Official Jim Robson Division finals Results: Edmonton Oilers vs Calgary Cowboys

Nalyd Psycho
12-15-2006, 02:46 PM
Game 1: The goaltending duel begins in full force with Plante stoning Kovalchuk on a breakaway. Moments latter, tic-tac-NO! As Krutov can't finish against Sawchuk. Messier comes in off the wing, wrist shot, STOPPED BY SAWCHUK! Sittler and MacDonald cycling down low, MacDonald to Sittler, robbed by Plante. Nothing is getting by either goalie. By the end of the third period, shots are 35/29 in favour of Calgary. The score is 0/0. In the first overtime period, no one scores. In the second overtime, Fluery takes a bad penalty, on the ensuing powerplay, Kennedy passes back to Pilote who wires the screened point shot past Plante.

Edmonton wins 1-0 in overtime.

Game 2: Fluery, eager to make up for his bad penalty the previous night, is just barraging Sawchuk with shots. 5 shots in the first period alone. But nothing gets by Sawchuk. Pitre gets a breakway, but can't complete. Lindros is really working hard to screen Sawchuk, but nothing throws his game off. Finally, midway through the second, Fluery is able to bang the puck in during a scrum in front... But Tkachuk is called for goalie interference on the play, no goal, Oiler power play. Plante keeps the power play in check, with Chara insuring he has a clear view of all shots. Once the powerplay is done, Fluery is back on the ice, breakaway, stoned! Fluery gets his own rebound and makes amends. Edmonton can't beat Plante tonight.

Calgary wins 1-0

Game 3: The Gainey line has been keeping the KLM line off the score sheet, but, it was an inevitability that it wouldn't last for ever, Larianov passes to Krutov in the slot, everyone thinks shot, but Krutov passes back to a streaking Makarov who has a wide open net and doesn't make a mistake. The Oilers start playing a lot more aggressive game, not abandoning defense, but a heavier forecheck, more intense in your face defensive style, it pays off when Boivin is able to create a turnover against Hlinka, passes up to Sutter, to Sittler, shot, stopped by Plante, rebound, MacDonald scores! Tie game. Late in the third, Messier streaking down the wing, fakes a wrist shot, passes through Pratt's legs, Tkachuk scores.

Calgary wins 2-1

Game 4: In order to stem the tide, Pilote begins pinch more aggressively, early in the second, he gets in close and then passes to Anderson, stopped, rebound, stopped, Ozolinch clears the rebound, right to Bouchard, point shot, tipped in by Anderson. By the end of the second, the KLM line has the answer as Krutov tips in a Rob Blake point shot. Both teams battle to get the lead, but both goalie are dominant, finally, with a minute to go in the third, Hadfield bangs home the rebound off a Babe Siebert point shot.

Edmonton wins 2-1

Game 5: The goalie are once again in complete control. Messier leads both sides in shots, but nothing can pierce the walls known as Plante and Sawchuk. In overtime, St. Louis breaks in off the wing, gets the shot, Boivin tries to clear, but is leveled by Lindros who passes out front to Leclair for the winner.

Calgary wins 1-0 in overtime.

Game 6: With renewed confidence, the Legion of Zoom line hits Sawchuk with shots throughout the first two periods, dominating the play, Lindros should have five assists, but, Sawchuk keeps robbing St. Louis and Leclair. In the third, Kennedy gets a lucky bounce on a Kovalchuk dump in and knocks the floating puck past an unprepared Plante.

Edmonton wins 1-0

Game 7: Early on, the KLM line hits with all they have, and finally, Larianov scores on a one timer off a Pospisil pass because of Krutov's screen. Edomton fights hard to get it back, but just can't get the puck passed Plante. Finally, their Edmonton's rough play leads them into penalty trouble. A passing play between Messier and Ozolinch ends with a Messier wrister beating Sawchuk. Edmonton keeps battling with every ounce of strength they have. But Plante is just a wall, he will not let himself break in a game seven situation. Calgary counters with loads of chances, but Sawchuk is going to give his team every chance to get back in it, but it never happens...

Calgary wins 2-0

Three Stars:
3rd: Pierre Pilote
2nd: Terry Sawchuk
1st: Jacques Plante

The Calgary Cowboys defeat the Edmonton Oilers four games to three.

God Bless Canada
12-15-2006, 03:46 PM
Elvi's team has kind of gone against the convention of the top teams in this draft. He doesn't have a true shutdown line. Most of the other division finalists have two. He picked his back-up goalie early. And he doesn't have that dominant, top 10-20 all-time defencemen (let alone two, like a lot of division finalists) or a really imposing blue-line. It is nice to see a team succeed going against a traditional template.

It was the series we expected it to be: the robust, physically demanding seven-game trench battle, with the goaltenders as the stars. The good news for Elvi is that New Jersey is going through a seven-game match-up with Boston.

12-16-2006, 02:45 PM
Congrats to the Calgary Cowboys. When I first glanced at that lineup I knew it'll be tough. No shame loosing to a team that was put together like that.

Next draft I'll have to pay a little more attention to a dynamic type that would have the scoring ability to put this team over the edge. The Rocket would have fit in perfectly and I still havent got over Halifax scooping him on me......:madfire:

Again congrats to Lone Elvi, I enjoyed the battle very much as I did the entire draft.