Finnish quotes/interviews of Pitkänen?

11-21-2003, 03:32 PM
As great as Pitkänen's played this year I haven't seen a single quote from him in the papers. Of course this is because his English isn't good yet.

I would imagine there have been some Finnish interviews however.
If anyone has seen any and wouldn't mind posting a translation in English it would be much appreciated since I can't find them (nor could I read them if I did find them :) )

He's just be awesome this year and it would really cool to see how he feels about the NHL, his teamates, his play, etc...


11-21-2003, 10:56 PM
Joni's interview was 3 Nov in Kaleva (

My English isn't good enough to translate that interview.:dunno:
Could somebody with better English skills translate that?

11-22-2003, 02:45 AM
My english isn't that good either (as good as Pitkänen's really :)), but I'll give it a go:

Pitkänen has fulfilled his expectations

Philadelphia Flyers' scouts knew that what they were doing, when they drafted defenseman Joni Pitkänen (4th overall, year 2002). Pitkänen, who just turned 20 years, has so far fulfilled his expectations and handled the pressure well.
Pitkänen has played 10 games in the NHL so far, and he has played very well: He has 7 points (2G+5A) and he has the 4th best +/- rating in the league with +8. He's also second in Rookies scoring.

"I'm satisfied to with game at the moment, but the season has just started. I can do things better and I can also learn some new things" he says.

Pitkänen has played 18 minutes per game on an average, and he has gotten lots of icetime in the power-play also. Pitkänen is pleased that the coach Ken Hitchcock has faith in him.

"I knew that I could play in this league", he says.

"The first task was of course to get a spot in the roster, and I also thought that I might get to play on the power-play if everything goes well. I've played lots on the power-play, more than what I excepted, and that has been a pleasant surprise".

Big expectations

Pitkänen had big expectations on him before he joined the Flyers. The young finn is expected to lead the Flyers defense in two-three years.
Pitkänen knew that from the beginning.

"I knew and I got to hear the expectations. But I haven't thought about them. I'll let the others do the speculation".

"I'll do my best and that's it. I'll just play my own game".

Outside the rink Pitkänen is still looking for his role. He has had slight problems with the english language, but he has gotten help from close.

"My team-mate Sami Kapanen has helped me a lot. Without him it would've been much harder to adjust to this lifestyle", Pitkänen admits.

"Of course I could've known more english, but it will get better. I will learn. I'll just listen carefully and learn more. And Sami will of course help, if I don't understand something."

It takes time to learn

Getting used to the North-American style of hockey and the smaller rinks has taken time. In the small rink you're always in a hurry.

"In here there isn't really a lot of time to think, because everything happens so quickly and you're only facing good players. You have to concentrate well all the time, and if you don't, the opponent will score. They won't forgive anything".

Pitkänen has noticed, that the goalies participate much more to the game in North-America. They have something to say to the defense constantly.

"I think that the goalies talk and yell much more in here, than in Finland. They tell me that do I have much time when I get the puck and they also tell me that what do they want me to do with the puck. Everybody has tried to teach me that how to work and what to do in different situations", he says.

The coach Hitchcock also keeps advising advising him a lot. Hitchcock was coaching the Dallas Stars when Jere Lehtinen won the Stanley Cup with them in 1999.

"He's a strict, but a fair man. He's wise, he knows a lot about the game and he can maneuver (sp?) everything well. It's pretty clear", Pitkänen tells.

Philadelphia has gotten 14 points in their first 12 games. They've got the 4th biggest budget in the NHL (65 million dollars) and their mission is to win the Stanley Cup. Philadelphia's only Stanley Cup championships are from 1974 and 1975.


I hope that you're able to read that now.

Quotes from Joni. I remember one from last season. Kärpät (Pitkänen's team...and my favourite.) lost their home game to HIFK (?) and Joni was interviewed on the radio after the game. (Or was it during some intermission?)

Anyway he said that: 'We've played like s**t. We will f***ing lose to everyone if we keep playing like this".

... It was funny back then.

11-22-2003, 04:29 AM
You two are awesome, thanks. And your English is very good.