Blockbuster trade from hell

10-03-2006, 08:29 PM
I just made probly the biggest trade ive ever made in 6yrs and 50 leagues of Yahoo Sports.
I trade Lebron James-Jermaine Oneal-Steve Francis and Nene Hilario
I get Vince Carter-Chris Bosh-Luke Ridnour and Emeka Okafor

I say i win because one huge thing i did was getting rid of 3 players who get well over 200 turnovers each(James 260 last year,Oneal is always hurt but averages about 200 a year, and Francis has as recently as 04-05 had 317 TO's)
Ridnour for a PG isnt so bad w/ 162 TOs last year, Carter will have about 200

I get improved FT%
James .738 Oneal.709 Hilario .682 Francis .787
Carter .799 Bosh .816 Okafor .650 Ridnour .877

The FG% is pretty much a wash
3pt made are a wash
Reb are pretty much a wash
Ast are a slight edge to them

My Lineup as of now is
PG Ridnour SG T-Mac G B.Davis
PF Bosh SF V.Carter F M.Miller
C Okafor C Illgauskas UT C.Maggette UT K.Korver
Bench Kenyon MArtin-J.Posey-H.Turkoglu