Calling All Goalies!

06-21-2005, 11:20 AM
Looks like Itech is doing a major recall of some of their helmets and cages.clicky (

06-21-2005, 11:43 AM
I saw this ad/recall in the latest USA Hockey magazine. Definitely a little misleading, in terms of getting a replacement cage vs. a replacement mask. I have a CCM/Heaton mask, but I think my buddies all have Itech.

06-21-2005, 05:37 PM
If I read it correctly it's only the cat eye non certified cages that are being recalled.



It has come to our attention that the ITECH 2100, ITECH 1100 and ITECH 8.0 hockey goalie masks and the ITECH RP607 and RP609 goalie mask replacement wires may, under certain conditions, break at or near a weld point, thus exposing the goalie to potential injury. These are non-certified models with a cat-eye design and were sold from 1999 until their discontinuation in 2003.

To be cautious, we are requesting that you immediately stop using or selling all ITECH 2100, ITECH 1100, ITECH 8.0 goalie masks and ITECH RP607 and RP609 replacement wires and return them to ITECH Hockey for free replacement by our current, updated models.

The ITECH 2100, ITECH 1100, and ITECH 8.0 non-certified, cat-eye goalie masks were offered in black or white. A label identifying the model (Profile 2100, Profile 1100 or Profile 8.0) and size (medium or large) is affixed to the rear crown of the helmet. In addition, the back of the helmet has a large red triangular warning label. The ITECH RP607 and RP609 non-certified, cat-eye replacement wires are black, white and chrome and include a unique side attachment concept -- they are attached to the helmet/mask by four screws and posts without the use of any additional clips.

If you currently have any of these products, please notify ITECH Hockey by sending an e-mail to, telephoning us at 1-877-832-3366, or mailing the product(s) to the address below:

In the U.S.:
ITECH Hockey
1471 Military Turnpike
Plattsburgh, NY
Attention: Product Recall

In Canada:
ITECH Hockey
18103 Trans Canada Highway
Kirkland. Quebec
H9J 3Z4
Attention: Product Recall

Please note that only the wire component of the masks listed above needs to be returned. Once we have received your product(s), you will receive the free replacement product.

The ITECH 2100, ITECH 1100 and ITECH 8.0 goalie masks will be replaced by with a free new ITECH 1201 non-certified cat-eye goalie mask. The ITECH RP607 and RP609 replacement wires will be replaced by with a free new replacement wire. We sincerely regret this inconvenience and assure you that we will handle this matter diligently and expeditiously.

Yours truly,

Michael Whan
CEO, Mission-ITECH Hockey