OT: Gainey really rips some of his own Canadiens fans

09-28-2003, 03:30 PM

Gainey admonishes Habs fans after they boo Brisebois in 3-1 win over Sabres

Canadian Press

Saturday, September 27, 2003
Gainey met with reporters after the game to defend oft-maligned defenceman Patrice Brisebois, who was booed every time he touched the puck after the midway point of the second period.

After scoring a goal in the third, Brisebois turned to the crowd and motioned with his hand for them to turn up the volume.

"We don't need those people, we don't want those people, they're jealous people, yellow people," Gainey said of the fans who booed Brisebois. "I think they're a bunch of gutless ********, to be honest."
"Our message to them is to stay away," Gainey said. "We don't need you."

A clearly frustrated Brisebois said he was happy someone was finally sticking up for him.

"I appreciate his support," he said. "I've always said there are people who like me and appreciate me. I play for them, and my friends and family."

09-28-2003, 03:38 PM
Wow! Lots of bold words there by Gainey and Brisebois. I don't think I really understand why they hate this guy so much in Montreal. I mean he isn't really THAT BAD! Granted he isn't Paul Coffey, but I mean come on, this is one of the last, if not the last guy from that 93 Cup team that is still around. Give him a break!