Official Foster Hewitt Division Round 2 Results: Spartak Moscow vs Quebec Citadelles

Nalyd Psycho
12-08-2006, 03:51 AM
Game 1: The mobility of the Quebec team keeps Moscow on it's toes early. At times the Kelly/Rautakallio pairing would have both players pinching. Moscow could capitalize but the puck pressure was just too much,. Kharlamov and Yzerman give Quebec an early lead. Trottier and Bossy fight back in late in the period with one goal. The second period is a wide open affair with goals by Trottier, Starshinov and Gare for Moscow and Mikhailov, Ciccerelli and Firsov. The third continues the high flying play, but Holecek and Hall settle things down as they acclimatize themselves to the pace. Potvin seals the deal on the power play.

Quebec wins 6-4

Game 2: Moscow begins to take the fight to Quebec as Gillies really gives it to some of Quebec's smaller defencemen. Torttier and Bossy get lots of chances, but are held in check by the Czech Holecek, until Bossy finally beats him. The high pressure keeps the Moscow offence in line until Bobrov breaks the draw. Not to be outdone, Firsov scores the go ahead goal. On the powerplay, Iginla ties it up. Once again, Holecek and Hall are strong in the third. This time, Holocek cracks as Trottier gets the winner.

Moscow wins 3-2

Game 3: Moscow builds on the momentum with a great game from Dale Hunter. His fierce physical play keeps the Kharlamov line in line. Gillies gets a power play goal and Elias scores on a Starshinov pass. Yzerman answers back in the second and Kelly ties it up in the third. Hunter completes the great game with an overtime goal.

Moscow wins 3-2 in overtime.

Game 4: Gillies, Hunter and Quackenbush lead the way as Moscow pounds Quebec into submission. The Quebec forwards just can't respond. And Yzerman's best efforts are denied by Hall. Trottier and Bossy lead the offence with a goal a piece. Iginla and Smith back them up in a commanding victory.

Moscow wins 4-0

Game 5: Mikhailov and Yzerman have a long talk with their teammates between games. And the results are immediate as the leaders from the two continents carry their team in game 5. Mikhailov has a goal and sets up Kharlamov. Yzerman has a goal and assists goals by Potvin and Firsov. Ragulin and Ivanov keep Trotts and Boss in check, but, Gallant and Desjardins keep it respectable.

Quebec wins 5-2

Game 6: Quebec tries to keep it's fiery up-tempo offense going, while Moscow tries to physically out work Quebec. But with Mikhailov and Yzerman leading the way, the tactic just doesn't work. Quebec takes an early lead on goals by Yzerman and Ciccerelli. Moscow then clamps down defensively, playing it passive offensively and tight defensively. This keeps Quebec off the board, but Holecek gives Moscow nothing to work with.

Quebec wins 2-0

Game 7: Moscow continues to slow the game down with a tight defensive game. Smart pinches by Potvin and Kelly throw it off, but a bad penalty by Ciccerelli gives Trottier a chance he won't screw up. Eventually, a Potvin pinch leads to a Kühnhackl goal. Hall shuts the door for the rest of the way and Trottier's great defensive play gives Bossy a chance for the go ahead goal, which he does not fumble. With Quebec's goalie pulled, Hunter seals the deal.

Moscow wins 3-1

Three Stars:
3rd: (Tie) Denis Potvin and Red Kelly
2nd: Steve Yzerman
1st: Brian Trottier

Spartak Moscow defeats the Quebec Citadelles four games to three.

God Bless Canada
12-08-2006, 08:49 AM
Another great series, but in the end, the result shouldn't be a surprise. I think that, in the end, Moscow had the team that was better suited to playoff play. Kharlamov and co. have never faced anything like Dale Hunter in a best-of-seven series. (I guess Bobby Clarke in 1972 would be close, though, but Hunter wouldn't need to be told by the coach to break an opponent's ankle). They also haven't faced anything like the Trottier-Bossy-Gillies combo, with Al Arbour behind the bench. If you want to win, you need to know how to win, and those four guys have 18 rings.

Moscow didn't have Quebec's firepower, but they had plenty of grit across all four lines. They might not have had Quebec's star power on defence, but they had a lot of steady, reliable types, and I think they might have had an overall better defensive concept.

Quebec vs. Montreal should be a solid, tight-checking division final.

12-08-2006, 04:40 PM
Thanks for everyone who supported me. This was a really close series decided by an empty netter. I really thought that I would win this one, but I am here to learn. Congratulations to Spartak. Go and do your best. And thanks of course to Nalyd for his story. Great series. I wouldn`t do anything different.