Thoughts on the B's game

11-01-2003, 04:53 PM
Well what a turn around from the first two periods huh?
I thought we were outplayed the first two periods and not only that we didnt look the same way we have in games past.
But then the third period started and we looked like a different team. Maybe they got the news that Baumgartner was gone. Maybe Cp threatened to make a trade for Moran right then and there. Who knows but something sure got them going.

As far as individual performances go, I think obviously Fata played a hell of a game. His speed created alot of chances and he had to be watched every time he stepped on the ice.

Koltsov was the best player for the whole three periods. I swear each time I see this kid play I am more impressed with his checking and getting his nose dirty than anything else. I LOVED how he pissed Thorton off enough to draw a punch :handclap:

Orpik didnt have his best game today but he didnt play poorly. He made some good solid hits but he seemed to cough the puck up a bit more than he has the past couple games.

I thought that Malone didnt play to well but he obviously came up big when he was needed.

Morozov also made a few mistakes but did alot of good as well.
Straka skated hard and he seemed to draw alot of attention today which we needed from him once Mario went out.

Holzinger was brutal. I dunno if y'all agree wwith me or not but he didnt shoot the puck a few times when he should have and when he did he missed the net by five feet from a distance of ten feet. He made stupid mistakes (one leading to the Bruins second goal) and generally looked out of place. Do you guys think he should even be on this team? i mean we can use his faceoffs but really he doesnt bring much else anymore.

By far the worst player on the ice today was Joe Thorton. By worst I mean stupidest. Two DUMB and unneccesary penalties which in the end cost his team the game. His PLAY wasnt bad at all....his decision making or reactions were awful (thank God for us ;) ).

As for Fluery he made some great stops today. It was odd however the two goals he let in. One went five hole (and he usually never leaves that open) and the other was cuz he got the angle wrong (which he also never does). I think he wasn't on his A+ game today because he would have more than likely stopped both of those. He is WAY to good not to.

Melichar played well also and after a rough start Abid really did alot of good things.

Big Mac brought some life to us in the third which I felt really helped.

The top D pair didnt play good or bad....just in between which is better than they have been so thats a plus.

Did I miss anything?

The Tang
11-01-2003, 05:03 PM
i think Malone played pretty good the whole game, and he created another SH chance. Koltsov played great, as did fata.

Holzinger sucks,plain and simple. he needs to be benched and have Webb put in. neither can score, but at least one can hit and sakte fast.

Abid and Morozov played decently through th4e first two periods, but seemed to disapear in the 3rd.

also, if you look at Minutes, mckenna had only about 4:30, by far the lowest (not counted Mario who left). ther shifts he ahd were rpetty good, so i dont know why they didnt play him more, especially when we were already down a forward.