Central AZ Hiking Advice

11-05-2003, 09:09 PM
Friends & Neighbors,
I apologize up front for the hockey-unrelated thread, but I'm against the clock and need advise ASAP. I'm headed to a company meeting tomorrow through Sunday, and a buddy and myself are heading somewhere near Phoenix to do a little improptu hiking and dispersed (non-campground) camping. I've searched over the BLM website and found some good information; now I'm looking for first-hand accounts.

It looks like the Sonoran NM (Maricopa Mts & Table Top) would be a good area, but my buddy said to look for "something near water." I told him it was Arizona, but hey, I'm always willing to work with special requests. We're both rather experienced backpackers, which means you can feel free to interject with even the most mundane suggestion. :-)

What is the area within 50 miles and northeast of Phoenix like? I see a few potential areas in that location.

One more thing: proximity to a roadway (a hike in of no more than about 1 mile or so, due to time constraints) is preferable.


11-05-2003, 10:49 PM
something near water? try Lake Powell about 500 miles north lol

Not a real hiker here.. Ive been to South Mountain and Squaws Peak and they were fun but they're city hikes and you're after more. Maybe head towards Sedona as far as you can.. its beautiful up there.

ALA YotesPhan
11-06-2003, 04:26 AM
This magazine has some of the best hiking ideas in AZ.


11-06-2003, 08:56 AM
Stanley, Backpacking is what I do out here. Give me your Phone # and I'll call you with some info. I'd give you my number but I think I've irritated some posters in the past that may come gunnin for me.
Have you been to AZ before? If not, you may just want to stay in your car. There's more to see out here than you can imagine, and yes there is water close to town. The Superstition Mnts are the most popular and accessible with all the beauty you'll need for short hikes. I've spent 3 to 7 nights on various trips out there. But there are many many other places. You need me to talk to you, so reply with a phone number.

Now to Hockey ( so we don't get the masses in an uproar).
We've got to stop the dump and chase. It was promising at the beginning of the season, especially with Tanabe and Doan. While Johnson is out, I hope BF puts someone with Langkow/Nagy that will carry the puck in. Nagy (with all his skill) can get tied up too much in the corners with his constant maneuvering. He plays Good... but I think it wastes his energy. Langkow has the energy, but he can't do it all.
And please, Oh Hockey gods, don't let us get stupid penalties.......