Good article on Heatley situation...

10-09-2003, 04:09 PM
I thought this article was really good IMO. Read and judge for yourselves...but it's just a sad sad situation. :(

Heatley (

10-10-2003, 01:24 AM
I thought this article was really good IMO. Read and judge for yourselves...but it's just a sad sad situation. :(

Heatley (

im glad this topic moved to its own thread. it was out of context where we were talking about it before.

i know it probably seemed pretty cynical what i said in the other thread about the "typical athlete slap on the wrist", but if guys can get caught smoking crack with wh*res, buying coke from undercover cops, bailing on their rehab programs, killing people while drunk driving, and transporting 200 lbs of marijuana and not do any substantial jail/prison time...then a simple case of 22 year old stupidity where the passenger in the car (at least according to reports so far) never argued or complained aobut the speed is going to go in one courthouse door and out the other with a suspended sentence and a ton of community service faster than rush limbaugh's maid buying vicodin in a drive through pharmacy.

compounding the problems for the prosecution, if they decide to seek jail time, is the fact that snyder's family is publicly asking for leniency for dany: QUOTE At the funeral, much of the focus will be on Heatley, who hasn't talked publicly about the accident but was described by his lawyer as ``an emotional wreck."

He will get all kinds of support in Elmira much of it from Snyder's grieving family.

"We really wanted him to be here," Snyder's father Graham told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "It's important for him to see this and have closure and say his goodbyes. We're here for Dany Heatley and we're praying he can get through this. ... We want to let him know he's forgiven.''

"This has been a tragedy and we've lost our son," Graham Snyder said. "But to lose another person (by putting Heatley in jail) would just be senseless. That shouldn't happen. He's already going to have awful memories of this.''

Added Jake Snyder, Dan's brother: "My brother talked about Dany constantly. Dany was so special to my brother. He'd want us to help him get through a difficult time.'' END QUOTE

whether you agree with it or not, i just dont think dany is going to do much if any time at all. in the other thread it was mentioned that the prosecution might be pressured not to let him plead out...well its equally hard to mount any kind of significant homicide case if the family of the homicidEE is dead set against you putting the homicidER in prison.

lets not start throwing stones here either, if they put 22 year olds in prison for sheer stupidity (which is what this appears to be) id be serving a life sentence for some of the dumb sheeznit i did. i was just lucky that neither my friends nor myself died because of my idiocy.