Cool Shots draft segment

10-07-2003, 11:49 AM
I know some of you that have the NHL network (think that's what it's called) may have already seen this, but the show called Cool Shots had a segment on the draft. It was really interesting for a draft dork like me. They kind of showed it from Preds GM Dave Poile's perspective. They showed him making a lot of calls to GM's the day before the draft. At one point he was talking to Jim Rutherford of Carolina and Poile casually asked him if the trade with Phoenix was still on. The the next day before the Preds group had lunch, Cliff Fletcher called. It was interesting in the fact that both guys were just kind of talking, trying to figure out what each guy was up to. Poile then told him they were going to go young this year and talked about some possible deals he had on the table (without getting specific). They did not show any conversation that would sound like either was interested in a deal. Just kind of chatting. I was thinking why wasn't Barnett talking to him. But we've heard in the past that Cliff deals with certain GM's like Philly and Toronto, so maybe Nashville is on his list too. Then they cut to the draft floor where Brian Burke was kind of frustrated that he could not get a deal done...any deal. He joked that he wanted to pull a minor league deal just to have something announced. They showed Poile and the Sharks GM trying to get a deal done and it ended with the Sharks GM saying he would contact Poile before they picked to see where they stood. They showed a conversation between Don Wadell and Jim Rutherford. Wadell asked him who they were going to pick, Rutherford said Staal. Wadell then said, well I'm not going to tell you who we like. Rutherford just kind of looked at him and Wadell said they liked Staal too and something about them being in the same division. For me, I guess it kind of verified what we hear that there is a lot of talking, but very few deals.

Edit- Forgot to say that at one point on the draft floor they showed Wayne talking to Brian Burke. Wayne said it would be "good for hockey" if they took Tambellini.

10-10-2003, 05:09 AM
I have NHL Network but missed NHL Cool Shots...