Official Foster Hewitt Division Round 2 Results:Montreal Canadiens vs Saskatoon Blues

Nalyd Psycho
12-07-2006, 02:21 PM
Game 1: Saskatoon gets off to a quick start with Jean Beliveau avoiding a check by Cleghorn, setting up Newsy Lalonde in the slot. Cleghorn just glares at Beliveau. Doug Gilmour and Gordie Howe spend the rest of the period trying to tie the game, but Parent shuts the door. Early in the second period, Beliveau and Cleghorn are battling for the puck in the corner, Cleghorn kicks it the puck to Park while he presses Beliveau's face into the glass, Beliveau uses his elbow to wedge Cleghorn off him, to which Cleghorn responds by using his free hand to ram the butt-end of his stick into Beliveau's ribs. Beliveau drops to the ice, coughing up blood, Cleghorn skates off the ice, not even having to hear the ref's call. With Beliveau gone, Saskatoon's offence is severly hurt, lacking the speed to compensate. Montreal is able to tie it up with Oates and Kariya cycling down low, setting up Howe in the slot. Howe then power through the neutral zone to set up a streaking Kariya for the go ahead goal. Gilmour then sets up Bondra for the empty netter.

Montreal Canadiens win 3-1

Game 2: Beliveau is out day to day due to internal bleeding. Cleghorn is suspended for two games. Gilmour and Bucyk work a give and go to give Montreal an early lead. Saskatoon's lack of speed upfront inhibits their ability to score five on five, so Nolan has them play a tight physical trap. On the powerplay is a different story, Reggie Leach ties it up. In the third period, Smyth-Riseborough-Smyl are able to power through the trap ending with Smythe scoring in close. A streaking Howe seals the deal with a top corner wrist shot.

Montreal Canadiens win 3-1

Game 3: Canadiens, realizing that Saskatoon is not getting any chances five on five, play a very calm and relaxed game, avoiding any bad penalties, and it pays off. Saskatoon gets more and more frustrated, taking bad penalties throughout the game. This leads to two goals by Howe, a goal by Gilmour and a goal by Bucyk.

Montreal Canadiens win 4-0

Game 4: They're back! Beliveau and Cleghorn return. Right off the first face-off, Goring and Cleghorn fight, a long fight, neither one backing down, Goring isn't going to let a cheap shot against his captain stand, and Cleghorn isn't going to be beaten. Eventually, Cleghorn kicks Goring's feet out from under hi, the refs break up the fight and Cleghorn celebrates it as a win. Beliveau then gets back at Montreal the best way possible, on the score sheet, getting a goal and an assist on a Dye goal while Cleghorn is in the box for fighting. Giving Saskatoon the early lead. Gordie Howe matches Beliveau point for point, scoring and setting up Kariya. Howe tops it off with a second period fight with Goring, easily beating the nigh-unbeatable Goring. Cleghorn, continuing to check Beliveau, runs his mouth the entire game. Early in the third, Beliveau has had enough and he drops the gloves to fight Cleghorn. Cleghorn just turtles, Beliveau beats him bloody, but takes the instigator in the process. Parent shuts the door late in the game, sending it into overtime. Early in overtime, Cleghorn carries the puck through the neutral zone, fakes a pass to Howe, dekes Iafrate, and out-waits Parent, scoring on the backhand. The boos in Saskatoon are deafening as Cleghorn skates past the Saskatoon bench, giving the one finger salute.

Montreal Canadiens win 3-2

Three stars:
3rd: Sprague Cleghorn
2nd: Doug Gilmour
1st Gordie Howe

The Montreal Canadiens defeat the Saskatoon Blues Four game to zero.

God Bless Canada
12-07-2006, 02:41 PM
With all due respect to my fellow Saskatchewan-based GM, I can't say I'm really surprised by this result. I thought Saskatoon would be able to ride Parent and Beliveau to one win. But when Nalyd said there was a sweep, this was the series that immediately sprang to mind. (I was hoping it would be my series, but that was basically wishful thinking).

Montreal has a heck of a team. Okay, we all have great teams, but Montreal has a heck of a team by this draft's standards. They don't really have that glaring weakness that other teams possess. The winner of the Moscow-Quebec series will need some flawless team games to advance past the Canadiens.

12-07-2006, 02:52 PM
Looks like the trade Anderson for Gleghorn trade paid off in spades for Montreal. Hopefully Anderson is as big a factor against Burnaby.

Great write up Nalyd.

Hockey Outsider
12-07-2006, 03:25 PM
That was an amazing write-up. You really brought Cleghorn (dead for 50 years) to life. The series sounded very intense, with lots of lead changes and bad blood--everything you want in playoff hockey.

Zetterberg, it was an honor to play against you. You had a good team and you went for the right kind of players: two-way performers with strong playoff track records. I though Parent or your dangerous top line would have stole you a game or two. I think a bit more offensive depth or a physical defenseman on your top pair would have given you a big boost.

Thanks to everyone who voted, and I'll look forward to the rest of the write-ups.

Nalyd Psycho
12-08-2006, 04:20 AM
Thanks. And, vote for Cleghorn! he was the most fun player for me to write. I had this problem, how does a team with Beliveau get swept? Then I looked at Montreal's roster and saw Cleghorn and was like, that's how Beliveau gets swept...