Official Jim Robson Division Round 2 Results:Calgary Cowboys vs Seattle Metropolitans

Nalyd Psycho
12-08-2006, 02:40 PM
Game 1: Clarke and Messier at the opening face-off. Clarke wins it back to Robinson, Robinson takes the zone, back to Clarke, Chara forces Clarke to the boards. Messier comes in to check Clarke, sneaks in an unseen elbow, Clarke responds by tripping up Messier, which gets noticed. The KLM line goes to work on the popwerplay, Krutov scores. Morenz on the ice to counter, but, he gives it his all, and can't beat Plante. That is the story of the game, Clarke and Messier are in each others faces and Plante shuts the door. Benedict holds the fort after the one goal.

Calgary wins 1-0

Game 2: The Clarke vs Messier match-up heats up with a pair of goals. Messier beats Benedict with his trademark coming down the wing wrist shot. Clarke makes a deft pass to Kerr that Plante simply couldn't be in position for. Clarke tries another pass, but gets hit from behind by Messier. On the ensuing powerplay, Robinson scores with a point shot. When Messier tries his wrister again, Clarke slashes' Messier's arm mid shot. Makarov ties it on the powerplay. The goaltenders then settle down and send it to over time. In overtime, Wendel Clark takes a bad penalty and Rob Blake scores the winner.

Calgary wins 3-2 in overtime.

Game 3: Early in the game, Clark gives his all to make amends, but can't beat Plante, but Maltsev scores on the rebound. Shortly after, Clarke sets up Denneny to take a two goal lead. After the next face off, Clarke and Messier fight, with Messier winning. Morenz is finally able to beat Plante. While Benedict settles in and appears unbeatable.

Seattle wins 3-0

Game 4: Not one to let a goalie get him down, Messier knuckles down and sets up goals by Fluery and Tkachuk. Robinson answers with a goal and by working with Wilson to shut down the KLM line. But, Plante isn't going to be beaten again tonight. Holik chips in the insurance goal.

Calgary wins 3-1

Game 5: Clarke is not going down easy, setting up Denneny and scoring one himself. Plante breaks his stick in frustration, but, doesn't get rattled, stoning Morenz on the breakaway. Messier beats Benedict. Afterwards, Benedict and Plante becomes the marquee match-up, neither gives an inch, Messier and Larianov pour on the counter attack, but, it's too late.

Seattle wins 2-1

Game 6: Hlinka scores early. Robinson sets up Clarke to tie it up. And once again, the goalies go to work, but, this time, Plante is not behind the eightball. Seattle desperate to score pours on the offence, outshooting Calgary 20-7 in the second, but, it's all for naught. Plante and Benedict carry the game into overtime, where Plante's playoff experience pays off. Messier is able to beat Benedict early.

Calgary wins 2-1 in overtime.

Three Stars:
3rd: (Tied) Bobby Clarke and Larry Robinson
2nd: Mark Messier
1st: Jacques Plante

The Calgary Cowboys defeat the Seattle Metropolitans four games to tw.

Frightened Inmate #2
12-08-2006, 02:46 PM
The Cowboys would like to thank the Metropolitans for their efforts in the series - it was an interesting series to say the least with some good discussions to be had. I must say though that the number of times the names Clarke and Messier came up was interesting to say the least.

As the only #3 team left in the elimination round this could get interesting very quick.

What I must say did suprise me though was that the Cowboys third line didn't have any impact in the games whatsoever. I thought that would be the key to victory...

12-08-2006, 03:52 PM
Congratulations. I actually thought it'd only go five games, but indeed Messier and Plante were the difference against an opponent with lesser playoff coaching and lesser chemistry to handle the home ice advantage of being the higher seed.

But a last farewell to a Metropolitans team with remarkable talents Clarke and Robinson. The defense may not move the puck much but Robinson-Wilson, Lowe-Ludwig, Morrow-Greschner doesn't make it easy for opponents (hence their giving up only 1 goal in their two wins). And it was fun to contemplate Probert and Phaneuf sitting on the bench. ;)