Would Edm trade us Laroque

10-13-2003, 03:46 AM
It seems that there is a split between us on the enforcer role. Some think we need it to protect our stars like Palffy and our next generation of players Brown and Frolov.

We have Brennan's and Norton's but no one who can actually play hockey. I was wondering what you guys think of Laraque from Edmonton. He is a very solid forth liner and can play on the third line from time to time.

Would we want him? I would. Would Edmonton give him up in a trade?
If so what would be fair?

I would be more then willing to start a package with Avery plus one of our prospects. What would be a fair trade?

I would even do a healthy Aulin, Brennan plus Avery for Laroque.

I think we missed out last year on Grier as well. A guy with size and ability who goes for a 2nd and 3rd pick.

What are your thoughts on Laroque?

10-13-2003, 05:41 AM
or LARAQUE, as it may be...

He's a pretty integral part of the Oiler lineup, and he gives them minutes, and the toughness that most teams would love to have on their roster (not just the Kings.)

I can't IMAGINE the Oilers giving him up, because frankly without him, they find themselves in a situation not unlike the Kings find themselves in now.