Well it was nice to see a home win

11-07-2003, 06:16 PM
I still don't get Mike sometimes. Why did he not let Bure get on the ice for the last minute+ to get his hat trick.

One thing that impressed me (well 2) was Van Ryan. It's nice to have goals coming from the D. To bad it isn't all of them producing. It is sad that one of our Dmen is tied (was tied) with our top lines goals amount.
2. Hagman is still all over the place. Getting in to the corners and seem to be were ever the puck was. Although he did miss an open net :mad: , which would have given him his 2nd goal of the night, but hey he was everwhere :handclap: .

So far the Van Ryan was a good deal.

The ref'ing was still a little shoty with a few missed calls, but at least they were not running amuck letting the pens have tons of them.

They still need to come out in the 2nd period like they do in the 1st. It was not looking good for awhile. I was late getting back to the 3rd and I walked in at the 1 minute mark and to see us down by 1. You know that here we go again went through my mind.

It was nice to see Bure get a couple of goals. :handclap:

I am glad that weiss scored and hopefully it will continue. :handclap:

Horton is on a 3 or is it 4 game point scoring streak. :handclap:

All in all it was a good game and a nice win :handclap:

And to add one more not it was nice to turn the table and use someone elses goalie as a target. :handclap:

11-08-2003, 05:31 AM
We essentially gave up a 5th round pick for Van Ryn.