Official Bob Cole Division Finals Results: Trail Smoke Eaters Vs Nanimo Clippers

Nalyd Psycho
12-18-2006, 05:25 AM
Game 1: Early on, Rick Tocchet takes a hooking call trying to tie up Lemieux on a break. The Clippers powerplay runs into a serious problem, Tim Horton, their PP is built around Espo, and Horton has him tied up but good. But shortly after, Conacher shakes off Tikkanen and finishes off a Cowley pass. A Mahovalich/Lafluer fast break threatens to tie it up, but Dryden shuts the door. Chances on both ends, but the goalies hold tight until Clapper pinches from the point and hits the top corner, blocker side. Trail goes all out to try and tie it up, Cameron gets caught pinching and Cowley and Naslund get a two one one against Barilko, Naslund seals the deal.

Nanaimo wins 3-0

Game 2: Hot on the attack, Primeau is able to set up Blake for an early Trail lead. Latter, Esposito is able to shake off Horton long enough to tie it up. Fuhr and Dryden shut the door for the rest of the game. In overtime, Mahovalich scores the winner.

Trail wins 2-1 in overtime.

Game 3: Nanaimo tries a full throttle attack. At first, the Esposito line seems seems to be making headway, breaking through the Backstrom line, but, stellar play from Horton keeps them in check. Tikkanen keeps Conacher in check until the second period when Fuhr can't react in time to a Conacher shot. Lafluer quickly answers, blowing past Duff and Pronovost for a goal. Then, by the end of the period, A Mahovalich/Lafluer give and go ends in a goal. Early in the third, Lemieux ties it up, but Horton answers latter and Linden scores the clincher.

Trail wins 4-2

Game 4: Horton controls Esposito. Tikkanen controls Conacher. Nanaimo can't control Mahovalich and Lafluer, as both get two goals and two assists. Schriner adds one to try and stem the tide, as does Nystrom. But goals by Cameron and Damphousse leave this one a Trail blow out.

Trail wins 6-2

Game 5: In the playoffs, a blow out can blow up in your face. Nanaimo takes the previous lose personally, and battles back. Esposito starts winning the battles against Horton. Espo and Punch score. Conacher can't be stopped by Tikkanen, nets two. In the third, Trail mounts a come back, Horton's passing leads to goals by Mahovalich and Lafluer. A goal by Clancy makes it close, but, Fuhr can't hold the fort and Ullman seals the deal.

Nanaimo wins 5-3

Game 6: Horton brings his A game back, and along with Damphousse, Backstrom and MacLean, is able to shut down the Espo line. But that doesn't mean Nanaimo is out. Lemieux out works Blake for an early goal. Lafluer gets it back though. Conacher adds one. Trail presses, but Dryden locks things down, no hope for a comeback. Naslund seals the deal, getting the rebound off a Conacher shot.

Nanaimo wins 3-1

Game 7: The lock down commences. Fuhr and Dryden don't lose game seven. Horton isn't giving Espo any room. Tikkanen is driving Conacher nuts. Sanderson is watching Primeau like a hawk. Duff is keeping up with Lafluer. Lemieux is ticking Mahovalich off. A tough, physical defensive game. But one problem creeps up for Nanaimo, sometimes, Lemieux gets too physical in these kind of games, and takes penalties. On the power play, Mahovalich, to Horton, point shot, rebound, Lafluer... SCORES! Esposito isn't going to let that stands, takes the puck at the Trail blueline, charges towards the goal, stick check by Horton. Horton clears. Espo keeps pressing. Horton keeps denying him. Nanaimo hitting with balls out offense in the third, but can't score. Goalie pulled... easy goal for Mahovalich.

Trail wins 2-0

Three stars:
3rd: Frank Mahovalich
1st: (Tied) Guy Lafluer and Tim Horton

The Trail Smoke Eaters defeat the Nanaimo Clippers four games to three.

God Bless Canada
12-18-2006, 09:04 AM
The Trail Smoke Eaters would like to thank the Nanaimo Clippers for an outstanding series, and we would like to congratulate them on an outstanding debut season.

We'd also like to thank those who voted for us, and we'd like to thank Nalyd for bringing it all to life.

We knew that we wouldn't be able to stop Conacher, but that holding him to four or five goals in seven games instead of 10 would be the difference in winning this series.

Selecting players like Horton, Backstrom and Tikkanen has paid the dividends that we expected.

We look forward to catching our collective breath, and then facing the Montreal Canadiens in what should prove to be another gritty, taxing series.

Nalyd Psycho
12-18-2006, 12:08 PM
And, for the record. Trail gets home ice advantage over Montreal.

12-18-2006, 12:36 PM
Congratulations to the Smoke Eaters on the well deserved victory. We knew we were in tough this series and are happy we pushed this to the limit. Best of luck against Montreal.

God Bless Canada
12-18-2006, 05:02 PM
Congratulations to the Smoke Eaters on the well deserved victory. We knew we were in tough this series and are happy we pushed this to the limit. Best of luck against Montreal.
You have nothing to be ashamed of, buddy. For a 20-year-old draft rookie to put that kind of team together and come that close to winning your division, is very impressive. You'll win this thing before too long.

As I stated before, I think the biggest mistake you made was trading that pick in the first round instead of selecting Bobby Hull. You could have had the awesome Hull-Schriner 1-2 punch, or you could have dealt Hull to murray and stockpiled some extra assets. (kruez got Morenz and Cook out of the deal). Outside of that, and the Naslund pick, you had an almost flawless draft.

12-18-2006, 06:10 PM
Yeah, at the time, I had always had Hull, Espo and Lafleur at a level below below the top guys (although murray has gone a long way towards shifting that ;)), and the trade did allow me to select both Conacher and Clapper, but I think kruezer made out better in the end. I didn't consider the positional aspect either, with the lack of top end left wingers available, which I definitely realized soon after.

The Naslund pick was a bit silly, especially considering Kariya was still available (I swore I thought he was already gone). The pick did have some sentimentality behind it.

I'm not ashamed in any way. I've definitely learned a lot this time through, and I'm looking forward to improving my team for the next one.