(An)Thony Tuzzolino

01-15-2006, 12:48 PM
Hey guys!

I have some questions for you all italians that might have seen Tuzzolino played in Cortina, Bolzano and Asiago.

This saturday he signed for swedish team MoDo.

Do you think hes a competative guy that could fit in to a speedy game and could he contribute to a team that lacks of aggressivness?

Thanks :)

And oh, on occation that there is some american AHL-fans reading this posts, please notify me too what your thoughts on Tuzzolino are! :D

01-16-2006, 10:15 AM
Hi, Tuzzolino is a good forward with good nose for the net and a fine stickhandling. In the hot match a clever agitator and a tough-guy if necessary. Defensively is not so disciplinate and in SEL he could have some problems at the beginning especially because he's not used to a fast play like in SEL. Selected 1994 by Quebec round 5 #113 overall, Tuzzolino could have become a good carrier also in top country with a better attitude, here in Italy he had problems with Coaches and Mgmt in Asiago and Bolzano, and probably also in Cortina (but take into consideration that isn't easy in Italy, we aren't so professional like in Sweden). He played 9 game in NHL with Anaheim, NY Rangers and Boston with no points. He'll play next OG with team Italy where probably he could start in first or second line.