Official Don Cherry Division Round 2 Results: Boston Bruins vs Montreal Maroons

Nalyd Psycho
12-07-2006, 03:02 AM
Game 1: It's weird to think that a team with Doug Harvey can be overwhelmed by just how much of a difference maker a defense can be, but that's exactly what happens this night. End to end rush after end to end rush by Bobby Orr and Flash Hollett keep the Maroons' forecheck very passive after a Bobby Orr rush leads to a Milt Schmidt goal. Smart positional play by Orr, Seibert, Stanley, Flaman and Coulter keeps the Maroon's stuck on the perimeter without passing lanes. Jagr tries and tries again, holding the puck for seemingly minutes on end, but he never gets a decent opportunity, inevitably making a weak shot on Durnan when he needed a rest. Billy Smith stands on his head and Doug Harvey blocks 5 shots to keep the Bruins' offence at bay. But it's all for naught as the Maroons just can't solve the Bruin's defense, Mike Modano adds the empty netter off the Seibert breakout pass.

Boston Bruins win 2-0

Game 2: After getting a feel for the Maroons in game 1, the Bobby Orr show is officially in town. Midway through the first, Hollett hits Orr with a breakout pass on a quick change, giving Orr and easy breakaway out-skating Van Impe, and making Battlin' Billy look the fool. On a second period powerplay, a give and go passing play between Thornton and Orr ends with Busher Jackson scoring on a wide open net. Later in the second, Orr draws all the Maroons to him, leaving Bauer open for a quick shot past Smith. Midway through the third the Maroons' finally solve the Bruins defense, Jagr holds off Cloutier with one hand and just as he's out of scoring position, he passes through his skates to a streaking Moore who one-times it past Durnan. But it's all for not as a drop pass by Modano to Lewis seals the deal.

Boston Bruins win 4-1

Game 3: In what will surely be the stuff of great speculation, at the start of the game, Doug Harvey skates over to Orr and whispers something in his ear. What a difference home ice makes for the Maroons, with Harvey on the ice every time Orr is the Maroons are finally able to counter the legend. Orr cannot enter the offensive zone without losing every high percentage passing option. This still can't prevent a low percentage pass from setting up a Bathgate one-timer to start scoring. But, this time, Jagr is ready for the Bruins and isn't going to let the lead stand. A triangle passing play between Jagr, Lach and Goodfellow ends with a Jagr wrist shot leaving Durnan stunned. The Ratelle-Shutt connection finally clicks on the powerplay after a Ratelle-Johnson give and go tangled up the Bruins powerplay leaving Shutt in scoring position. Late in the third, Jagr crushes the Bruins, holding the puck for almost two minutes before every Bruins' player was on him, and somehow, he threads the needle to Moore for the easy goal.

Montreal Maroons win 3-1

Game 4: At the opening face off Orr skates around before getting into position, at which point, he points directly at Harvey. Thornton wins the draw back to Orr who immediately goes full throttle down the right side of the ice, Harvey meets him at the blueline, Orr slides the puck to the left of Harvey, while Orr spins to the right, squeezing between Harvey and the boards, narrowly avoiding the check. Orr then hops over Johnson's stick, passing to Jackson, who's quick shot fools Smith. Not to be out done, later in the period, Harvey skates end to end and drop passes to Shutt who's slap shot beats Durnan. Jagr then gives the Maroons a 3-1 lead with two quick goals in the 2nd, as he's really getting comfortable against the Bruins' defense. Boston battles back with a physical 3rd by the Kraut line, leading to goals by Hollett and Dumart. In overtime, Jagr acts as a distraction without the puck to give Lach and Moore the room to create the winner on a back-pass to Harvey.

Montreal Maroons win 4-3 in overtime

Game 5: Back in Boston, Montreal has the confidence and the momentum and it shows in the eyes of the battered Orr. On the other side, Jagr is grinning and brimming with confidence, him and Harvey are cracking jokes on the ice. Feeling cornered the Bruins give it their all, hitting the Maroons at any opertunity. Flaman and Hodge exchange blows. But Smith and Harvey are a defensive wall. The pressure makes it hard for the Maroons, except Jagr. Jagr steals the puck from Pulford, and rockets off on a breakaway, scoring the only goal of the game. After the game, when Jagr is named third star, he circles the ice with 6 fingers up, mocking the Boston faithful.

Montreal Maroons win 1-0

Game 6: Boston gave it their all, but couldn't overcome the eased confidence of the Maroons. So tonight, the Bruins play a passive trap, utilizing their defensive advantage to stifle momentum from going in either direction. It isn't pretty, but it holds Montreal to one goal by Dickie Moore. While the transitional play of the Bruins defense leads to goals by Modano, Schmidt and Orr. A well executed road game by Boston.

Boston Bruins win 3-1

Game 7: Do or die time. The Boston crowd is firmly against Montreal, the start of the game is delayed due to debris, and one fan is kicked out for burning a Jagr jersey. When Jagr hits the ice, the fans chant “Bos-ton! Sev-en! Bos-ton! Sev-en!” Sinden switches up his plan against Jagr, making sure the Kraut Line, Flaman and Coulter are on the ice every time he is, with one rule, hit Jagr every time he touches the puck. This has the obvious benefit of bringing the crowd to a fevered pitch. And this has the benefit of lighting a fire under Bobby Orr, he's not going to disappoint. Midway through the 1st, he makes Primeau and Horner look like fools as he clears space to take a wicked slapshot that Thornton deflects in. The O'Connor line counters with tough physical play against Orr, to the point where Sinden is keeping Orr away from them. Allowing Tarasov to set his trap and get the Harvey-Orr match-up on the road. Battered and bruised, Jagr isn't going to lose, taking a wicked hit from Schmidt, he still makes the pass to Moore for the goal. Late in the third, tied one to one, Harvey and Orr battling in the neutral zone for puck, Harvey wins the battle, passes to Ratelle, Ratelle to Shutt... NO! A sprawing Seibert knocks the pass to Orr, Orr skates right through Johnson, Orr vs Smith, man to man, Orr fakes the wrist shot, backhand through the five hole...GOAL! Montreal with the goalie pulled, giving everything they've got with Jagr, Lach, Moore, Goodfellow, Harvey and Shutt on the ice. But they can't beat Durnan and the Boston defense.

Boston Bruins win 2-1

Three Stars:
#2: (Tie) Jaromir Jagr and Doug Harvey
#1: Bobby Orr

The Boston Bruins beat the Montreal Maroons 4 games to 3.

God Bless Canada
12-07-2006, 12:48 PM
No surprises here. You knew that this would be one of the best series of the year, and it lived up to its billing. A lot of great players on both sides.

As much as I respect Doug Harvey - I traded up to get him in the last draft - there's no doubt about it - Bobby Orr was going to be the best player in this series. And in the end, Bobby was the difference maker. I think defence has a whole was the one clear edge for a team in this series. Boston had that edge.

And Boston will have the edge on defence against New Jersey in the next series, too.

Boston will definitely be at a disadvantage in the series against New Jersey, after such a battle versus Montreal.

12-07-2006, 01:26 PM
Boston will definitely be at a disadvantage in the series against New Jersey, after such a battle versus Montreal.
Or it could go the other way.

They are a #2 ranked team, just clawed past #3 and eager has heck and battle ready to take on #1. The Devils could be on their heels early in the series.

12-07-2006, 02:26 PM
Yeah, this was bound to be a great series (and Nalyd really brings it to live. At this point a big THANK YOU again); But apart from Orr, I never seem to get the three stars right. Perhaps I am more a fan of the unlikely heroes. ;)

12-07-2006, 09:36 PM
Nicely done speaker.

Evil Speaker
12-08-2006, 02:59 AM
Thanks Nalyd, and to all other who voted. And to raleh, cheers bud, you were a great competitor and I hope to see you in the next draft.

Nalyd Psycho
12-08-2006, 04:22 AM
Yeah, this was bound to be a great series (and Nalyd really brings it to live. At this point a big THANK YOU again); But apart from Orr, I never seem to get the three stars right. Perhaps I am more a fan of the unlikely heroes. ;)

Thanks for the compliment. And diversity in three star voting is good, even if they don't make it, it influences my writing.