoffs.
2) Mario, Morozov and Straka will all break the 30 goal mark.
3) Nobody else gets into double figures.
4) Koltsov makes the team and gets 5 Short Handed goals.
5) Rozy sets carear highs in points.
6) Mario just misses out on the Art Ross by 3 or 4 points.
7) McKenna's production halfs from last season.
8) Caron comes runner up for the Calder
9) We have a winning record against the Rangers.
10) Kraft, Beech & Sivek are all on the team at seasons end.

Der Schweinehund
09-25-2003, 03:27 AM
1) Fleury will get inked.

2) Fleury will stay with the big team, initially believed only to be for a few games.

3) Fleury's performance in those few games will be beyond what anyone expected.

4) Fleury and Caron end up splitting duties almost evenly throughout the season.

5) Despite high loss numbers put up by each and not outstanding GAA, the overall performance is excellent by both, leading to an intriguing Calder race where both are nominated as finalists, but neither win - being beat out by Eric Staal.

6) JS Aubin gets plucked out of the waiver draft as the Pens expose him there to be able to send him to the minors - Aubin goes on to win the Vezina and Stanley Cup with the Avalanche.

7) Although we have a horrible defense as is, not once will anyone wish that we had Jonsson or Laukkanen back.

8) We are going to very quickly realize that we want Buchberger signed to an extension for another year.

9) Koltsov will be fitted with a parachute at some point to slow him down.

10) Cheez hires a retired Canadian businessman from a non-profit volunteer organization as a mentor, who in turn helps make Cheez a multi-billionaire and the knight in shining armor that buys the Pens and builds a new arena. Cheez promptly hires Der Schweinehund as Director of Nacho Stands at the new arena.

09-25-2003, 09:25 AM
1.Lemieux will win the art ross trophy.
2.Morozov will score 32 goals.
3.Fleury will make the team and be on the all rookie team.
4.Straka will average a point per game.
5.The powerplay will be in the top four in the NHL.
6.There will be 3 defencemen with over 20 points.
7.Rico Fata will get over 20 goals and 50 points.
8.The pens will win over 30 games.
9.Brooks Orpik will make the all rookie team and become one of the most dependable defenceman on the pens at seasons end.
10.Abid will score almost 30 goals if he plays the whole season.

09-25-2003, 11:21 AM
Predictions 1-10:

We are going to lose ALOT of games.

Darth Vitale
09-25-2003, 12:25 PM
No offense mario66, but where do you get your narcotics? They are obviously working well and I might like to purchase some for the mid-season cellar slump which is inevitable. Some amphetamines would be good to boost me out of that depression...


1. The Pens will not lose more than 55 games (wo hoo!)
2. Best young forward will be Fata
3. Best young defender will be Orpik
4. Best goalie of any age will be... Caron... and he'll be pretty good at that.
5. Mario will challenge for the scoring title but fall short.
6. Mike Lange will need some Pepto Bismol by December.
7. The Pens will win the Ovechekin "sweepstakes".
8. Mario will not retire after the occurance of prediction 7.
9. The CBA will not be fixed before September.
10. Mario will decide to retire after all, considering prediction 9.

11. After the draft, we won't see a player in a Pens sweater again until 2005.

Pray *real* hard and maybe 11 doesn't happen. I will wither and die without NHL hockey to get me through the winter.

09-25-2003, 12:35 PM
Here goes nothin.....

1. Koltsov makes the team, and will finish in the top 5 in rookie scoring
2. Fata (while he won't outscore Kovy) will put up solid numbers
3. Either Roszival or Kraft will be gone by the deadline
4. Straka will stay
5. Fluery will be signed before the opener
6. We will not make the playoffs
7. We will finally get some progress on the new arena
8. Super Mario will take home an award
9. Morozov will hit 30 goals
10. Edzo will actually play McKenna on D during the regular season...it will not be pretty....

09-25-2003, 12:44 PM
Here's my top 10:

1) Koltsov makes the team, and if the NHL kept stats on odd man breakways, he'd win it. Koltsov will reach double digits in goals.

2) Patrick Boileau will be a surprise contributor

3) I dont expect the Pens to win too many games, but they will be a tougher match in terms of effort, heart and implementation of the new system.

4) Rozsival will unfortunately get at least 2 injuries.

5) Orpik will emerge as a solid Calder Cup finalist

6) Shane Endicott rebounds and plays well enough to earn a callup with the big club.

7) Dick Tarnstrom will top 35 pts

8) Edzo will surprise and show he can coach and win in Pittsburgh

9) AK will change the ladies in his avatar at least 10 times during the season. :)

10) Rico Fata scores over 20 goals as he revels in his return to the center position.

DJ Spinoza
09-25-2003, 01:24 PM
1. Pens will not make the playoffs, and be sitting in the top three of the draft heading into the lotto.
2. Fleury will be signed.
3. Murley will make the team, play on Mario's left wing, and be the surprising (at least to most fans) rookie from the team.
4. Fleury and Caron will pretty much split time.
5. Patrick Boileau will play most of the games, and become a fairly dependable 3-4 defenseman.
6. Orpik will have his ups and downs, but gain plenty of experience this year.
7. Regarding Koltsov - he will make the team, but be used as a penalty killer and play more on the third line, unless he starts to show some type of scoring touch.
8. Lupaschuk will make the team.
9. Mario will play most of the games, but not win the Art Ross (Marian Hossa will).
10. Straka will be dealt for whatever we can get for him.

09-25-2003, 05:13 PM
1. We don't finish in the bottom 5 of NHL team.
2. Mario scores over 90 points. Wins league mvp.
3. Melichar sets new career high for games played.
4. Kraft breaks out on a second line with Fata and Straka.
5. Koltsov opens the season on mario's left wing.
6. Brooks Orpik proves he can be pyshically dominating at the NHL level.
7. The returns for Jagr play together in the NHl for the second time.
8. Fleury is signed to a contract and splits the season with Caron.
9. One of our drafted players of 2003 steps up and proves to be a huge steal (excluding Bissonnette who already has).
10. Ramzi Abid doesn't match the hype but still produces a resonable season.

09-25-2003, 05:47 PM
10) Cheez hires a retired Canadian businessman from a non-profit volunteer organization as a mentor, who in turn helps make Cheez a multi-billionaire and the knight in shining armor that buys the Pens and builds a new arena. Cheez promptly hires Der Schweinehund as Director of Nacho Stands at the new arena.


09-27-2003, 01:59 AM
10. Impostor, Milan Kraft confesses, after cashing his last Penguin separation-settlement check that the real Milan Kraft is serving 20 years to life in a Prague prison.

9. After the FOX broadcasts with Lang and Errey take a turn for the worst . . . Olczyk gets summoned back to the booth to raise ratings.

8. Pens hire Ted Nolan, the only available coach that would take on a mission like this. Nolan after giving his "thanks for the opportunity" to Mario, Patrick and the fans . . . heavily criticizes Edzo, cuts Mario from the team and back-stabs Craig Patrick on the Mark Madden Radio show.

7. Patrick tries to bring in Scotty Bowman (Bowman laughs) as Glen Sather has just hired him to bail out his (Sather's) job in New York.

6. Ron Francis functioning as a (GM/Owner)and Jaromir Jagr (Player/Owner) . . . quit the NHL, buy a WHA2 hockey franchaise and put it in Hartford. Jagr stating that, "this country (especially Ted Leonsis, has been very, very good to me)." Ron Francis contacts EJ to see if he can arrange a trade with some of the Penguin players.

5. Twice during the season, the Penguins forget that there is even a team in Buffalo and end up forfeiting two games. Some think it may have been triggered by Nolan who has been blackballed everywhere around Buffalo and vowed he would never return.

4. Fleury, Caron and Aubin get into a major squabble about why one has a house of bricks and the other two have ones of straw and sticks. Being of French decent, naturally . . . they just throw their hands up and walk away from the action.

3. Olczyk fails to raise the TV ratings and CP finally assassinates Nolan. Patrick gets off under a temporary insanity plea where ex-Buffalo Sabres players and management are key characters supporting Patrick during the trial.

2. Mayor Murphy after receiving his last check from the city and last bribe check from Gov. Ed Rendall (who is diverting PA State funds to the City of Brotherly Love) asks Mario how he could possibly be so stupid to trust someone who is four feet tall and is the person who fathered every single one of the Smurfs.

1. Penguin hire Artrs Irbe for a rate of $50.00 an hour. Irbe states that he now feels like a "real" member of a union and Irbe and Barrasso (who, Dave Molinari, talks into coming out of retirement) lead the Penguins into the playoffs. Did I mention that Theo Fluery and Keven Stevens are the leading scorers and mentors on the team?

Put those top 10 in your crack pipe and smoke it.