looking for a second opinion...

10-14-2003, 04:03 PM
earlier today on LGK, i posted this response to a thread called: who should stay who should go? or something like that. i know some of you guys lurk over there, but don't chime in.

this was the question posed by the thread starter:

It's easy. We don't want Cammy sitting and he CAN be sent down without waivers, so that's what we will do. We'll give him an extended conditioning assignment in Manchester and he'll be the first to be called up.

I also see Sim and Chartrand going down when Allison and Deadmarsh come back. I think Dustin Brown and Esa Pirnes are here to stay and we will finally roll 4 lines like

New Jersey

You know, teams like that. Hmm, what do those teams have in common? Can't quite put my finger on it....

My answer:

i agree. and with regards to who stays and who goes, i think that that is an ideal scenario.
i had posted after the prospects game in which i thought cammy was clearly the best player out there, and reiterated after how excellent a camp he had.. that he was without a doubt, the most tradeable asset we have. don't get me wrong... i'm a big fan but... we are starting to spill over a little down the middle, and his value may not ever get any higher if he eventually gets labeled "injury prone," and/or "too small to sustain the grind and punishment of an 82 game schedule." although the same may be said for belanger, however... cammy does not have the defensive game eric does. maybe a team like edmonton would be a good fit for cammy. they're looking to unload an unhappy mike comrie, which would then give them a hole at center. who better to fill that hole than a less expensive comrie clone with probably slightly better hands and nose for the net. the oilers should also be looking for help in net, which we cannot provide. but atlanta (who will at somepoint begin to struggle this season) can. i can see edm. making a pitch involving comrie for nurminen knowing that they'll more than likely dump salo sometime this season as well (incedentally, my darkhorse pick for the goalie colorado acquires around jan/feb).
another team we might wanna look at is the wild. i would not mind picking up a lemaire system disciplined defenseman. and the longer gaborik and dupuis are away, a team that already doesn't score a lot, will score less. and they aren't loaded with small guys... and it'll give bouchard more breathing room in his development.

gosh... i know i love to thread jump... but with evreyone seemingly horking on the whole breakaway/penalty shot thing, we forget to notice the big picture... pirnes EARNED those shots. and believe me... that second one had to have been much more rattling mentally than the first. back to back penalty shots in back to back games are very very rare in any stage, in any league for any hockey player. let alone a rookie on the big stage in the first coupla games of a season. one of the myriad things i dig about both pirnes and brown are the fundamental... KEEP YOUR FEET MOVING! they never stop skating. when you do that, you'll most likely avoid getting caught in positional errors, you see passing lanes better, and that crucial goal/clearing the zone play just magically deliciously appears.
pirnes is old enough to swallow the nuances of the game more clearly than most rookies, and brown is too far ahead of the curve to not be given the rick nash type of chance. he won't learn anything playing for guelph this year (dominating a league while subconsciously knowing you can hack the nhl is probably more detrimental to him in my opinion... big ego may follow!). i remember (as well as most of us likely do as well) growing up, our older cousins and friends and coaches would continually tell us "the way you get better, is by playing against players better than you are."

any thoughts????

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10-14-2003, 07:45 PM
a few thoughts:

1. "when we get healthy" - don't count on it. i hate to be pessimistic, but this team has a number of injury-prone players on it, not to mention a voodoo curse. with that in mind, you can NEVER have too much depth. so, to say that we're getting a logjam down the middle? would that that was our only worry.

2. honestly, what do you think we could get for cammalleri? you won't get comrie - not without a face-melting package around him. edmonton, really doesn't need to deal him, so they won't, unless you're willing to grossly overpay. the new cba may force some radical changes in league financing after next year, making it possible for edmonton to pay him what he should receive anywhere. as such, there would be no reason for him to go elsewhere. if not, they trade him then. so they lose his services for a year now, big deal. they're not going to win the cup this year. they've been holding out for the new cba and a chance to compete financially for a long time. they won't stop now.
so, back to cammalleri, what do you think that you could get for him? a seasoned defenseman? maybe if he was grossly overpaid, and we all know how the la kings LOVE players like that.
bottom line, i don't think cammalleri has much trade value. sure he was looking good in camp, but how many teams are going to fork over something meaningful for a kid with a great camp and some upside, but with injuries and diminutive stature?