What's with Schremp?!

09-25-2003, 05:52 AM
The kid wants out of Mississauga?? Does anyone know why?

I heard that he's mad that Ludzik left and he won't get a good look in Mississauga... umm, hello!! NHL people love the arena, the city's big, there's a solid amount of talent there and they're actually good this year!

Apparently he set this Sunday as a trade deadline or he walks.

What's he thinking?!?!

Dickie D
09-25-2003, 09:31 AM
From what the word has been going around the net (and you know how true can be at times) Schremp doesn't want to go to school since he's graduated and it's part of the Ice Dog rules that all players must attend either high school, college or university. Alot of CHL programs have that rule as well, but also weighing into the factor apparently is the Ludzik fiasco and the general instability of the team with like 4 owners in 3 years and little progress being made to move forward.
Once again word of mouth has him in Sarnia or London, but Larry Mavety has apparently publicly stated he is trying to set up a deal.
I wouldn't doubt alot of teams will follow suit and try to pry him away.
Also I have my doubts about the USANTDP threat, because that would most likely hurt his stock playing in a lesser league.
He'll get traded, but it'll just be a matter of time, they've probably already explained to his agent what is going to hold back the deal and he'll suck it up for a week or two before getting dealt.
I've heard Sarnia offering up a package with Carcillo, London offering up a package with Rob Drummond and a defenceman, while Kingston's deal is a question mark with Rizzi and Hughes apparently off-limits.
Word also has it that Missy is getting fed up with star players and may try to get a bunch of good players instead of stars through a series of trades with another name available being Patrick O'Sullivan.
Other rumours floating around are Ottawa interested in Clay McFadden from Kingston, petes to trade Chad Robinson and Sudbury trying to deal Howie Martin, Cam Black and Joel Whitmarsh

09-25-2003, 10:41 AM
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