Frost back on the warpath in the post Danton Devils era!

10-27-2003, 07:23 PM



"If Glen Sather is good enough to evaluate a player based on practices and without ever seeing him play in a game, then he's got the best hockey mind in the planet. Move over, Scotty Bowman," Frost told The Post. "Why in the world would the Rangers have ever claimed Sheldon if they weren't going to give him a chance?

"I can tell you that one player on the team told Sheldon to run as fast as he could away from New York, that he's far better off away from that organization. Sheldon was very happy to be claimed by the Rangers, they treated him first class off the ice in every way, he was excited to get the opportunity to be in New York. But with what happened, at least in the short run, the Rangers have hurt his career.

"I'd been contacted by a few GM's who were prepared to claim Sheldon in the Waiver Draft. The Rangers came out of nowhere to take him. Now he hasn't played for almost three weeks, those other teams have solidified their lineups, and because he's back with Tampa, they can send him straight to the minors and leave him there for as long as they like.

"It's impossible for anyone in hockey to understand why the Rangers do what they do. Maybe there's a reason they haven't been in the playoffs for [six] years."

I Hate Tie DOMI
10-27-2003, 07:38 PM
I knew this was going to happen. Does he have any other clients besides Keefe and Danton because if he does hes certainly not spending enough time *****ing about their lack of playing time. The way this guy talks these two guys are the next Wayne Gretzky or something. So much talk for so much 4th line/AHL talent.