The Boosh-Factor

10-17-2003, 05:02 PM
First of all, I would like to give credit where credit is due:

The dogs rocked in the first three games! This is the way they can win their fair share of games this season:

-a healthy Burke stands on his head;
-the entire team displays grit with a determination to win from the first 'til the last puck-drop;
-the d-men stay focused and don't try to get too fancy in their own end;
-the forwards forecheck effectively and make a concious effort to backcheck;
-the team avoids taking too many stupid penalties;
-the homer line keeps on lighting the lamp;

The first three games were awesome. Sure, there were some lucky bounces, some missed opportunities and a few not so great moments, but that has to be expected with a young squad like the '03/'04 desert dogs. At the end of the night, the result was always two points. Great effort, boys, keep up the great work!:yo::handclap:

This young team will have it's fair share of 'off-nights' during this campaign. Last night (against Tampa) was one of them. And it atarted with the 'Boosh-Factor'. I am not a Boosh fan. I just don't think he's worth the money he's being paid. Some posters have suggested that the team let him down. Maybe - But maybe that's the difference between him and Burke. When Burke is in net, he keeps them in the game, even if they are flat, even if they make a mistake. They always feel like they have a chance. When Boosh is in net, he lets in at least one soft goal within the first half hour. Then the boys think: Here we go again - This is it, game is lost.

I am not trying to pin the entire blame on Boucher. Others have to be accountable for stupid penalties (Nash) or missed defensive assignments, also. My point is, that the team has no confidence playing in front of a goalie who has yet to prove he's worth playing (for his ridiculous salary) for this team. At this point, his rookie heroics are a distant memory and after his 2002/'03 performance no longer a factor when evaluating his current worth to the Coyotes organization.

I know it is nearly impossible to get rid of him. He cleared waivers in the draft and no GM in their right mind would spend millions on him at this point. Unfortunately, the dogs are forced to pay him. - Let's hope he's going to turn it around real soon! If not: BUY HIS CONTRACT OUT! Bierk can do the same for a lot less...

Dancin' Gabe rules! :bow:

10-17-2003, 06:10 PM
good idea ..... maybe

bad business decision for a finacially frugal team and a waste of an asset in my op.

booch may not be worth much in today's economy but why put the money up front when the potential is still untapped and the "a" is still an alternative.