Hurricanes Recap

11-30-2003, 03:55 PM
Game 1: vs Ducks 2-5

PIM : 6
Fights : 0
Ejections : 0
Shots Conceded : 38

The scoreline it must be said is very flattering for the Canes. It could have been so much more. Corey Schwab must be commended for his work as he held the Ducks at bay for most of the game.

Canes were outshot in the first two periods 32-8. But going into the third the score was still 2-2. Go ahead goals by Poti and Smolinski was canceled out by Corson and Hrkac.

It took until the 3rd when the flood gates open for the Ducks and the class took over. Goals by Rolston and Matvichuk sealed the game at 4-2 while Rolston put the stake further in the hearts of the Canes.

Game 2: @ Senators 1-6

PIM : 8
Fights : 0
Ejections : 0
Shots Conceded : 40

The Canes were asleep from the get go. The first goal came directly from the first face off. It took 8 seconds for the Sens to get the first goal of the game, which scored by Modano. This seem to wake up the Canes. But defensive lapses late in the period cost the Canes two goal as the Sens were kept in check.

In the second, the Sens just keep coming at the Canes and but the Canes played some good hockey resisted. No goals were scored in this period.

In the third, like in the previous game, the Canes ran out of steam. The Senators rammed home three more goals before the Canes got a consolation goal.

Despite being dragged, Canes goaltender should be congratulated for the work done so far.

11-30-2003, 08:55 PM
Game 3 : @ Wild 1-2

PIM : 8
Fights : 0
Ejections : 0
Shots Conceded : 35

Outplayed and Outshot, teh Canes did well to keep the score to a minimum. Wild took a 1-0 lead late in the first through Hedican. In the second period, the Wild kept piling on the pressure for no return. The Canes were getting in the way of shots and Corey Schwab was fantastic. Going into the third, something had to give. It did. The Wild scored the first goal of the period with Hedican's second and that killed of the game. However, Hoglund got a consolation goal for the Canes late in the game.

Despite being outplayed, no body can deny their work ethic. The PIM are kept to a minimum and shot are getting blocked. Now, all the team needs now are some goals to help Schwab out who is keeping them in games.

12-03-2003, 06:50 PM
Game 4 : @ Thrashers 0-2

PIM : 2
Fights : 0
Ejections : 0
Shots Conceded : 29

Another splendid performance by Corey Schwab. But the pleasing thing is that the team played a lot better. But defensive lapses again cost them but this time in the second period which was a scrappy affair. Failure by the PP units also contributed to the lost. Nevertheless, it was a heartening performance as the players get used to the Granato gameplan.

12-08-2003, 05:50 AM
Game 5: Leafs 3-5

This has to be seen as a must win game for the Canes which didn't eventuate. A very sluggish first period cost them the game. They never recovered from a 18-3 shot and 3-1 goal period. It was the Gionta and Comrie show.

Game 6: @ Bruins 2-6

Whateva was said on the plane trip to Boston, it had the desired effect on the players. They scored the first goal through enforcer Shelley. But the Bruins answered with two more. Canes tied it up again. But from then on it was the same old story, the Canes did not have the same endurance as the opposition in third as the Bruins put 3 past the tenders to ultimately seal the game.

12-09-2003, 03:53 PM
Game 7: Canadiens 5-2

OutShot and a defensive lapse in the second was the tale of the story. The Canes jumped out of the blocks and looked the better team in the first. The team was rewarded with a goal by Bembridge. The Canes couldn't press home that advantage. Then came a disastrous 2nd when the Canes looked helpless as Le Hab scored the 4 goals in that period. In the final period, still the same old story but this time the Canes defended better despite the amount of shots faced by the tenders.

Still no win and probably none is likely to come.

12-10-2003, 04:05 PM
game 8 : Sabres 2-4

Last chance of a win before the season starts and the Canes fought their way almost to it literally. 10 penalties totalling 32 minutes was the difference as the Sabres PP units got a good work out by coverting 3 of them. The Canes got the start they wanted with Lance Ward getting the first. But was quickly cancelled out.

Then All hell broke loose early in the second as 4 players were sent to the box and 3 of them were Sabre players namely Hamerlik, Oates and Hull, went in there in a 2 min span. Yet the Canes couldn't capitalize on this advantage only to see two PP goals scored on them later in the period.

The trend continued in the third as the Canes tried to show off their muscle. Maybe they should call a bar "The Penalty Box". The bar was definitely patronize by the Canes players during the 3rd period. The Sabres scored first but the Canes got their consoliation goal to please the crowd.

In a sickening move late in the game, Jeff Bateman got a game misconduct as he went to say "Welcome to the Big Time Jay" to Sabres rookie defenseman Jay Bouwmeester. Bouwmeester looked groggy after the hit but should be find a bruises here and there.

No win so far but an encouraging game. So have said that the enforcers looked the better players throughout preseason as compared to the so called skilled and better players. Cracks are beginning to form in the Sabres armour. They looked as if they can muscled out of a contest. Sounds like the NHL Panthers. SOFT SOFT SOFT!!!! :yo:

No unto the season proper.